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EOTech 512 Tactical Holographic Weapon Sight 65 MOA Circle 1 MOA Aiming Dot Reticle AA Battery 512.A65

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NSN 1240-01-554-4488. Now you can use the same sights used by our Military, proven to be accurate and guarantees the "hit". Mounts on flat top weapons or Picatinny rail systems and super-imposes an aiming dot on your target, very fast acquisition, rugged design is combat proven, waterproof to 10 feet, uses "AA" batteries, 5" overall with one MOA dot. Model 512 Tactical Sight.
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Please contact manufacturer for warranty information.
L-3 EOTech's Repair & Service 734.741.8868

L-3 EOTech Repair & Service Department
1201 E. Ellsworth Road
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108
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Specifications and features:
EoTech model 512.A65/1 HWS weapon sight
65 MOA circle, 1 MOA aiming dot
30 yards field of view at 100 yards w/ 4" eye relief
Unlimited eye relief
20 brightness settings
110,000:1 brightness to lowest brightness adjustment range
1/2 MOA adjustment
+/-40 MOA travel adjustment range
1.20"x0.85" heads-up-display window
1/8" solid glass front window
3/16" thick shatter-resistant laminate rear window
Anti-glare coating
Repeatable return to zero to 1 MOA after re-mounting
Waterproof to 10'
Aluminum hood assembly
8 hours automatic shut-down, programmable to 4 hours
Automatic battery check indicator
Black finish
1"Picatinny rail mount
2 AA batteries
1000 continuous hours battery life w/ lithium batteries
10.9 oz.

Click here for EOTech factory rebate information. 

Item#: 6-0921585,SCP-7512,20-EO-512A65,2-EO512
Total number of Reviews: 56

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4.0 5
"Used it in Iraq lasted my whole tour never had any problems. Got one on my own m 4 and works a charm. Only draw back is not great for long distance."
– 4 ID Tanker
5.0 5
"I have been debating this buy for awhile. tried several of the low buck red dot units and they suck. This dude is the real deal. Easy as hell to put on and off, without readjustment and truly puts you on the enemy quick like. I had a hard time appreciating what I was getting till I got it. I can quickly target, in less than half the time as iron sights or a scope. It is very well built with the protection where it needs to be.I only wish two things, that I had spent the extra cash to get the Night vision friendly unit being that my next purchase idea is a quality night vision set up.The other quirk which is no big deal is that to turn it off, you have to push both buttons at once. To turn it on, just one button and the brightness is adjustable.It's just darn fun added to my AR platforms. works with A2 or A3 uppers and even works on my .223 pistol. I think it's good up to 50 cal bmg"
– long guns
5.0 5
"I am about to embark on my second tour to the desert with this sight. It is an unbeleivable product. First off, every shot is EXACTLY where it needs to be. This sight is unbeleivably accurate. You'll never miss. The holographic bullseye makes this sight really good on the swing shot also, allowing you to shave a couple seconds of your initial shot burst. This sight is also very rugged. I have beat the S*** out of mine and it never fails to work. I have dropped it off the 2 story buildings (me with it) and off of my HMMWV and it always holds up and never loses it's zero. I have taken it off my weapon and put it back on several times and the zero is still always right on. The unique thing with this sight is that it has a cage like outer shield that protects the actual sight aperature. Does an unbeleivable job protecting it. The only thing wtong with mine is a few deep dings in the housing and a little lopsidedness also, but is still shooting at exact zero. The battery life is also amazing. Used the same batteries my entire first tour. This sight alsoi has many features that make it extremely handy, many different brightness levels, a setting for NOD's, the outer housing, long battery life, easy zeroing (just two controls that will turn with a screwdriver, leatherman, or even a simple knife), and best of all unbeleivable durabilkity. I would recomend this EOTech Holographic Sight to anyone looking for a sight that is accurate and will last them a lifetime, if not longer."
– 2ID in Ar-Ramadi
4.0 5
"Great for fast target aquisition. 1 MOA dot is good for precise shooting, if you are familar with your weapon/bullets trajectory you CAN use this out beyond 300m (accurately). Basically, a little \"holdover\" and your good to go longer range. Batteries last a very, very long time with this unit, AA batts are the best choice as they are the most common type out there. Don't forget some back up iron sights(BUIS)... just in case your batts fail or the Eotech \"breaks\", you NEVER want to be without iron sights on a weapon. Armor \"rollcage\" on the Eotech is tough. CTD also has some BUIS."
