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Federal American Eagle 5.56 NATO Tactical Tracer Full Metal Jacket, 64 Grain, 3020 fps, 20 Round Box, XM856

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This first quality product manufactured at Lake City Army Ammunition Plant for Federal Cartridge and is made to Federal specifications typical for commercial ammunition.
Lake City ammunition is known for its quality assurance and high quality products. This load is no different. Each cartridge is headstamped with the manufacturer's symbol and year of manufacture.

Lake City's M856, tactical tracer ammo is made to military specifications by Federal Cartridge. This is the real deal and not remanufactured. Very limited quantities of a special run packed in commercial American Eagle boxes.

Caliber: 5.56 mm NATO
Bullet Weight: 64 Grains
Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket Tactical Tracer
Muzzle velocity: 3020 fps
Muzzle energy: 1255 ft/lbs
Boxer primed
Reloadable Brass cased
Uses: Shot Marking, Night Shooting.
20 Rounds per Box

Caution: Tracer ammunition can cause fires if used in dry, windy conditions.

Total number of Reviews: 48

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5.0 5
"Bright red tracer rounds all the way to the target."
– kickintex
4.0 5
"These rounds fired fine for me without failure to burn. Just be careful where you are disharging your firearm though. Make sure you only use these at a range where you can make sure they terminate in a berm or catch so that you don't accidentally start a fire with dry grass or leaves. They will continue to burn until the strontium and magnesium exhaust their material. So, if your round falls dead on grass it could possibly start a fire. Mine would sit there hot burning red after terminating at my shale berm for a few seconds.Have fun folks :)"
– 2nd Amendment Patriot
1.0 5
"Each round I removed from the box was heavily tarnished and some had corosion on them. Five rounds in the box had small dents in them. These must be old military tracers that were removed from links and repackaged. I spent 20minutes cleaning the corosion off of each round. They should be paying me to take the rounds..."
– Disapointed
4.0 5
"I'm sorry, but that's what you get with a lot of brass military surplus ammunition. It's not going to come to you shiny and new with a mirror finish. This ammunition is Lake City Arsenal M586 placed in a new flashy box. When brass sits around for a while it will tarnish unless it's coated with a varnish. I'm wondering when people will realize that military surplus stuff isn't always in brand-new condition because it comes from warehouses from across the globe that can be locked up for 30+ years."
– 2nd Amendment Patriot
5.0 5
"Every round burns bright and function flawlessly in my rifle. I will be ordering more."
– cd
5.0 5
"This ammo works PERFECTLY, but the box is mislabeled, M856 tracers aren't 64 Grains, they are from 61.2-61.8 Grains but besides that, they don't go bad over time and work well!!! and tarnishing happens, it will work in ur rifle, if U choose 2 polish them, thats fine but we don't care..... and jus so ppl kno, the other 5.56mm tracers (M196) (54 Grain) after long storage times the tracing compound degrades and they may no-longer ignite....just so U kno ;)"
– Super Rebel
5.0 5
"Tracers work great light up very bright"
– Tommy
2.0 5
"at first i thought i was doing something wrong, then i had the feeling i was ripped off, but after reading the other reviews it must be a low percent success rate for these rounds. I purchased 2 boxes (40 rounds) just to be safe in the event this would happen, only fired 10 rounds. none ignited.will test the remaining 30 hopefully i'll get at least one or two rounds to work."
– tracerbuyer
5.0 5
"I've bought about 10 boxes of these. I noticed the dates they were made varied so it looks they were put in these boxes out of a massive pile of loose ammo. But, they shot fine. In fact they burned bright for at least 300 yards. I bought a case of tracers that were pulled/reloaded from another source and wanted to compare these with those. These tracer were much more consistent and seemed to be more accurate. These may have been a bit slower, but that's subjective. They were definitely more consistent in their flight. The ones I have shot so far have all worked. If your concerned about \"looks\", buy a bunch and regroup them. They all shot great, and many of the newer ones were good looking brass as well. Anyway, all things considered...performance being #1, I was very happy with these."
– MK
5.0 5
"I have shot several boxes of this stuff through my Bushy M-4 and it performs like a champ. Zero FTF and Zero non-burn. All I got was a good long burn every single time. This stuff isn't exactly cheap, but it is fun to play with from time to time."
– Jason, WA
1.0 5
"I fired a full box of 20 of these at 100 yards. Only 2 rounds ignited, both after impact with the burm. These tracers do not appear to be good quality from a tracer perspective - but the rounds themselves fired just fine."
– M4 Rifleman
4.0 5
"Ammunition worked just fine. Not a single misfire, all casings ejected perfectly. Tracers lit just fine. A few had continued bright red burn in the berm at the range I was firing at. Good looking rounds, good price. Best effect is achieved at dusk or in the morning and at ranges 100+ yards if you want to witness the streak. Anything under 100 yards and it's easy to assume they didn't light when they did because of the speed. Bought two more boxes just now, good stuff."
