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German Entrenching Tool Steel Wooden Handle Blade and Pick

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Original German Bundeswehr military folding shovel with pick that rotates and locks at 90 and 180 degrees, folds out to 17" and includes a riveted leather belt sheath and hardwood handle. This shovel is stout enough you can dig a hole or trench, pry or hammer with it; ideal for all outdoorsman or around the house, used in Grade II condition.

All Military surplus products are used, the condition of the products varies, and the quantities may be limited. Unfortunately, we can not accept backorders or returns on any surplus products.
Surplus condition scale:
Grade I - Used in like new to excellent condition.
Grade II - Used in good condition, may show minor use.
Grade III - Used in fair condition, will show normal wear and tear from daily use. 
Total number of Reviews: 35

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5.0 5
"One heavy-duty shovel!!! This is extremely well-built compact shovel. It's not a cheap fold-up one you buy at Walmart, and only use a couple of times. I don't think you could break this one. I even sharpen an edge and use it to cut firewood when camping. You can't buy a better shovel for camping. It's not for backpacking... Made of heavy steel."
– BB143SA
5.0 5
"I bought one of these from ctd just before deer season 4yrs ago. since that time, it has served as a shovel, an ax, a prybar, and countless hours as a toy...for one or more of my six kids. It is well made and folds at 90 and 180.alton1911"
– alton1911
5.0 5
"Don't let the price of this little shovel fool you. It is much more useful than the US made, and will outlast any Chinese shovel by a mile. I have had mine for 4 years and it still looks like it has another 40 years left. GET IT....USE IT !"
– Tracy
5.0 5
"Holy smokes! This is one solid piece. It had absolutely no problem digging firepits in the hard Arizona desert clay. Very sturdy and the locking mechanism is great. The pick end comes in very handy."
– Tonimus
5.0 5
"I purchased this earlier this year and took it with me hunting. I put it through every kind of abuse possible and it performed very well. I've used Tri-fold shovels that are made of tin and plastic, only to have them collapse. I needed a small garden shovel so I put a long handle in this and it still is working hard!"
– Eagle77
4.0 5
"I hesitantly picked this puppy up because the description stated used. However I was pleasantly surprised when the shovel came and it was in awesome condition. I field tested it in my yard and it works like a dream. I highly recommend it."
– Angry John
5.0 5
"this is a fine shovel! i just got mine in the mail. its well built and the steel is good quality. i thought the pick would be some crappy piece of tin that would be bent backwards in seconds after hitting the ground, but it held up good. the german military wouldn't give their troops a shovel that didnt work well. the sheath is nice also, just need a heavy duty belt to hang it on. im gonna take this sucker back packin' this summer."
– Ryan
5.0 5
"After reading the reviews I purchased two of the shovels. I just received them. They are slightly used. The shovels are in excellent condition and heavy duty. A+++++++++++."
– Rookie
5.0 5
"The shovel I purchased had definite signs of use and wear but was still in good condition. I was able after examining this tool to disassemble the position selector mechanism with ease. I am impressed at how much thought went into the design and choice of materials including the knob at the end of the handle to prevent your hand from slipping off. The position selector has an inherent positive square shouldered lock which prevents slippage of either the blade or the pick even during hard usage. This tool is well worth the money."
– tech
5.0 5
"After having several cheapo folding shovels fail, this one made me happy. Everything on this is thick, tough, and in great shape. Mine came with what looks like a new cover and not a scratch on it!These things are beefy, maybe a tad heavy, but its a helluva tool"
– McJoe
5.0 5
"Great shape, like brand new, and worth every penny!"
– Kirk
5.0 5
"This shovel had never been used, it was like brand new. The pouch was brand new also. You could tell the leather straps had never even been opened. You cannot beat the quality for the price!!"
– AKalltheway
5.0 5
"Brand new heavy duty 1959 stamped date. So nice the wife thought i bought it for a collectors item. lock a little stiff because it was new Flawless"
– DB Cooper
5.0 5
"Came slightly used but in great shape. New leather holster for it. Shovel and spade can be independenly moved to different positons. Can be set to 8 different configurations. Very durable, excellent construction. Tough little shove."
– Hapmyster
5.0 5
"I bought one of these shovels from CTD a few months ago. Now I bought two more for my friends. It is an awesome tool! I always have it in my truck and use it quite a bit. Great condition! Ya, ya, zer goot! Leather holster is new (never been used). Thank you CTD!!!"
– Dmitrey
5.0 5
"Even after reading all the previous reviews, I was overly surprised with this shovel. It is tougher than nails, extremely functional and just a good tool to own. I originally thought this was a WWII shovel, but it has a 1965 stamp on it. Nonetheless it is very impressive, especially for the $. I would have paid double that and will be buying another one. One thing you can say about the Germans, they sure didn't send their troops to fight with a bunch of crap!"
– Jason, WA
5.0 5
