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Fuel Can Nozzle NATO Includes Can Mounting Bracket Hardware Brand New Unissued NATO Steel With Flexible Poly Spout

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Get more use out of your NATO fuel cans with the perfect nozzle. Made by the same factory that makes the fuel cans, these are brand new, unissued, and very well constructed. They thought of everything! Nozzle features new, solvent proof rubber gasket and heavy duty lever lock that ensures a spill proof fit. The body of the nozzle is steel and has an integral vent to aid with fast, chug-free filling. Flexible poly spout includes a removable diameter reducing tip for use with modern unleaded vehicles with the small diameter fuel inlet. Included is a solvent proof, polymer mount for storing the nozzle on the fuel can. Mount is specially made to keep the locking lever from swinging back and forth during transport. All mounting hardware included. Supplies are limited. 
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5.0 5
"Works flawlessley...seal prevents any gasoline from leaking while allowing can to breathe when refueling. Awesome!"
4.0 5
"I saw this same nozzle in England but the cost to ship it back was not worth it. When CTD advertised having them and the price was good I jumped on it. This is the most heavy gauged nozzle you will find, forget those cheap, pot metal sping looking ones that break before a summer ends, this is the real deal. Now with that being said, here's the negative. I had to cut the vent off flush with the nozzle with a Dremel tool to make it work. The vent sticks out about a 1/4\" to mate with the vent on the can. Even after that it would only work on 3 out of five because the tolerance is too tight on the nozzle face. Rather than bend it out and risk break it, which I doubt would happen, I filed the can lips and it works wonderful now! All in all 15 minutes worth of work so not a deal breaker. My cans are older, from England, all but one have NATO stamped in the side, the one that doesn't has a 1943 date on it but it was one it worked with! So bottom line, if you don't mind a possible small modification work, this is a deal you won't find everyday. I would have rated it a 5 except for the modification that had to be done."
– Dave P.
5.0 5
"This nozzle is very strong . No cheap thin metal here. Great seal on can. Highly recommend."
– kman
4.0 5
"I was able to get a good seal to the surplus 20L cans I bought a few years ago. The vent allows the fuel to dispense quickly -- a full can dumped in about a minute which anyone can appreciate while holding up 50 lbs. It has a standard filter screen inside to keep the big chunks out of your tanks. My first use saw a small amount leakage (an ounce or two). I tracked it down to the transition from metal to plastic nozzle. The plastic nozzle is well-designed to seal on both the inside and outside of the metal nozzle, but it originally has some sort of hard and brittle adhesive holding it in place. This adhesive did not hold up while the nozzle was guided into place. You may wish to add your own fuel-compatible and flexible adhesive to resolve the issue. Something like \"form-a-gasket\" should work well."
– Tome
3.0 5
"This spout fits and seals WELL with the one gallon cans (ZBQ-1421). I would have rated it higher if it fit real surplus 20L Swiss NATO cans, but it won't, as the locking lug spacing is way too \"generous\" for them, and the built-in vent tube collides with the 20L can vent tube."
– dfmarino
1.0 5
"I must have been drinking when I ordered this thing. I was under the impression that it would fit a 5 gal NATO can......Wrong way too small. And what is the deal with the nozzle holder? Where the hell do you attach it to the one gallon can? There are no instructions at all and a few cold beers did not help me figure it out..., Does anyone know how to put it on? I would really appreciate the help. By the way where can I get a nozzle for this large opening fuel can?"
– jimt in NC
4.0 5
"I don't know what the guy below is talking about, this fits my 5 Gallon (20L) NATO cans perfectly. I purchased my NATO cans at CTD so maybe that makes a difference. The mounting system even works well, but needed a little 'finessing' to get the screws started."
– Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum
1.0 5
"Connection on my German-made real NATO surplus 5 liter cans is over 3 inches (about 3 and one quarter inches). This nozzle's connection is TWO inches (about 2 and one quarter inches). To save time and money, MEASURE your can before you order this nozzle. I took a chance and lost."
– Col. Klink
4.0 5
"I bought the 20l NATO cans and the associated filler spouts from CTD as a package. The spout is of good quality and fits well. The supplied can mount is to mount the filler onto the NATO 20l cans. I don't know if the filler will work with other, older NATO cans, but it works great for this application. I bought ZBQ-1412."
– Big Mike
5.0 5
"I have been looking for a good nozzle for my 20L NATO gas cans for a long time. The ones I originally bought, from another source, were absolute junk and unsafe to use. These seal great to my cans and are painted so they will not rust. If I could read the words on the side of the can, I could comment on what the country of origin was. It appears to be either German, Austrian, or Swiss. I can't understand the negative reviews or less than a 5 bullet rating for this product."
– Horse & buggys R me
5.0 5
"Just bought it, along with the NATO 5 gallon fuel can. They fit together perfectly, and are so much better than the crummy plastic can. One of the few things you can buy today that work as well as the one your dad had back in the day."
– Bill Willis
5.0 5
"dont use it every day but the times i have used it, it worked great. the mount comes in handy and it installs to the can easy"
– Duganator