– Capt.Linenberger
4.0 5
"I bought two boxes. They all fired just fine. The bullets look like they came out of Vietnam. Also, it left my AR really dirty. So if you get some, clean your gun afterwards. But any gun lover knows to always keep there gun clean. I give it a 4 out 5 because it did what was advertise."
– MJose
5.0 5
"great, my buddy and i shot about 100+ of these threw our AR15s and only had a problem w/ 1 bullet which ignited in the barrel of the gun instead of after coming out of the barrel. these are awesome. i def will be buyin plenty more of these"
– AR15
5.0 5
"For M4 Rifleman. You need to know that tracers (all US tracers) don't light up until 75-100 yards (more on the 100 side). It was designed this way so the bad guys wouldn't know exactly where we are shooting from."
– Bill
5.0 5
"I bought 3 boxes and every round worked wonderful! good buy and good fun!"
– nt7332
5.0 5
"Fired two strings of 20 and everyone lit! As advertised."
– XM856
4.0 5
"At 850 yards, rounds were visible all the way down range, even after bouncing off the ground and 75 feet into the air. Some shells are a little tarnished though which raises some questions."
– TomR
5.0 5
"I sent over 800 of these guys down range and not one misfire or jam in my DPMS M4. My buddy liked the tracer b/c he could see the bullet hit the target downrange. I bought over 1000 rounds and am glad I did."
– OKC Dave
5.0 5
"I have shot these tracer rounds before with no problems and I am buying more right now. This is the cheapest Iv'e seen them as of lately so buy 'em up."
– J.B
2.0 5
"I don't know what back ground any of you have here. I am ex USAF 6 years and have shot geniune LC M856 tracers while in it. The military uses Lake City orange tipped M856(lc)(+)NATO on it's training ranges. A friend bought a box of 20 rounds of this stuff and we went shooting at night. Only about 3 rounds out of 20 rounds were actually fairly visible even when shooting into the sky out in the desert. These rounds are labled Lake City lc '08' if you look on the primer meaning they were likely 'reject lots' made in 2008 that didn't make milspec standards so they were auctioned off to be pawned on civilians. Real quality geniune rounds will be very bright and trace out to 1 mile or so in my experience. They will look nearly exactly like the laser weapons on Star Wars at night and even be visible during the daytime. I might buy another box being it could have been bad luck."
– Randy
1.0 5
"I got a box of these a few weeks ago. Took my Bushmaster M-4 out today to shoot. When the night came upon us I loaded up 10 of these in the mag and did a rapid fire down range at a 1000 yard range. Not one light up not even when they hit the berm or the ground. Also, the ones I received had a bad smell to them showed lots of discoloration on the brass. One could tell these were sitting in some bunker before they became surplus.... Not worth the price if they don't light up!!!"
5.0 5
"i ordered 5 boxes of these about a week ago and finally had time yesterday to go and shoot some. i threw a box of 20 down range out of my bushmaster m4 and had all 20 light. man they looked wicked flying thru the air. i think most ppl that are havin problems with these arent using a long enough range as they are not supposed to light untill they are roughly 100 yds away"
– Brandon
5.0 5
"Wow is all i can say about this ammo! i shot 20 rounds every single one lit up, i fired them at a hill about 1100 yards away and all of them burned til they hit the target! it took them about 100 yards before they fully lit up nut on of the most amazing things to see, very educational for yousters also it shows how far a bullet can travel and still Ricochet. getting over 1000!"
– west texas
4.0 5
"Been looking to get some of these to test out. Will update after testing. Good price ."
– Green Acres Gun Club
4.0 5
"I shot about 15 rounds at about 90-100 yards, every one lit up right before it hit the target. The brass is not pretty, but who cares if it shoots?"
– muffdiver
4.0 5
"I shot these this weekend. It was really cool to watch these rounds light up. Guys were asking where did I get these. Cheaperthandirt, baby!"
– ricknav1973
5.0 5
"This is great ammo. I have never had a problem with a single round. All work as expected, with the round igniting after about 30 meters or so. These are identical to the tracers issued to troops over seas or in SAW belts. Not surprising since Lake City is the military's primary supplier of ammo!"
– Airborne Alpha
4.0 5
"Wish I had bought more of this, fired on an overcast day, not enough distance for them- watched them burn in the dirt on the hillside-LOL"
5.0 5
"No problems what so ever with any of the rounds, all did what they are suppose to do."
– Ismael
5.0 5
"Ammo worked great. I actually started a grass fire at 300 yards!! That was a new one for me."
– Nutnboltman
4.0 5
"I brought this stuff out camping and shot this from a hilltop in the mountains at night and had a blast. I shot it during the day and it was hard to see on a sunny day, but at sunset it was awesome. . Wish it would stay lit a little longer though. Burns Bright flare red. fun fun fun!"
– Ryan from Kent Wa.
