Global Solar Energy Sunlinq 6.5 watt Charge Cell Phone PDA Video Games

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SunLinQ 6.5 watt panel is ideal for AA battery chargers, cell phones, PDAs, video games, and camcorders. 12-Volt car, RV, or marine batteries can also be trickle charged with this unit SunLinQ Commercial Solar Energy Designed for campers, hunters, hikers, and adventurers; these solar panels are rugged, black-cell panels that unfold and charge batteries or directly power equipment. These units can be linked together to increase the solar wattage captured. The units connect using standard trailer-type SASE plugs. Each power panel comes with a 12-Volt vehicle power plug, 12-Volt vehicle power outlet, 18" battery clamps, 4" barrel connector, and an eight foot extension cable. With this combination you can power anything that accepts clamps, 12-volt in or out, or standard towing-type SASE power plugs. Non Returnable. Limited One year manufacturers warranty. Please contact Global Solar for service. EC Declaration of Conformity RoHS Directive 2002/950EC RoHS In accordance with the provisions of Directive 2002/95/EC-RoHS, Global Solar Energy, Inc., 5575 S. Houghton Rd., Tucson, Arizona 85747, USA does hereby declare that all its solar products and packaging are in conformance of the requirements of the above EC Directive RoHS and contain zero levels of the following restricted hazardous substances: Hazardous substances Maximum substance limits % by weight (1) Mercury 0.1% by weight Cadmium 0.01% by weight* Hexavalent Chrome: Cr+6 0.1% by weight Flame retardant PBB and PBDE in composite materials 0.1% by weight Lead 0.1% by weight *Cadmium referred to in the RoHS Directive relates to metallic cadmium and is restricted. The CdS process used in the products of Global Solar is non-metallic and is excluded in the RoHS Directive. Non Returnable. Limited  One year manufacturers warranty. Please contact Global Solar for service.
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