Elk Bomb Dominant Bull Scent Aerosol 5 oz MM-BB-EB-P1

Buck Bomb
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The Dominant Bull is 5 ounces of pure, fresh elk urine taken from mature bulls.

Buck Bomb, like many hunting accessory companies, was born out of necessity. Frustrated with a lack of dependable, user friendly products they decided to produce what they felt "Real Hunters" wanted and needed. Using feedback from real world users they have been able to successfully implement new ideas into innovative products. Check out The Buck Bomb on any number of hunting shows on television and you will see the end results: More game in the bag!

The Elk Bomb is 5-ounces of 100% Pure Elk Urine available in Cow In Heat and Dominant Bull. Even when the bulls are in heavy rut and let their guard down, the cows in the herd are on full-alert. Keeping them calm with a natural urine scent can make the difference between luring that dominant bull closer or having him charge out of site after his spooked harem. Get in closer and increase your odds with the Elk Bomb.

The constantly changing wind currents and thermals in elk country make scent control unpredictable. By completely covering the downwind side of your position, you now have an effective tool for success.

The Dominant Bull scent can be dispersed in short bursts from your treestand or ground blind, or locked don to fog out the entire contents. Our unique fogging technology turns the scent into a gas cloud that can travel downwind in excess of 1/4 mile in a 3-mph breeze. It blows through the woods and across fields leaving a natural scent trail right back to the Buck Bomb can.

The Dominant Bull scent provides incredible cover scent, creating a barrier between you and animals approaching from downwind. A 10-second burst while stalking, or when sitting in a stand, can quickly help d iffuse a shifting wind that could give away your position.