– Mr. D.
4.0 5
"I purchased the EO Tech 512 sight for my Bushmaster, and found it to be very effective. I am able to put all rounds within the target near the X-ring. I have been able to cowitness the red dot with my iron sights to make accurate shots. While I am not military or law enforcement, I do have the option of using the EO Tech with my rifle for defense if the need arises. Purchase an EO Tech 512...you won't be sorry!!"
– K-12Glock19
5.0 5
"My agency recently adopted M4 carbines with the EOTech sight system. After zeroing the sight to the rifle, any other person can pick up the rifle and use the sight, still correctly zeroed. Unlike iron sights which are zeroed to the shooter, this sight is zeroed to the weapon. It makes target acquisition faster, as well as remaining accurate throughout.I highly recommend this product, used in conjunction with a quality back up iron sight (BUIS) such as those produced by GG&G."
– Rollo T
5.0 5
"It took me a while to talk myself into buying this but I'm glad I did. I'm not a cop and am no longer active duty military so do I NEED this? No. Is it cool to have? Yes. It cost more than some of my guns but I now definately believe it is worth it. Splurge and enjoy."
– bripro
5.0 5
"I first saw the EO-TECH 512 at a gun show... I have to tell you that this purchase was the best thing I could have ever added... This thing is on the money at all times. I really suggest this for anyone in LE or just into target practicing.... Very easy to install on my SIG 556.... I give it two thumbs up all the way!!!!"
– Sig_556
4.0 5
"This sight is amazing for close quarter combat and long distance shooting! The red dot is only 1-moa. Which means it only covers one inch of your target at a hundred yards and two inches of your target at two hundred yards and so on. So at six hundred yard this red dot, only covers six inches of your target! That is amazing for accurate long distance shooting. Just use the whole sight for close quarter combat and get on your target super fast! And just use the red dot in the center for your long distance shots! You get the best of both worlds with this sight. I can shoot off hand with my M-4 at two hundred yards and hit a 10\"x10\" target with thirty rounds. I will take this sight over an aim-point any day."
– shadow company
4.0 5
"It took me a while to convince myself that $399 for a circle with a dot in it was worth the investment, but I am satisfied. I built an AR-15 \"Katrina Rifle\", zeroed the holosight to the iron sights and am now able to quickly aquire and hit eight inch targets at 50-100-150 & once in a while 200 meters. If you need one that is compatible with night vision, save your money and get this one. Just set the sight to its lowest setting and it works fine. I've tried it. The only differenc is that it takes a few seconds longer."
– Limric
5.0 5
"Bought this sight for my Stag arms AR because I was tired of using cheap reflex sights that dont hold zero. I even had one that broke before I ever got it mounted on my gun. Dont waste your money on any of the cheaper sights because you WILL be disapointed. This sight is one of the best investments you can make as far as optics go. This thing is solid as a rock. I even dropped mine (by accident of course) from about chest high onto a concrete floor. The fall didnt phase this sight, not even a scratch. I mounted it back on my gun and it kept its zero just like I had never taken it off the rail...try that with any other optics and see what happens. Your gun is only as good as your sight system, so why chance it with a cheaply made sight?"
– Jason D
5.0 5
"This is a true point and shoot optic. Once you get it zero'ed (mine is at 25 yards) Just put the circle or dot on your target and know that you will hit. Make no mistake, this is not a scope. It is only as good as far as you can see clearly. My next purchase is the 3x magnifier."
– Jacob
5.0 5
"This is one outstanding optic! Rugged, accurate, uses either \"AA\" batteries (so easy to find) for around 600 hours of use or \"AA\" lithiums for about 900 hours (Though you don't get the low-power warning with lithiums that you do with regular double-As.), auto shut-down after a few hours, adjustable for any ambient light level, small enough dot size to make moderate-distance shooting possible--a really great sight. Just be sure to buy one of GG&G's flip-up covers for it. The thing is like Butler's caps, mounting absolutely securely between the inner housing and the outer roll cage. When closed, it completely seals the windows from accumulating any dust, spray paint (If you've been there, you know what I mean.), or getting possible scratches. When flipped open, the front cover opens to a horizontal position that makes a sun shade over the front of the 512, a nice bonus."
