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Federal American Eagle .308 Win. Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail, 150 Grain, 2820 fps, 20 Round Box, AE308D

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Shoot Smart, Shoot More, Shoot American Eagle!

Hitting the range this weekend? Take along several boxes of your favorite American Eagle load. You'll find our American Eagle Centerfire Rifle choices very suitable for precision practice and an affordable option for the target board.

With Federal American Eagle you get quality and affordability. Whether you are looking for contemporary calibers or a couple of classics, AE has what you're looking for. Enjoy the accuracy of AE handgun loads and they'll make sure you're ready when game time comes.

Caliber: .308 Winchester
Bullet Weight: 150 Grains
Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail Projectile
Muzzle velocity: 2820 fps
Velocity at 100 yards: 2597 fps
Velocity at 300 yards: 2183 fps
Muzzle energy: 2648 ft/lbs
Energy at 100 yards: 2246 ft/lbs.
Energy at 300 yards: 1586 ft/lbs
New Reloadable Brass Case
Uses: Target shooting, Training, Practice
20 Rounds per Box


Item#: AMM-65970,9-15417,2-FEAE308DBX,65970
Total number of Reviews: 32

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5.0 5
"this is great ammo!! i have been using this ammo for years and never had any misfires with any of my guns nor anything else happen its a great all around ammo!!"
– 308slinger
5.0 5
"This American eagle is an all round great ammo!"
– Arkansas Cowboy
5.0 5
"This ammo groups pretty well. It is manufactured by Federal, so it should be near same specs."
– anewname
5.0 5
"Besides being very accurate (thanks in part to its Boat-Tailed design) this load functioned very smoothly through my AR-10 A4(F), which has a reputation of being a very picky weapon. I've found all American Eagle ammunition pretty solid and because it's an offshoot of Federal, I know its a brand I can trust."
– Doug
5.0 5
"I have always used American Eagle ammo in my guns and i have to say this doesn't leave u wanting. My Kimber 84 Montana, M14 and DPMS .308 eat this ammo up. i haven't had a single problem using it. If u want a reliable accurate .308 for hunting look no more! I have also stockpiled alot just incase i cant imagine a better round to have if you are in real need."
– .308 Keith D.
5.0 5
"I got some of this ammo because it was cheap. The bonus was that it is really good ammo! They burn pretty clean and shoot strait. Not to mention cheap to boot. I highly recommend these rounds for targeting, but due to the FMJ, not so much for hunting. Great round for sighting in your rifle and or scope, and perfect for plinking."
– Sapper Daddy
5.0 5
5.0 5
"This is by far my favorite ammo to shoot. Would recommend this ammo to anyone."
– AZAirman86
5.0 5
"This ammo worked perfectly in my DPMS .308 Sportical rifle. 100 rounds total, no jams or miss-feeds. brass was still in great shape to be reloaded. Everywhere else this ammo is more $$$. Great deal from CTD!"
– Joshberetta9
5.0 5
"Absolutely zero problems in my M1A, very accurate and you cannot beat the price!"
– Alex
5.0 5
"Great round, my Rem 700 loved it. Great price too. Time to stock up for the holidays!!!"
– pine snake
2.0 5
"I don't get it. Everyone else here says this stuff is great, but the best group I had with this out of my Savage 11 was about 5 moa. Not too good even for budget target shooting."
– David
5.0 5
"My Remmy 700 likes this stuff almost as good at my handloads.I shoot a .6 MOA consistently. I shot a 1.5 inch group at 350 yards today with these."
– 308shooter
5.0 5
"Shot this at the 200 and 300 yard plates at my local range with my FA91 and a cheap Bushnell red-dot scope. Hit point of aim every time, in a cross-wind. Good stuff for the money."
– ArizonaDesertDog
5.0 5
"I put 100 rounds through my DPMS Panther LRT .308, flawless!!As accurate as the expensive match grade ammo. I was stacking them through a 3/8\" steel plate, each shot making the hole just a bit bigger. I would say 1/4\" MOA. This ammo will penetrate armor. For practice or pleasure shooting your .308, this ammo is a winner. I will buy more! Just an FYI this ammo is produced by Federal."
