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XY Green Laser, Hand Adjustable, Firefield, Tail Cap and Remote Pressure Switch, Barrel and Rail Mount.

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Compact and lightweight, the Firefield Green Laser Sight gives you incredible rapid target acquisition utilizing an extremely powerful laser beam that is easily visible under virtually any conditions. Up to 100 yards visibility in daylight and over a mile in total darkness.
Constructed of aircraft grade 6061 anodized aluminum, the laser is incredibly durable and able to resist damage from heavy recoil or being hit or dropped. Externally adjustable windage and elevation are easily able to maintain zero with the additional locking system. The included one touch tactical pressure pad allows you to remotely activate the laser using minimal pressure. This compact, lightweight laser sight is durable, effective device and is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Total weight 9.6 ounces. Includes scope mount ring, remote pressure switch, 1 CR123A battery, mounting tools.

All green laser products operating at 532nm are subject to varying degrees of illumination power loss in cold weather (60 degrees Fahrenheit or less) unless proper procedures are followed.

For optimal and maximum illumination in cold conditions:
1) Place 2 hand warmers around unit and secure with self adhering wrap which can be found in drug stores or camo color wraps in sporting goods stores. (The hand warmers slow down the heat loss through the aluminum housing).
2) Place a warm battery (room temperature) in the unit and turn on before going outside.
3) If the power level fluctuated, replace battery with a warm battery and continue use. (Rotate batteries as needed)."