– Deputy Doc
5.0 5
"Very easy to hook up to a rail system. you can see the red dot even through a carry handle(if attached to upper). took it to the range and sighted it in. never misses. Thanks for a great product at a great price CTD!"
– Adam
5.0 5
"This is a fantastic sight. It impressed both myself (beginner) and my father (experienced). Only took a few rounds to get it zeroed in properly and is very easy to adjust. I bought a scope to use with it, but even without it, this sight is pretty darn accurate for me at 100 yards (haven't gotten to try it out any further yet). Worth the money? Only if you want to hit the target."
– Ken
5.0 5
"I have one of these on my mini-14 with a tactical type stock. I'm very impressed with the quality and simplicity of it. Soon as I get my AR built, I'm buying another one for it. Definately worth the money."
– Jeremy
5.0 5
"I decided not to waste my time with the other red-dot sights. Spending $$$$ dollars for a sight was a bit intimidating but as I've been told, \"you're gun's only as good as your sight.\"And in a survival/life or death situation I want the confidence.I was convinced it was worth the money after playing the video game \"COD4: Modern Warfare\" on my XBOX. There's no better way to test drive this sight! I have it installed on my M&P15 and couldn't be happier. My only concern is that it requires batteries. Keep your battle sights installed for back-up!"
– AR you ready?
5.0 5
"I am 69 years old (young?) I have two of these sights, one for a CX4 Beretta 9mm Carbine and one for an AR-15 Carbine. These sights are SO effective that I hit targets now faster and more accurately than EVER before. At 25-40 yards you should be able to have 6 tin cans rolling at once."
– Geezer Gunner
5.0 5
"I am STUPID for wasting my time with anything other than this sight!~ I had another knock off brand that was still mucho $$$ and I recently bought a EOtech 512 and I should of did it a LONG time ago!!"
– Aaron
5.0 5
"Do not waist your money on all the cheap red dots out there! If your looking for a red dot that works, look no more these work just like they say and have more eye relief than the aimpoint stuff but those work very well too but I would rather have a open view for targeting zombies!"
– Cruz
5.0 5
"I love it. Once zeroed in on my Colt LE6940, I was able to get super consistant accurate groups at 25, then 50, then 100 yards. Next addition is the FTS magnifier."
– Rich
5.0 5
"It is well worth the price. I talked to a lot of Marines out of Iraq. Most told me they didn\uFFFDt care for the ACOG and they ordered these with their own money. This is great for fast accurate target acquisition. This is the only red dot sight you will ever need to own."
– ShrapnalDeposit
5.0 5
"I have always been a fan of EOTech, mainly because of their reliability and durability, this sight is no exception. Do yourself a favor and pass on the cheap red dots and spend the extra money on this, you won't be disappointed. On top of this even with basic 3-5 day shipping, it was at the shipping company within 4 hrs, and delivered in less than 40 hours from ordering."
– Dave
5.0 5
"I just sighted in my 512 and was awsome. Right on the money. Nevermind regular \"red dot\" scopes. Well worth the money!"
– CRX Phil
5.0 5
"Although I've shot with a red dot sight on a Ruger Mark II, this is my first holographic sight for a rifle. I had a little trouble adjusting to the sight due to having used optical sights 3x and larger. As an eyeglass wearer with progressive lenses, I had to adjust to seeing the nice small dot with ring. I could shoot and not worry about the dot being in exact center parallax. This was no longer a factor. The sight acqisition was fast. I don't have to worry once the sight is attached to the rail and sighted in. It stays where you put it and doesn't react to recoil or need re-adjustment. A great buy, great quality, and a dependable sight. I co-witnessed with a BUIS, but I likely will not need it due to the extended battery life. (I keep a couple of extra alkaline batteries in a waterproof plastic bag in my back pack, just in case)."
– RockDoctor
5.0 5
"I recieved my EOTech 512 two days ago and i am very impressed. I had wanted to purchase one of these since the day i bought my bushmaster. I was turned off by the price but i am happy i finally bought this sight. The quality is amazing and you def. get what you pay for. The sight was very easy to sight in and took me only 6 rounds to get the sight zeroed in at 50 yards. So far it has held zero after 500 rounds.I chose this sight for quick targeting and being able to keep both eyes open and can shoot a 3 inch group at 100 yards standing with rapid shots. Overall i would reccomend this sight to anyone, dont let the price scare you away."
