FoxPro Fury-2 Digital Game Call with Remote FURY II

FoxPro, Inc
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Based off of the original FOXPRO Fury, the FOXPRO Fury 2 comes with 100 preloaded sounds with a capacity of 500 sounds, dual amplified speakers and 24 bit audio but now comes standard with FOXBANG technology.

Specifications and Features:
24 bit audio
FOXBANG equipped
Dual Amplified speakers
16 channel operation: Operate up to 16 different units with one remote
Remote and manual operation
Stereo and mono operation
Red backlit LCD display
Low battery indicator
Numeric keypad
2.5 lbs with batteries
1 horn speaker
1 cone speaker
USB 2.0 port
2 external speaker jacks
Auxiliary device jack
Charger jack
Up to 500 sounds (preloaded with 100 sounds)
MP3, WAV, 24B and FXP file compatible
8 AA batteries

Calls Included:
Cal's Fed Siren
Coyote locator
Male coyote challenge scream
Coyote barks
Coyote pup distress 2
Coyote death cry
Coyote and rabbit
coyote fox fight
Female coyote bark howl
Coyote female whimpers
Female coyote bark howl 2
Female coyote long howl 2
Coyote pup screams
Juvenile red fox distress
Red fox pups
Red fox rally
Red fox distress
Red fox pup
Red fox and rabbit
Gray fox fight
Gray fox and rabbit
Gray fox distress
Gray fox pup 1
Scream-n- gray fox
Bobcat in heat
Mountain lion in heat
Crying Jack
Jackrabbit distress
Cottontail distress
Young rabbit distress
DSG cottontail distress
Lightning Jack
Lil' Jack
Coyote and fox
Snow-Shoe high pitch
Scream-n Rabbit
Lil' Rabbit
Bay Bee Cottontail
Adult cottontail
Light ning Jack and adult cottontail
Scream-n Rabbit and raccoon
Crows and rabbit
Calf scream
Distressed calf
Antelope fawn cry
Antelope fawn distress
Whitetaill distress
Whitetail doe fawn 1
Fawn cries
Fawn distress
Mule deer fawn
Blacktail fawn distress
Lost sheep
Cal's Kittens
Kitten cries
Kitten distress
Raccoon pups
Raccoon distress
Raccoon fight
Young raccoon distress
Raspy woodpecker
Wail-n woodpecker
Worried woodpecker
Gray catbird
Blue Jay distress
Nutty Nuthatch
Gray Jay distress
Chicken distress 1
Lucky Bird
Northern Flicker
Young Blue Jay distress
Screamin' Jay
Pheasant distress
Turkey distress
Starling distress
Game bird distress
Male cardinal distress
Crow fight
Ugly Crow
Crow duet
Dying crow
Crow gathering
Struggling crow
Groundhog distress
Prairie dog distress
Rodent distress
Crazy Critter
Luscious Lips
Guinea pig 2
Flying squirrel
Gray squirrel
Rat Duet
Vole squeaks
Roar-n Red Squirrel
Field mouse distress
Feeding Frenzy 1
Lil' Piggy
Bear cub distress 1
Bear cub distress 2