Fox Pro Firestorm Digital Game Call Includes TX-9 Remote Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity Camo Finish

FoxPro, Inc
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Specifications and features:
Fox Pro Firestorm digital game call
50 sounds
Stores up to 200 sounds
FoxBang feature
Includes TX-9 remote
Plays MP3, WAV, .OGG, .FLAC, and FoxPro's FXP files
Dual amplified speakers, amplified horn front speaker and cone rear speaker
2 external speaker jacks
USB 2.0 port
Low battery indicator
Charge jack for 8 AA battery charger or fast charger system
Requires 8 AA batteries

TX9 remote specifications and features:
Backlit LCD panel
Displays sound names, volume level, elapsed timer, battery level, and mute status
2 custom sound presets
Mute button
Recall button
Requires 9V battery

5-year limited warranty
Made in the USA

With FOXBANG activated the caller automatically switches to your preset #1 after discharging your firearm. This allows for hands free sound changing operation to help keep your eyes focused on the field where it counts.

The Firestorm features dual amplified speakers to deliver incredible volume. The Firestorm has a horn speaker in the front which handles your coyote vocalizations and common distress sounds with ease. In the rear of the Firestorm you will find the cone speaker which handles the low frequency sounds such as bear growls, owl sounds, and even mountain lion sounds. When combined they deliver a crisp, clear, high quality and realistic sound.

Sounds included:
Female coyote long howls 1
Female coyote challenge
Coyote group yip howl
Coyote pair
Coyote pup distress 3
Female yodel howl
Coyote locator
Gray fox distress
Scream-n gray fox
Juvenile red fox distress
Canine pups 1
Lone wolf
Wolf pair howl
Mountain lion in heat
Mountain lion whistle
Bear cub distr ess 2
DSG cottontail distress
Lightning Jack
Snow shoe 2
Bay Bee cottontail
Adult cottontail
Kitten distress 2
Lil' Piggy
Baby goat 1
Distressed calf
Vole squeaks
Field mouse distress
Whitetail distress
Whitetail buck fawn 2
Antelope fawn cry
Raccoon fight
Raccoon puppies
Raspy woodpecker
Wacky Woodpecker
Raven duet
Blue Jay distress
Titmouse Tantrum
Ranting red bird
Crow fight
Dying crow
Struggling crow
Turkey gobbles
Gobbles and yelps
Wild turkey hen
Snow geese
Snow geese large flock 1
Elk bull bugling
Elk cow chirps
Elk calves