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Gamo Viper Express Shotgun Uses Gamo .22 Shotshells or Pellets

Gamo USA
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All gamo airguns offer an all weather synthetic, molded stock with butt pad and cheek piece, breaking barrel, single cocking system, precision smooth bore steel barrel, manual safety, Viper Express Shotgun offers a bull barrel with full vent and smooth bore, bead front sight, 3.74 lb trigger pull, weighs 5.5 lbs, and a 43" length, uses Gamo .22 Shotshells or Pellets for ammunition. Order SKB-608 Shotshells. Order# 25209 Pellets. The Viper Express has a velocity of up to 750 fps with lead pellets GAMO USA produces and inspects each component of their airguns and produce all their own metal parts for the airguns to ensure a perfect shot every time you fire your airgun. High quality wood is used for the stocks, the wood is shaped by fully computerized machinery in order to create a perfectly weighted air rifle. GAMO USA is the world leader in top quality, accurate ammunition and airguns. No Return Allowed Warranty repair handled by Gamo. Call Gamo at 954-581-5822 It is illegal for minors to purchase airsoft guns. You must be 21 or older to purchase this item.

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3.0 5
"I found the quality of the air gun was good as well as the durability. However the performance was a little sad. The shells for this air gun are very expensive for the weak impact they have. I think this is a revolutionary design that has a long way to go. The marketing people for this air gun were very smart not to include anything to indicate the actual size of this ammo or it's performance of more than 10 yards. Lets face it this gun cant even injure an aluminumn can at 25 yards. This gun does however entertain the younger ones but is far too expensive to shoot. The price to shoot it actually rivals the cost of shooting a 12 gauge and the cost of the gun is right up there."
– bryton
5.0 5
"The first time i picked up this gun i noticed that it had a metal barrel but a plastic out side.It shoots incredibly well with the single shot i dont even need a scope because of the small grooves in the back that are meant to help you shoot with out a scope. It groups well with the shotshell in it I picked off a crow at 20 yards in mid air. Plus it is a great pest control weapon."
– isaac
4.0 5
"Really cool concepts on the shot shells. The gun is very well made. It seems a little heavy and bulky for the young shooter. Great for shooting in the backyard. The shot shells are a little weak, but can scare the birds away in a hurry. Great and accurate little shooter... I keep it by the back door when that annoying bird shows up. It was at my door step - shortly after I order it."
– Robert
5.0 5
"For all of you out there who are rating this gun poorley because the shot shells cant pick off a bird at 30 yards,,,,,, you are not getting the full picture.Why do you think the gun comes with the pellet adapter???If you are truely not a good enough shooter to take out game with both pellets and shot shells ,,,,, you do not need to be rating this gun!!!!"
– stephen
5.0 5
"Anybody expecting a sniper rifle or a shot blast comparable to even a .410 bore from this gun needs to take their $200 elsewhere to buy a 12 gauge shotgun or at least a rimfire .22. For enthusiasts of small game hunting, clay shooting, bird hunting, air guns, or shotguns (or all of the above, like myself), this gun is worth every dollar. It handles and sights like a real shotgun but is lighter and shorter and therefore more agile. It would probably be great with hand-thrown clays, if you can afford the ammo. Otherwise I would reserve it as a hunter, or a plinker using the less expensive pellets. The last review mentioned this, but I want to reiterate that there is an actual adapter that must be inserted into the breech in order to fire pellets. I was dissapointed to find that out, but the adapter seems to be a quick change with no problem. The pellets advertised above, \"SKB-425\", are .177 and will not work with this gun. I questioned the accuracy of pellets in a smoothbore barrel, but I took my very first shot out of the gun today with no scope firing a Gamo Hunter .22 pellet at a crow about thirty yards out, and it instantly fell lifeless. I have yet to fire a shotshell round, but I assume that the lethal range is about 10-15 yards maximum. I counted 20 pieces of #9 shot in the shell that I took apart."
– Jay
4.0 5
"This gun is exelent for squarrels if they woun't stop running just use the shot shells and if they are holding low you can get them with a pellet. you only get about tweenty yards with the shot shells, though with the power of this gun with a pellet you can knock a ratcoon out of a tree."
– brad
5.0 5
"I have to say it is emprisive! Shooting for me was good."
