Dynamic Research Technologies .30-06 Springfield Copper Jacketed Hollow Point, 175 Grains, 2450 fps, 20 Rounds per Box, DRT.30-06

Dynamic Research Technologies, DRT
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Caliber: .30-06 Springfield
Bullet Weight: 175 Grains
Bullet Type: Copper Jacketed Hollow Point Projectile
Muzzle Velocity: 2450 fps
New Reloadable Brass Case
20 Rounds per Box

Frequently asked questions: 1. Is it safe to eat the meat of animals shot with DRT ammo?
Yes. The bullet does not open until it reaches liquid under hydraulic pressure or something small enough to get into the meplat of the bullet and blast the jacket off of the core.

2. How does it work?
The bullet has a copper jacket, just like any other lead core bullet. The difference is the core. The core is made from compressing 2-3 metals into a small cylindrical core. This core is placed in the jacket and has a cap placed on top of it to contain the core when the bullet is formed. The outside of the bullet will look just like a normal bullet. The bullet opens after 1.5 of penetration. The bullet will continue to open for a funnel like pattern until it stops at 11-12 of penetration. Currently, all of our bullets are meant to penetrate the same depth. The different calibers and bullet weights will cause a different diameter of wound cavity due to several different factors. One is velocity and another is twist rate of the barrel. For instance, a .223 Remington round in our 79 grain bullet will typically cause a 4-5 wound cavity in 10% ballistic gelatin. The bullets will not ricochet on steel, but will penetrate bone and mild steel such as car doors.

3. Will it penetrate barriers (body armor, bulletproof jackets, auto glass, clothing, and bone)?
The bullet will go through anything that is not as hard as it is.

4. Is it accurate at long range?
All of our rounds are made to be accurate at  long ranges.

5. What advantage is there to using frangible, penetrating ammunition?
No pass through, bigger energy dump, and bigger wound cavities.