Expert's Optic Aid Set HySkore Reading Glasses For Shooters Four Apertures Flip Up Shades Hard Case

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Four aperture diopter
Eye shade
Side shades
Acrylic lens glasses
Hard case

Great for aging eyes special shooters aperture increase your field of depth vision allows both the sights and the target to be in crystal clear focus, a complete solution with four apertures, side and flip up shades, glasses and hard case, additional flip up eye shade blocks the non dominate eye, all the solutions attach to any eyeglasses. HySkore 30027

The Pro Optic sight aid set is good for bullseye shooters who have aging eyes or for shooters who are far sighted. The Pro Optic sight aid helps you see clearly the sights on your gun and the target. The Pro Optic sight aid attaches to any eyeglasses. As we age the corneas (Lens) of our eyes lose some of their ability to focus causing images, that in younger years focused on the retina to now focus behind it. We can easily see distant objects but close objects are out of focus. The common solution is reading glasses. Reading Glasses bring cross hairs and iron sights into focus but the target blurs and red dots tend to lose their shape. The Hyskore Expert's Optic Aid allows you to see crystal clear sight and target images and attaches to any eyeglasses.