– Skylar Thomas
5.0 5
"This gun is amazing! I blew a squirrel to pieces with it. It was about 40 yards out. I stalked it for 20 feet and then i dropped to the ground. I aimed and fired. it fell down instantly. Then i heard a noise behind me. I spun and saw a coyote charging me. I reloaded instantly and brought the gun to my shoulder and pepered that things face with the gun. it fell down dead right after the shot. This gun rocks! OORAH!"
– Sargeant Slaughter
4.0 5
"i brought this air gun for shooting birds in our sheds, and can say that is does the job perfectly. The shot shells are perfect for shooting small game at close ranges. And even with a smooth bore the .22 bullets can shoot quite accuratley out to good distances. In New Zealand our main pest is the possum, and this gun easily dispatches them with ease.All in all it's a great air gun for close range, and even long range small game shooting."
– will
4.0 5
"gun is awsome!! i took it hunting wit me one day. We were 1 bird away from limiting out. I pulled the viper out and dreaw the bead on the first bird in the flock. At15 yards i ppulled the triger and down wwent the first duck. These days i will only hunt ducks. I will also only use the viper for now on. i have taken duck, goose, squirel, dove, and all kinds of little birds the gun is awsome"
– joe
5.0 5
"This gun is super kool i just got it a day ago and already killed about 10 birds with it. The shotshells are kool too they are good for close range and the pellets can kill a bird from longer distances. If you get this gun i know you'll love it. ( its kind of loud if your shooting in a small town.) This gun is also really fun to shoot and easy to aim with."
– mike
5.0 5
"if you want a shotgun that shoots bb's loook no farther."
– Mini-14 Dude65
5.0 5
"I purchased this viper express 80.00 cheaper than anywhere else.The shot shells are nocking off problem pigeons sometimes two at a time.I purchased the varmit scope with it wich also has a lazor and both are dead on at 25 yards or more.This gun is very impressive and cheaper than dirt can save you alot of money on this one.Like I said 80 some dollars.Thanks Cheaper than Dirt your the best. Your no.1 fan ,Michael."
– Michael
1.0 5
"The clowns who write rave reviews about this gun either have never fired it, or they are just being sarcastic. If they believe this thing is a duck or goose gun, even at 2 yards, they are stupid or insane. I bought the gun as a novelty, to shoot mice and sparrows at 10 yards or less. Although it works for this (just barely), the shotshells cost about twice as much as 12 gauge shells so unless I can reload them, I won't be useing very many of them. As for the single pellet capabilities,I already have several other air guns that outshoot it. It's a toy, don't expect more."
– Murphy
4.0 5
"For those of your griping about the cost of the Gamo shotgun ammo, DON'T throw away the used shells!! You can reload them!! Use a bit of foam, like a small piece of an earplug at the base of the case, put in #9 or even #8 shot (carries better), then top off with cotton and a drop of hot wax from a candle, or something similar. Pellet accuracy isn't as good as my Diana 48 or my Saver 7000, but then, it's a smooth bore. That being said, some enterprising individual might find a way to rifle the brass adapter with a very slow twist, maybe a 1/4 turn at most... this MAY be enough to stabilize the pellet down the barrel and downrange.FWIW,Smitty"
– Smitty
5.0 5
"I bought this gun for pest control on my farm and it is the perfect tool for the job. Most of my problem is inside the barns where birds are messing everything up and attacking whenever we enter to protect their nests. Inside, I had used my rimfire .22 with bird shot, but it was so loud that I had to wear ear plugs and the loud bang would scare the other birds away. This gun seemed to be the answer, relatively quiet (don't need hearing protection) and powerful enough for birding. It does exactly what is claimed and does it very well. For those reviewers that are unhappy, they evidently didn't read what was claimed and expected it to perform like a real shotgun. My very first shot, I dropped and killed two barn birds inside my barn...yes two birds with one stone! Clean kills with no damage to my barn roof! All in all, my first outing I killed seven birds with 10 shots. Shot distance was 20-30 feet for all killed. I would not shoot over 30 feet and expect a humane kill. All my shootings were with shot, and I did not try the pellet adapter. I have another 22 caliber pellet gun that is more suited for that type of shooting for gophers, etc. with a rifled barrel and more velocity. I would recommend this gun to anyone that understands its intended use, as it performs exactly as stated."