Item#: SCP-512,80933
Total number of Reviews: 27

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5.0 5
"I compared it to the SCP-275 and this one was easier to adjust the zero point and has a warranty ,got it in 5 days: not bad since there was flood in Tennessee. i was impressed with the ease of mounting and sight adjustment. The green laser was weak in sunlight but at night...look out it is too cool...rock solid buy. I am happy"
– 3pointer
4.0 5
"Cheap light, handles 7.62 recoil just fine. Great for the money"
– David
5.0 5
"bought this laser to use on my sks. I think the quality is exellent, much better than other laser i purchased. very pleased with this laser"
– mc
5.0 5
"OK, the first one was bad out of the box. Returning that one. Now the second laser: I put the remote switch that came with the second one on the second laser and gave it a try. Instant full power, very bright in a lighted garage, so outside in direct sunlight to test. I could see the dot easly near 100 yards in full sunlight. Later at night the only thing that slowed it down was a light rain. Seemed to go on forever. Mounted it on an AR and bore sighting was a snap. I will never buy another one of those 4 screw poke, and hope sighting lasers again. This one is a keeper."
– Rod
2.0 5
"I got 2 at the same time. First one out of the box had a weak remote switch and the laser was slow to get to full output. Thought it might just be a bad switch in the remote. Opened the second box and tried the remote switch on the first laser with no change. I am returning this one. Stayed tuned for part 2"
– Rod
3.0 5
"Got 2 at the same time. Same as others one was fine and the other is being returned. Slow start up on the bad one. It is the laser not the switching that is the problem. Gave it a 3 because of the bad one. The good one has a strong, tight beam easly seen in full daylight as far as these eyes can see."
– HDoupsm
5.0 5
"I bought this laser to install on my Mini 14. It was installed on the bottom rail of a UTG Tri Rail used for my home made stabilzer strut. The laser is simply wonderful. EXTREMELY bright and very well made. It is so bright that when I illuminated a 30 gallon concrete planter on my patio the reflected light was almost bright enough to read by. In clear air the laser's beam is clearly visible for hundreds of feet. There is NO doubt as to the source of the light. It would be dangerous to use in a situation where you want your location to be unknown. If your target wants to shoot back he'll know exactly where you are. The fact that is has external adjustments makes it very user friendly - some lasers with internal screws require re-sighting when the batteries are changed. I would be happy at twice the price. I mean that."
– David
5.0 5
"I grabbed this laser to replace a no-name plastic laser I had that was pretty decent for the bargain bin price I bought it at. This thing is ridiculously bright. In the bright of day, you can see the dot clear at 50 yards on brighter objects, and way past that on darker objects. At night, this thing shines for miles, and there's a very visible line drawn to the target. It mounted up perfect and was easy to adjust to zero. I haven't fired a lot of shots, but it hasn't drifted yet. About the only thing I can complain about is that it is bigger than I expected but it's still sweet."
– NoCritters
5.0 5
"I bought this for my Bushmaster m4, shows up great at night, and easy to see. Great laser for the price, haven't had any problems."
– Dirtyrice24
5.0 5
"This laser is all it was described to be and then some! Bright you want to talk about bright? WOW! If I shout the lights off in my house the laser will actualy illuminate the room enough you could read a large print book. At 200 yards it is as bright as 20 yards. It is much bigger than it looks in the pictures but it is solid construction. Only complaint is out the box when I first turned it on it flickered, dimmed and went out. I swapped out batteries, still nothing. Took it apart and found the positive coil spring was barely making contact with the battery. So after stretching out( very gently) It is an amazingly bright laser and well worth the money!"
– WizeMan
4.0 5
"The laser is quite a bit larger than the picture presents itself to be. This being said it in no way hampered mounting the laser to my UTG rail. However with the mounting I do have a complaint but this has more to do with innovation and design than with the performance of the sight. I would have found that if the sight had a \"saw tooth\" or locking ring marked at certain intervals between the laser and the mounting ring it would be able to perfectly mount the laser indexed off how the rails sat on your weapon. My UTG rail is 90 degrees perpendicular to the receiver on my SAR-1. It would be nice to see that Firefield would have made it easier to get the sight perfectly square to the rail by having these locking points. As it is now the laser can free spin inside the mount to any position and is only held fast by one allen screw. No big deal really but I am worried over time the sight will move and loose zero, it also would have helped getting sight where I needed when installing. Overall a nice sight for a good price."
– Steve
4.0 5
"A bargain of a device. Excellent performance at night for non-tactical shooting as the beam of the laser will give away your position. However, the distance and performance is all that is expected. Daytime usage is limited but expected. Activation is a bit slow (a second or so) but nothing to worry about. For the money it can't be beat."
– Marty
1.0 5
"Got two at the same time. One fired up fine. The 2nd took 1 1/2 to 2 seconds to reach full power and wavered in power so I sent it to the manufacturer for a new one. They were kind enough to wave the 10.00 charge for items returned for repair but would not pay for shipping. The one they returned to me is worse than the one I sent in. The one that worked is now doing the same thing. I will never give Firefield another penny."
– hdoup
4.0 5
"Put this on my quad rail, great laser but watch the adjustments. They are hard to turn with the bare hand and it you use a tool on it you risk damaging the knob. I did it."
– Matt
4.0 5
"This laser looks great on my AK47. It holds its adjustment once it is set, but then it was hard to adjust with my hands alone. It is little bigger than I expected and with the size comes performance it is bright past 150 yards on any day. It is made solid. I did not use the pressure switch yet but it looks like would work great as well. Fast shipping as always. Thanks. Note: The Battery only works one way if it doesn't turn on then flip the battery over or you can be a girl and read the instructions."
– Bilskee
1.0 5
"When it works, it's great. The body is made of several parts in aluminum and brass and are well machined. When testing it on my 10-22, I had to hold it and twist it to make it work. Because I didn't register it with the manufacturer within 30 days, I was stuck. It could not be returned. Maybe the battery connection was the problem. It uses a spring against the battery's positive post which is unusual. I tried to adjust the spring position and it fell off of the circuit board. Took it apart and looked over the small circuit board behind the diode. In total, four cold-solder joints with a couple where the diode wires were only touching the solder beads. I did manage to re-solder the joints (requires magnification)and, after several tries, it works reliably.During the process of repairing the laser, it seemed that the battery was iffy. A new battery from SureFire proved to be reliable. If you are depending upon this laser sight, think twice. It looks like, from the other reviews, that cold solder joints and maybe the battery could be a the problems. Just an opinion."
– Craig
5.0 5
"Well i decided to break down & buy myself a laser finally. I honestly wasn't expecting much going by the price of it, but after reading the reviews i decided to go for it. At first i was a little bitter because the knobs were so hard to turn & i was way off my zero mark. Then i realized the knobs come off and there are little dials under there lol. After a couple simple clicks i was all set. The laser was very bright on a sunny afternoon range day & held zero fine on my .308 FN AR. Thanks for the great product at an incredible price CTD !"
– Jeff
1.0 5
"I was very excited for a \"100 yard visibility\" laser. This is junk. JUNK! In the day, it is visible... 5.5 feet. Yes, all the way to... just beyond the barrel of my WASR-10. I hope its good at night, because it is not worth a dime in the day.Maybe I will use a bic lighter instead."
– Jason
1.0 5
"Wouldn't recommend anyone buying this laser. Had bought 2 of them and had to do a lot of work to get them mounted and then the brightness lasted only five minutes and you couldn't see it during the day, but will still work at night at 1/3 the brightness. Have already spent $20.00 on other batteries and got the same results."
– Phill
1.0 5
"I should have listened to the last couple of reviews. You cannot see it during the day. And even at my local indoor range, pretty dim, at 50yds. The tactical switch doesn't work that great either. Only positive is it looks cool mounted on my M4 but thats definetly not worth $70."
– Wojtek
5.0 5
"Works great mounted on my bushmaster m4a3, Very bright at night with long range. Excellent laser for the price, never had any problems! I recommend it!!"
1.0 5
"I purchased this laser with high expectations. I received the product and was very happy when I turned it on. It was a very bright beam and could be seen easily in daylight. After 10 seconds, it shut off and wouldn't come back on. I returned the product and tried again. The second one worked and stayed on longer, but again would shut itself off. I was able to convince it to come back on by adjusting the windage dial, but the problem kept occurring. The folks at CTD have been great in the returns process throughout, and I am trying another product similar to this one in exchange."
– Toby
5.0 5
"Awesome. Works great during the day and even better at night. Very bright and easy to install and dial in"
– Randy L
3.0 5
"Ordered this with some other stuff at 2:30 p.m. on Friday and it was at my door on 12:30 p.m. Saturday! What speed! The laser is a bit big, and the pressure switch is a little cheap (laser will emit at random). A little dim at high noon but it works. Super bright at night, was easily able to put beam on buildings at 1/2 mile+ and could see the spot. All in all, you get what you pay for."
– GDH713
4.0 5
"One very good thing about this product is it keeps its zero very well once it is calibrated. I have reattached it to my rail many times and each time it retains its zero. It is very accurate at 25 and 50 yards, and does not become loose from shock. I have never used it at night so I can't tell how it does at further ranges, but most people wouldn't use a laser to shoot further than 50 yards. It doesn't work well in cold weather and if you leave it on for a while the laser seems to fade a little and needs a rest, but that seems to be the case for most green lasers. I would recommend this product."
– Andrew
3.0 5
"Everything worked out of the box like it should. Laser varies in brightness and I couldn't spot it at 50 yds. on a cloudy day. It seems to hold zero even though it's a precarious mount on a rail mounted on the bayonet lug of my Colt AR15A3. Time will tell if the barrel heat affects it or recoil shakes it loose. Not disappointed except with the fading brightness."
– Donald
4.0 5
"The laser is not too expensive and works great at night. Easy installation and holds zero very well. Really hard to adjust windage and elevation. Great for hog hunting at night."
– Bama 1