G-MAG Survival Salt Water Battery Charger

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The Greeninvative Magic (G-MAG) battery charger will operate in any environment - day or night and is fully reusable! G-Mag has an infinite dry storage shelf life so your ability to charge AA batteries will be there when you are ready for it.

Unlike Solar Chargers, the G-MAG battery charger will operate flawlessly on an overcast day, in the rain, and even at night, to provide power when and where power is needed. It is perfect for anyone who is off the grid, anywhere in the world. Powered by Magnesium-Air Fuel-Cell Technology, saltwater (or even urine in an emergency), is all you need to keep your batteries charged and all your devices powered. For Campers, Hikers, Hunters, Boaters, Fishermen, Kayakers, Survivalists, Home Owners, and anyone who could use power when there is none available.

Portable battery recharger that only weighs 5.6 ounces, it generates enough power to recharge 6 common AA rechargeable batteries in about 2 Hours. It will carry out that function about 15 times before charger depletion making it the equivalent of about 90 AA batteries.

Contents includes:
1 G-Mag Charger
6 Rechargeable AA size batteries
1-4 ounce water bottle
6-1.5 teaspoon salt packets
Complete instructions

Directions for use:
1. Place up to 6-AA rechargeable batteries in the battery holders as indicated.
2. Add 1 packet of salt to the supplied bottle and the fill with water to the fill line. (Seawater can be substituted for the salt water mixture)
3. When thoroughly mixed in the bottle, remove the top filler plug from the G-Mag and pour in the salt water. Replace plug.
4. While unit is charging, ensure the vents and air membranes are unobstructed.
5. Recharging is complete in appro ximately 40 minutes for 2-AA batteries,80 minutes for 4-AA batteries, and 2 hours for 6-AA batteries.
6. When recharging is complete, remove fill plug and drain plug from side of unit to empty solution. Flush with fresh water when possible after use.
7. Repeat process for every charge.
8. G-Mag will recharge 6-AA rechargeable batteries 15 times or more before unit must be discarded. Supplied rechargeable batteries can continue to be charged on a new G-Mag unit or other device made to for rechargeable batteries.

* Charging a completely dead battery requires about 5 hours and will reduce the number of charges available in the battery charger.
*Actual color of charger may vary from one shown in picture

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