– Darin
5.0 5
"ok, many people are saying how low powered this gun is, it is not, at about 15 yards the shot shell will enter wood, and the pellet will go about 1/4 inch in atleast. its accuracy is good to about 20 or 30 yards. i ahve already bagged to squirrels, one hsot each with pellets, my in e complaint is how craooy the o-ring is, ive had this gune fro about 125 shots and it snapped ff, im ordering a new one, hoping mine had a defect, but trust me, if yoiur look for a rifle to entertain, hunt, and show off, this is your gun."
– josh
5.0 5
"Number 1: For those who play dumb; you really are! This is a limited (and effective to posted parameters) weapon. It does what it is perscribed to do, in the range it is advertised to do. THIS IS AN AIR POWERED WEAPON! But do not degrade the issue of using (killing/target range) as the sole determinate of evaluation of the viper. Please, consider the posted parameters as a challenge to your markmanship (can your 6 inch pattern at 10-15 yards be comparable to gun power at 24-30 inches at 25-40 yards?). The rifle function, is in my opinion is non-fuctional, as far as accuracy is concerned (buy a rifle if you need to punch close holes). Number 2: As to the cost of the shot shells, PLEASE, they are plastic (not degraded by power charges). You can reload these suckers dozens of times by several methods (my cost is less than a penny (for # 8 shot). So, if you have the space, and a right or left arm to throw targets you should buy this weapon (you really don't need a thrower). And, finally, your targets can be BAKED in your oven (my wife came up with this idea). And if you have half a brain, you can add lawn fertilizer/rodenticide, etc., and do double purpose to you lawn). Come on folks, think outside the BOX! The Viper is a good deal for non-boxers! And for you dumers, get a life! By the way, my wife is working on a non-lead bio-degradable air-gun shot (blows clays to pieces) which looks very promising. Out-side-the-box"
– Outside-the-box
4.0 5
"I bought this gun because I thought the idea of an airgun with shotshells was cool. The gun is generally well built and seems like it will last a long time. This shotgun has a very specialized purpose in my arsenal since it is quiet enough to deal with rodents in the backyard without alarming the neighbors or putting holes where I don't want them. The shotshells (made only by gamo) are expensive, 7 bucks for 25 shots. Since this gun has a smooth bore, accuracy with a pellet is good but not exceptional. As a shotgun it does what is advertises and is powerful enough to deal with small animals at close to medium range. One design flaw is that the rubber o-rings are prone to getting chewed up and mine lasted about 150 shots before I had to order more from gamo. I also got the scope/laser sight attachment and it is quite fun to shoot in my indoor target range :). As long as you understand that this is a shotgun and don't try to treat this gun as a super accurate sniper rifle it will provide lots of fun."
– Phil
5.0 5
"Now, I don't actually own one of these, but I have used one, and, like it has been said before, the shotshells are for close-in shooting, anyone who's been in a barn knows that 20 yards is a stretch for something labeled 'close-in shooting'. The best use I can see for this gun is a barn rifle, for pests in the rafters, rats/mice in the feed, crows in the fields, and raccoons and possums on the porch. You have to adapt the ammo for what you want to shoot. If you're going after something big-bodied, use the .22 pellets, and try to get in close to 'em. Smaller game, use the shells. For those of you who own one of these, or even thinking of buying one, the O-ring problem is a lack of lubrication. Go to the nearest wal-mart and get some O-ring oil in the paintball section. It is designed to keep the O-rings in Paintball guns from freezing, cracking, shedding, or breaking. Just rub some on the o-ring itself with your finger when you first get the rifle, and then every time you put the rifle away.(DON'T USE REM OIL! ANY GUN OIL EATS AWAY PLASTIC AND DRIES OUT RUBBER! IT IS FOR METAL AND METAL ONLY!)Now get out there, go shoot some critters and have some fun."
– Cleankill47
5.0 5
"this is a great gun with great accuracy and power. poeple say its not powerful but it is powerful enough to knock a raccoon of a tree at 30 yards. i love the shotshells for shooting dove or quail or small game birds in the air or on the run. the .22 cal pellet is so powerful when we found out a huge possom at both our chickens we shot it later that night 1 shot dropped lifeless. i also shoot unwanted pests or squirrels making holes in and around our yard. i would highly reccomend this gun to a youth or a young adult for small game birds to a young doe at close to medium/long range."