– Weaponsengineere
5.0 5
"First time out shooting my M1A .308 with this ammo. Shot 3 in groupings, ooh ha! Clean too."
– jake
3.0 5
"I fired a hundred rounds of this stuff today. Like I said, it shoots, but the grouping was terrible out of a Rem 700 Varmiter from a bench rest. They were all in the black on a 5\" bull at 100 yds, but all over the black. I tried a standard box of Winchester JSP hunting ammo and it was tossing consistent .75\" 3 shot groups. It's not the gun, shooter or the scope. If you're looking for MOA accurate ammo look elsewhere This stuff is okay for just general shooting."
– Jan Z
5.0 5
"Fired 2.5\" groups with my M1A. No misfires."
– jake
4.0 5
"Very good ammo for the price. I wouldn't want to use for matches or for an actual long range sniper situation, but you can't beat the quality for the price."
– Brent
4.0 5
"This stuff always goes 'bang' and is good for practice, though it's not terribly accurate....good price for practice or I'd have only given it 3 bullets..."
4.0 5
"I just bought a Rock River 16 inch barrel LAR-8 (AR platform shooting 308 win). I mounted a Redfield 3-9x40 scope and a tilting Bipod on it. After dialing in the scope, I shot 10 round of this American Eagle 150 Grain FMJ ammo. At 100 yards the 10 shots cut a hole in in the target that at no point was larger than 1 inch in diameter. This ammo works great in my gun! This was the first ammo I have tried but with results like this why would I pay more. I may try less expensive just to see how well it works."
– AR10
5.0 5
"My PTR91 loves this ammo and it is very picky."
– Thomas
5.0 5
"Shot it through my socom II, no feed or extraction problems. if your looking for precision, this probably isn't the best. but, saying that, you want to go out and just have some fun, this ammo is great!"
– 5.0 popo
4.0 5
"Good ammo for the price. Only 4 stars since it's not the most accurate stuff out there. Good re-loadable brass is always a plus."
– Montana
4.0 5
"I used to fire this in a 7.62 DPMS. Don't jump between this and 168 gr match grade. You'll think you've gone blind."
– sailnaked
2.0 5
"Don't expect alot out of this at 100 yards. I put up an average 4 MOA with this. I thought it was me or the gun until I loaded some 168gr Sierra Match kings and my groupings went tightened to 1 MOA."
5.0 5
"First off, I'm VERY impressed with this ammo. I think military rifles, like my M1A (M14), seem to work best with smaller/faster 150 gr bullets. These proved to be some of the best I've used to date. FMJ, boat tail, and 2800 fps. I was getting groups as small as 1.5 inches at 100 yards with iron sights. It's also pretty cheap for .308 Winchester! I will buy more. Brass is excellent quality for those interested in reloading."
– Flabernat
5.0 5
"Used this recently for a 3 Gun match in my DPMS LR308 AP4. Functioned PERFECTLY and was accurate enough to take rushed shots at head sized targets at 100 yds with no misses. That rifle is by no means a tack driver, but 2 MOA out of a 16\" barrel is not something I'd ever complain about. ZERO issues with this ammo. My LR308 AP4 has always loved this stuff. Roughly 300 rds of this ammo and NEVER an issue. The best .308 ammo value available in my opinion."
– Johnny Vegas
5.0 5
"Consistent and accurate. Shot 100 rounds through a new Remington R-25 and hit within a 6\" circle at 200 yards. Would definitely recommend this ammo for target shooting and general fun."
– MarineGySgt
3.0 5
"Used it in a 18\" JP Industries AR-10. After 100 rounds, I had no misfires, it fed great, but was nowhere near MOA ammo. Priced well and a nice source of good brass."
– ArFro
4.0 5
"Decent ammo for the price, good brass. Ordered this on Tuesday 1/15 at 1pm, faxed in necessary documents at 4pm same day, and order SHIPPED OUT at 5:30pm. Received Friday 1/18 at 2pm. Amazing efficiency on order time by CTD at a time of crazy order volume."
– Steve
5.0 5
"I love American Eagle and have used it for many years. This was my first try at their 308. Shot my new LMT 16\" Slick Rail with this ammo. I was absolutely shocked at how accurate this ammo is. 300 yards, iron sights and plinking the metal target with ease. Not a single problem with this ammo which was very impressive when breaking in a new weapon."
– Nick