– Dillon
5.0 5
"I had been contemplating this purchase in excess of 5 months to be honest, I had a Bushnell Holo-sight with a 1 m.o.a dot and T-reticle and I thought that was nice...resembling an A.C.O.G. also didn't hurt my feelings either. I can honestly say now, after a 8 hour day on the range and a few hundred rounds down-range, why did I waste the money on that Bushnell first, for the price. It is a nice optic, but by comparison, there is no comparison... out-right. This thing kicks as$, simply put, 50 yards, punches sight-in diamonds out in no time, 100 yards, 9, 10 and x are no real challenge. Highly impressed and would easily and emphatically recommend this sight to anyone willing to man up and spend the money on a quality sight. Installed on a Stag-Arms M-4 Flat-top lefty and couldn't be happier."
– Brad M.
5.0 5
"this is the best sight i;ve ever had on my ar. holds zero and is great at short and long distance."
– kswat
5.0 5
"The sight is awesome as everyone says. The only thing for me is that I ended up buying an EOTech 4x magnifier. This model works fine with the magnifier, but EOTech makes the 517 model for better compatibility with the magnifier. The issue is that the 512 sits a bit lower than the magnifier on the rail, but it does not interfere with functionality as far as I can tell so far. However, the 517 is raised 17mm so as to line up exactly with it. It also has the buttons on the side so the magnifier won't block them. I use the flip to side mount so I can still get to the buttons. So, all I can say is that this sight is sweet, but if you are going to mount a magnifier too, it may be best to spend 20 extra bucks and go with the 517. The 512 works for me though and if you do get the magnifier to use with it, you won't have a problem anyway."
– walter34payton2002
5.0 5
"My 512 has yet to have any problems after a year and about 500 rounds of 5.56. The zero has remained and the optical system has always been top notch."
– CRX Phil
5.0 5
"Just took mine out today. I love it. Easy to zero and is dead on accurate."
– Rafe
3.0 5
"I bought this a few years ago for my AR-15 build and was pleased with it...at first. It works and is durable; it still works fine after over a thousand rounds through the rifle. My only gripe is that it eats batteries. This model uses AA batteries and I am having to change out dead ones every couple of months. Overall, when it has fresh batteries it works great and is a very accurate sight but it goes through batteries way too fast compared to just about any other \"red dot\" sight on the market."
– McClitoc
5.0 5
"EOTech. What else is there to say? Only the best optic out there for the money. It mounted on my Rock River Arms CAR A4 with no problems. I am planning on using this set up for my upcoming hog hunt in Oklahoma. I would highly recommend this product."
– Pumpkin
5.0 5
"Great tool..... Thank you!"
– DaCreek
5.0 5
"I've had this sight for about two years now, and absolutely love it! Great for doing building searches. The only thing I don't like about it is having to turn it off and on. If I have to bail out of my patrol vehicle in a hurry I'd rather have an Aimpoint that stays on. Other than that though it is a really awesome sight."
– Jeff
5.0 5
"This sight is so easy to mount, zero in, and shoot! The price is totally worth it. Would have bought sooner if I knew what I know now."
– Andy
5.0 5
"This is by far one of the best holographic sights that I have ever purchased. I put it on my Stag Arms AR-15 model 1, and it has done well for the 2 years that I have used it. For those of you on the fence with this all I got to say is that you will not be disappointed in this sight. Some of the concerns that I had with it were that it might not be high enough to look over the fixed front sight post. I installed it in a matter of seconds and the sight is high enough to see over it. This is handy if you are planning to install a flip up rear sight. I have dropped my rifle several times and have had the sight bang off the ground and it still holds zero. Hopefully my review helped you."
– Paul
5.0 5
"I was wanting to buy this at my local FFL but he wanted $50 more for the same thing AND he was going to have to order it. I checked here for this scope and wow, I was blown away by the cheaper price. When I received it, it was so easy to mount, and very easy to adjust for correction. Now I am loving this scope on top my AR-15. Got 5 shots within 1.5 inches!!! Now that's shooting."