– viper shooter
5.0 5
"Easy to cock, with surprising power. I haven't been able to get the gun to stop dieseling. I have tried heavy pellets, but that doesn't stop the dieseling. Remember, when a spring piston airgun diesels, that brings the power way up! But you lose consistency and accuracy. Sure is LOUD too! I do like this airgun, but I wish that the brass insert to fire pellets was RIFLED - even for an inch, the pellet would begin to spin and that would help accuracy with a pellet. This brass inset on mine was a bit tighter on the barrel side of the insert that the breech side, so I filed off that restriction to be equal. Tested by pushing a pellet through the insert, again I wish somebody (LIKE GAMO) would make a rifled brass insert, sell them as an accessory if ya have to! This gun is great if you want to shoot small birdshot at close range targets, and it has quite a whallop with the pellets. I wonder what type of power the gun will have once it stops dieseling! Gamo uses a lot of oil evidently, I wonder if it is intentional? All things considered, I would buy this gun again, it is worth it, but the above things mentioned are the faults I see. Everybody has talked about the good things, it is light and well built."
– Randy
5.0 5
"I shot a mourning dove with this gun, and it dropped like a ton of bricks. Then, a coyote came straight towards me, and I reloaded and dropped him quicker than you can say chopped liver. Then, a bear came charging after me, and I reloaded and dropped him with this awesome gun, and then, and then guess what? I woke up! Lets get real, this gun is an air-rifle, nothing more. Sure it will take out your smaller quarry, but anymore than that is just, well you know, BS. Great Rifle, coyote killer? Wake up!"
– burn
4.0 5
"I got the \"shadow\" version of this gun which uses a cheaper stock, but still uses the same powerplant. Here is the real low down on this gun: The pellets it fires are not accurate. I've even shot doves with them at only 10 yards and they flew off! I put a scope on it too, but there is no scope stop on the rail so the scope creaps backwards and will eventually fall off. So using this as a pellet rifle is not a good use for it.The shotgun aspect of this rifle is unique, and fun, and even effective, but LIMITED! I have had a lot of success with it at close range (close being 5-7 yards). Anything beyond 7 yards you risk missing the target or wounding it. The shot pattern spreads out a lot, which makes small targets easy to miss at further distances. Also, even at close range this shotgun will not always kill the bird right away and follow up shots are required. I've only shot small birds with it, but I can't imagine it would do good on larger birds or any type of four legged critter bigger than a chipmunk. Bottom line, the shotgun is fun (albeit the rounds are expensive). And as long as you shoot small game at VERY close range, it will be an effective hunting implement. Anything beyond that will be certain disappointment."
– DoveSniper
5.0 5
"I like this gun. it's a shotgun/.22 cal hybrid. If you figure out the sights it's a very accurate .22... As a shotgun, it has yet to get a kill in my hands. This is NOT a long range gun. It's meant to fight with your game up close and personal as a shotgun or .22. Use it on small game but I wouldn't use it for something slightly dangerous like a small or medium range boar. It's good for muskrat, ground hog and some reasonably sized raccoons. The shot gun shells are good for close shots on birds, rats and other pests. The shot gun shells make it a bit needless to aim well. However I find a cheap laser on the dovetail or a red dot sight would help aiming if you feel the need. If you need power and more accuracy get the gamo whisper, change the sight mount and go get the big stuff. Take both guns with you. You won't be disappointed or walk off the field empty-handed."
– dread pirate lavenderbeard
4.0 5
"This gun has a really good concept and, whilst it isn't terribly effective, it is good fun to shoot and is brilliant for ratting at 10 yards when using the shotshells. On the other hand, the pellets arn't very effective as it has a smoothbore barrel.If you are wanting to go duck hunting and are thinking of buying this, my advice would be to save your money and buy a 12 bore or a .410 instead. But is you want to do some close range, indoor ratting jobs, this is the gun for you!"
– Ali-C
5.0 5
"I have had this gem for two years. I use the .22 pellet for Armadillos at night with the gun equipped with a Gamo Night Stalker with laser sight. It is deadly and makes little or no noise, so I don't wake up any neighbors. The shotgun is a destroyer when used on carpenter bees and hornets (no laser, just open sight). We have had trouble with these bees for many years eating our house and have spent hundreds of $ on pest control, to no avail. I have almost wiped them all out with the shotgun, shooting them on the wing. The practice is great for my duck and dove hunting in the Fall and Winter. This thing gets an A++++++ from me."
– Eagle98