5.0 5
"These tracers work great. Really fun when dark. No misfires or jams. All rounds lit up really nice. Better buy some."
– Montana
5.0 5
"I have not fired a round of these off yet, I just received them today, but a buddy of mine had some, and they work great, just make sure you don't catch anything on fire!"
– Gunner
5.0 5
"American Eagle tracer rounds work just like their regular rounds. Awesome. Shot these through my Colt M4 with no issues. Be \"the center of attention\" at dusk. I highly recommend that whatever you shoot at is not flammable!"
– ColquittCustoms
5.0 5
"These bullets are awesome. Work great in my bushmaster ar and my lightweight polymer vulcan ar.. the guy below me was right about watching out with starting grass fires because it happened with me. I had to run 400 yards to the fire to turn it out. The fire was already 5 feet in circumference lol it was fun shooting these rounds.."
– pyro
5.0 5
"Really nice light show. I love it. Be careful with these, as they will burn your neighbor's land up. I know this first hand. We shot about 80 rounds and went in the house. When we went back outside, we saw smoke about a half mile away, on my neighbor's land. It got put out quickly and didn't do much damage. I'm fixing to order 500 more rounds."
– fish aint biten 713
5.0 5
"Shot a box of these with no issues. I did not keep all the brass. Does anybody know the manufacture stamp date? I read reviews on the 820 rd bulk cans, they were not very good. Must be old manufacture?"
5.0 5
"I received my order pretty fast. It didn't take long to get my order to me. I inspected each round I received and found no dings, dents, or problems of any kind. I will be ordering this item again from CTD."
– BigMarv1
4.0 5
"Good shooting ammo and fun. It's just as cheap as, and sometimes cheaper than, most plain FMJ ammo. Really awesome at night. As others have said, just be careful if you're shooting where it's hot and dry."
– Dustin
2.0 5
"Just received my order from CTD in only two days. I purchased four of the 5.56x45mm American Eagle XM856 Tracer 64 Grain 20 round boxes. Each box was stamped 2010. I inspected each round and found the brass to be tarnished and several rounds have dings in the brass. All of the rounds appear to be reloads or at least much older than 2 years (2010 stamped on box???). A hand full have some corrosion on the brass and bullets, and one has RUST on the brass from top to bottom. At first appearance, I would give a rating of 1-2 bullets, but with the quick delivery, I added one more for a 3 bullet rating. Hope to shoot some of these soon and will adjust my rating accordingly. Hoping to be more impressed. FOLLOW UP FROM PREVIOUS POST: I was able to shoot a box of these last week at the range. They all fired with no problems. However, only about half the rounds lit up at 150 yards. With some rounds rusted, dented and partial lite tracers, I will drop my rating to two bullets."
– Airboss30
1.0 5
"None of them worked and they all LOOK like reloads."
– max
4.0 5
"I have bought 300 rounds of this ammo and have had no problems at all with it. Upon inspection, the brass is tarnished and dinged, but fired fine with no jams. Thanks, CTD, for the fast delivery and good products."
– scraage
3.0 5
"Not very reliable, but for the price, you really can't beat it. I've only fired 5 rounds so far and two out of the three worked. The last one hit the berm and shot red burning flairs all over. I got some funny looks at the range. That alone made this purchase worth it. They seem to \"kick in\" at about 100 to about 125 yards. They seem pretty accurate too. Quarter inch groups @ 200 yards using a Yanky Hill Machine upper and a chrome lined 1:9 twist barrel. Scope was a Nikon M-223."
– Robert Mc.
5.0 5
"I think the people saying that these don't light up just aren't shooting them at a long enough range. They take at least 50-100 yds or so before they start to light up. I was fortunate enough to shoot them in the open desert, and they all lit up and burned way longer and brighter than the early '90s military surplus tracers sold here. These are very cool IF you have a longer range to shoot them."
– AZ shooter
4.0 5
"These rounds work good and seem to shoot straight from my 14.5\" 1/7 M&P15. The tracers won't light up immediately after leaving the barrel; these tracers seem to light up about 300m or so. You need a 800m or longer range to get the full effect of these tracers. Also, most shooting ranges tend to be against tracer use as they can cause a fire hazard. These rounds are visible once the sun has gone down over the horizon. Some say tracers will ruin a barrel or make it dirty; I haven't run into that problem with this ammo. I have seen these rounds stabilized just fine by a 1/9 twist barrel; but 1/7 is recommended. Combine these tracers with a slide fire stock and the results can be a lot of fun."
– Randy
4.0 5
"I bought 300 round of this ammo, loaded a mag and then loaded the boys up and went to the gun range. The round's went thru my wife's AR15 with no problems. All rounds lite up and I am ordering 300 more rounds rite now! Loved them!"
– dickwood
5.0 5
"I received my entire order from CTD with no problem. Only had time to open one box and inspect it. Bullets are in great condition. Look forward to firing some rounds in the near future. Will write a post-follow-up review for that."
– F.X.