– RightwingPatriot
5.0 5
"I choose the 512 becuase of the AA batteries. Standing at 25 yards I had a grouping the size of a baseball. At 50 yards the size of a grape fruit. Well built and stays true. Was $100 cheaper on CTD then my local store. EoTech is a great product and has a great following. If you're wanting a red dot sight aim for one of these. They're worth it. Will take up the whole rail on your AR-15 receiver."
– Insom
5.0 5
"Well worth the money! Extremely easy to setup and use. Ability to have both eyes open is extremely valuable. Rugged design."
– Blastasy
5.0 5
"Had an EOTech when I was in the Marines a few years back, so when I recently acquired an M4, there was no way I was putting any other type of optic on my weapon. Shoots true and is a great accessory. A little pricey, but if you want quality and reliability, you pay for what you get."
– Rockriver123
5.0 5
"Yes its pricey. But you get a great item that works better than you expect. I wish I had the extra money to buy the EOTECH magnifier to go with it. You will probably want or need a magnifier at some point.I bought one of the knock offs that works well but as good as I like the EOTECH 512 I know the real deal would be better."
– David
5.0 5
"Better than I imagined. Don't waste your money on cheap ones like I did. EOTech is the real deal. Gives a whole new meaning to accuracy and quickness. I can hold my AK on target no problem. Can't picture how good it would be with a lower recoil rifle."
– Scoped Ak
5.0 5
"Could not be happier with this sight on my Stag model 3! Had it on target with just a few rounds. Awesome sight! Thank you, CTD, for great service as usual. Can't wait to order another for my Del-Ton. Hope all EOTech products are this nice."
– Johnny Stag
1.0 5
"I purchased this sight a few weeks back and it was bad out of the box. The image being projected was \"fuzzy.\" Note in the product description that CTD isn't the contact for bad gear; all RMAs go through EOTech. I've been calling them for close to a week know and can't get any one to ever call me back. I just keep getting voice mail box after voice mail box. I'm sure these things are nice if they work, but if you need one repaired, good luck."
– Mike
5.0 5
"Put this sight on my AK-47 and it holds it's zero with no problem. Will buy one for my AR."
– Anthony
4.0 5
"Great optic but it is too expensive - thats the only reason I gave it 4 bullets. Performance wise it is the best there is but way over priced!"
– Mountain man
5.0 5
"This sight is perfect! I freaked out initially when I turned it on and the reticle was super fuzzy, but I remembered reading somewhere that your reticle will be fuzzy if you have prescription eyeglasses or if you need them. Sure enough...I put my glasses on and the reticle was perfectly clear. It sighted in beautifully at 100 yards and is dead on. I highly recommend!"
– J.T.
5.0 5
"I installed this sight on a akdal 12 gauge. It performs flawlessly."
– wayne
5.0 5
"Had to crank the windage screw quite a bit,but after that this scope is awsome, I was hitting the center of a bullseye at 50 yrds. and I could'nt see the small center(old eyes)of the target. Only took 11 shots on S&W MP AR. Would recommend to anyone"
– David W. Stephenson
5.0 5
"I work patrol in a rural area, various shifts, night/day. The variable brightness is awesome, even though this one is not NVG rated, the low setting does work. The auto off is great. Easy to adjust settings. VERY IMPRESSED"
5.0 5
"Everyone knows EOTech makes quality optics, and this is no exception. The EOTech 512 is a great holographic sight for any AR platform, hands down."
– GABuck
5.0 5
"Very satisfied with product. The finest detail construction. Looks outstanding on my AR. Flawless performance on the range. Awesome all the way around. And it's made in USA!!! Pure quality!"
– Louie G
5.0 5
"Easy to use and find your target. I like to use with both eyes open. For the money there isn't anything that compares. I put this on my Springfield SOCOM 16 and now I'm hitting targets from over 500 yds."
– August
5.0 5
"This optic is worth every penny. I've used Aimpoint in Iraq, but they are over priced compared to EoTech. 512 is by far the best deal anyone can get. It may state that it is not NV capable, but the brightness setting does lower enough to use with night vision very well. 512 has a perfect sight picture, and it nice and sharp image projected."
– Bill L
1.0 5
"I bought this for my BFG-50, but it cannot be zeroed in. The manufacturer blames my rifle for having too high of a picatinny rail. I would think that there should be enough adjustment built into the EOTech 512 so that it can be used on any rifle, but apparently not. Look for some other sight if you have a high rail on your rifle."
– Doug