"Very impressed with this shovel/pick. Don't know if this has ever been used, as there is fresh paint on the shovel blade. If used, it was refurb'd very nicely. Like a caveman, I sat there beating on it for tens of minutes until I finally figured out the mechanism. Ha Ha. Although there is a flathead screw, it does not to be turned to change shovel/pick positions. Just push the round side of the lock in and make sure your finger is not blocking the square side from pushing out freely and you're in business."
– DangerClose
5.0 5
"I got this item for my home emergency kit. It arrived today, and it is COMPLETELY UNUSED. There is one small scratch from storage, but I almost felt bad to put wrinkles in the leather straps when I took it out of the pouch, it is that new.This is a great entrenching tool, although it is a bit heavy for hiking, I have a lighter version for that. The inclusion of the pick is nice too.Keep in mind that these are the tools used in the international \"Shelterbox\" kits distributed throughout the world.http://www.shelterbox.org/box_contents.htmSNAP THESE UP WHILE YOU CAN! CAN'T BEAT THE PRICE!"
– Serellan
5.0 5
"Damn. These things are tough. I've had one for nearly 10 years now and it lives in whatever vehicle I happen to be driving. Its dug me out of snow and mud countless times. The spike end scares the hell outta me. I'd hate to be on the other end of this thing."
– ShovelFan
5.0 5
"I own a few of these and have given them extensive use. So many times I've used the heck out of 'em getting Jeeps unstuck and into or out of situations, along with general camping use. These are TOUGH AS NAILS if not tougher. I have not managed to kill one yet, unlike all that came before them. If you live anywhere with inclement weather or ever drive off-road this is a must have."
– Jeeper
5.0 5
"its a prety good shovel and i would reck amind this shovel to anybody"
– jacob kessler
5.0 5
"One of the best features of this shovel is the push-through locking nut. The old GI shovel's threaded nut to lock the blade in place always worked loose on me, but this shovel locks up like Fort Knox! I've used on several occasions and I can highly recommend it!"
– 1911A1Bob
5.0 5
"I own two of these. Super sturdy, great value! Wish the handle was a bit longer (6\" would do it) but otherwise one of the best pack-shovels I've ever used."
– McJoe
5.0 5
"A great solid item! Perfect for camping."
– Heatstroke
5.0 5
"I like to camp and I like things that last! This is a great tool.Your not going to break this pick! I'm 100% satisfied with my purchase!"
– bob
5.0 5
"Better than the advertisement. Wonderful price- quick shipping. Really would recommend this if you are in the market for a well built solid E-tool."
– Iron3sports
3.0 5
"I just got one. The metal is sturdy and heavy, which is good for a shovel/pick. The adjustment is a clever push-button sort of thing that could be prone to debris getting in somehow, but it looks very tight so probably not. The handle is different than in the photo (this one has no hand grip bulb on the end, which I think would be useful) and is a little loose in the socket. With all the good reviews I have read about the sturdiness of this shovel, and considering the rough use I anticipate giving it, I am not at all content with a loose handle, no matter how slight. I will see if I can return it for another w/o having to pay return shipping."
5.0 5
"I was hoping there were still some good ones left! Mine is fantastic. No complaints. Mine did have the handle grab ball and it came with a canvas cover. This thing is tough! I love the adjustment mechanism, simple but secure. This ones going in the Jeep, now I need another one for the work truck! Thanks CTD!"
– chenson45
5.0 5
"Its a BEAST!!!!"
– Aaron
5.0 5
"I broke every single folding shovel I'd ever owned until I bought one of these fifteen years ago from some surplus store. It's holding up great, but I've been thinking I should get a couple more while they are still available, so I ordered two from CTD.I just got them today. Both of them look new with some handling or storage marks, and they are both dated 1959. The covers are canvas, unlike my old one which has a leather cover. The canvas covers have a pocket with a snap closure. The pocket is the same size as the shovel blade. I don't really have a preference for either the leather or canvas cover, either seems adequate."
– kevbert
5.0 5
"It is great! I have no complaints and I love to use it 4 whatever!"
– Austin a
5.0 5
"Awesome pack shovel for the price. I've had the tri-fold mil spec shovel for years, and have never really liked the feel. The nut always loosens with use, and it's just generally awkward. This is SOLID, and mine came with a canvas carrying case as well. Very good buy."
– Eilar
5.0 5
"spent some time sharpening the leading edges, but then spent extra care on the left side edge. I sharpened it to a very nice working edge, actually sliced my finger when I was putting it in it's sheath. The right side I left alone, as that is the side my foot could accidentaly slide down while digging a hole. I used it to trim some overhanging tree limbs in my yard... took about three to four good swings to take down 3 to 4 inch linbs!"
– codycr6
5.0 5
"This is a great shovel for camping. Sharpen the shovel edges to a razers edge and makes digging a slit trench a breeze. Compact and sturdy, and also heavy enough to use as a close in weapon. The sharpened shovel edge and the awesome pick will do a number on attacking pit bulls and the pick will certainly pick the brain of an overly aggressive attacker. Great buy!!!"
– Jackel
5.0 5
"This is a major shovel! I bought a couple of cheap, compact shovels on the internet and I kicked myself. This thing could last a lifetime."
– bard