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DRAGO Assault Backpack 600D Polyester Black 14302BL

Drago Gear
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In the field, having the equipment and tools needed to complete an assignment can mean the difference between mission success and mission failure. Drago Backpacks are designed to allow the wearer to comfortably carry and efficiently access their gear while on the go. Manufactured for maximum durability, Drago backpacks will outlast the toughest jobs and keep equipment protected from the harshest environments, time and time again.

Specifications and Features:
Max capacity storage compartments ideal for carrying large loads
3 Velcro antennae ports for communication equipment
Premium back- relief panel design for maximum comfort during extended use
Internal organization system for securing firearm magazines, tools, and other items
Hydration-pack compatible
Made of 600D Polyester

Total number of Reviews: 21

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2.0 5
"I got this bag and have used it for a couple of trips. I purchased it due to needing a larger backpack, but this pack will not hold the weight it should. The top of the shoulder straps only go approximately 1/4 into the seam and are secured with a single row of sowing. The straps started to pull out the first time I used it."
– Mike
4.0 5
"This is one of the best bags I've had in its price range. I've had it for a couple of months now, and it holds up well, even with fairly heavy loads. It's made of stiffer, heavier material than most other bags for the cost, the zippers are sturdier, the use of double zipper pulls on most closures is welcome, and the shoulder straps and hip belt are well padded. I'm not crazy about the way the padding for the shoulder straps doesn't extend all the way to the top attachment points; the stitching here is a potential fail-point. But the compartments are reasonably roomy and there are plenty of attachment points for all sorts of MOLLE/PALS gear. This is really good value for the money."
– swampfox
4.0 5
"bags compartments are larger then expected. Once stretched out this b/o/b will hold just about everything. The waist strap fits anyone from 30-45 and shoulder straps can adjust from a person anywere from 5'1-6'4. A large main compartment with optional camel back storage. Second medium pocket for anythis like light sticks to flares, two small pouches on the fronts for medical fish tackle and or any other misc supplies. MOlly all over to accessorize or add any extra gear you may have planned. I've already loaded this bad boy out full of all the essentials. many items of course that I've bought right here on CTD."
– eddie
4.0 5
"Was a little skeptical about the buy because of the reviews, but I am thoroughly impressed with this pack. Plenty of room inside and out and you can adjust this thing ALOT. The only thing that I would have improved on and why I only have it 4 stars was the lack on organizational pockets or mesh inside the actual pockets. I thought that teh smaller one would have at least 2 or 3 in there but its noting. No big deal, the rig seems sturdy and well made with great stitching, material, and zippers. so far I have got 5 AR mags, 60 more rounds of 223, about 6 bottles of water and a molle water pouch with a 64 oz bottle, 4 pistol mags, medic kit, about 3 days of clothes, and some other survival essentials and it holds in all well and the straps and nice and padded so you can handle it all. Great product overall"
– yeacomeon77
3.0 5
"Positives: Great design and compartments, Roomy - Plenty of space, Good fabric, Waist belt and plenty of securing straps, Good Molle straps. Negatives: Not for heavy loads, Not mil-spec., Plastic strap buckles slip and do not hold straps in place, Made in China, Stitching needs improvement, only partial double stitching. Comments: The design is great and this could have been a fantastic pack but like everything made in China, construction is sloppy. The stitching on the boxed \uFFFDX\uFFFD pattern should be doubled up everywhere, instead they only doubled up one or two sides of the \uFFFDX\uFFFD pattern. I keep a needle and strong thread when hiking just in case something fails. The zippers are not YKK but are holding up well. The worst part are the plastic strap buckles which slip, the manufacturer should have used a buckle with teeth or tighter specs, doubling up the straps through the buckle works but will not work for a heavy load. The material and overall structure is better than the Oakley pack it replaces but definitely not mil-spec."
– Anthony
4.0 5
"This bag is a great size for a bugout or emergency bag. I keep my bag in the tool box of my truck (locked) for emergencies and whatnot. It has just enough pouches to organize what I need and the size is relatively compact. Additionally, I can mount a canteen pouch or whatever else on the sides. The zippers are pretty strong and the strapping is pretty well sewn in place. I have mine stuffed (to a reasonable carry weight) and it is holding up well. I dare say you won't find many competitors at this price point that are built and designed as well. Only reason I did not peg it at 5 bullets was because it is made in a foreign country."
– Donovan
5.0 5
"I can't believe there is a complaint about this bag, especially at this price.I purchased this for a Trunk Bag/BOB. The size is perfect for me (I'm 6' 3\" and just over 200 lbs.) It fits a lot of gear. If you're packing more for your 3 day trunk bag than this holds, I'd consider revising your gear list. Back in my recon days we'd laugh if anyone brought a bag this big for 5 days.The stitching seems fine. I'll be carrying it on my daily train commute to see how well it breaks in. The quality seems the same as nearly any other bag I own, short of my Eagle Creek (I traveled for a living for years, and I'm an avid camper/hiker. I own A LOT of bags.)The design is thoughtful with attention to detail. The waist strap can be removed and stored to minimize external straps. Plenty of adjustment and compression straps. The \"document\" pocket in the main compartment would store commo and allow the velcro ports to be utilized for those who are using this tactically.If you want a bag that works, try out this bag. If you want to impress people with how much you spent on your gear, keep looking. Equivalent bags start at twice this price."
– rphinson
1.0 5
"Words cannot describe my disappointment. I bought this bag a few months ago to make it my \"grab 'n' go\" bag. I filled it up with simple materials, making use of all the compartments, and then I stored it away. I picked it up for a drill and put it on for the first time to take a little walk outside and BOOM. One of the straps that go around my shoulder just broke off. I then realized this bag is made of very cheap and poor stitching. The day I received this bag, the side strap broke off, I forgot to mention. I was hoping that was the end of it. I now have to throw this bag away and replace it with something that can own up to its description. Very disappointed. It is passed 90 days, so I am not going to bother to ask for a return. Do Not buy if you are planning to use this in case of an emergency. This bag is only good for school or carrying baby supplies."
– Milli
5.0 5
"Bought this in December \uFFFD11 and primarily used thus far for college. I walk 2.5 miles from my apartment to campus four days a week and I carry an average of 20 pounds (mostly hardcover text books and my laptop). These are big books and fill the bag out completely. I\uFFFDve carried the bag 35 times already with this load at that distance since the semester started, so figure I can review it objectively at this point. I\uFFFDve also used it for a couple of weekend trips and it easily held my clothes, an extra pair of shoes, personal items, etc. The bag is still in excellent shape today. Not a single thread has popped and the bottom/sides of the bag are good as new, with no rips, despite having the corners of hardcover books jabbing into them all the time. In fact, there\uFFFDs no sign of any wear and tear at all. The shoulder straps are very comfortable and continue to hold the bag in place with no problems.Only negative I encountered was minor and easily fixed - the two male ends of the shoulder strap clips were installed incorrectly, so when I pulled the straps to tighten them, the straps just slid back again. It took me a grand total of 10 minutes to remove the clips and reinstall them correctly myself. Now they don\uFFFDt budge on their own, even after a 45 minute hike to campus. I can\uFFFDt comment on others\uFFFD experiences here, or comment on how the bag would hold up if I packed it with a heavier load than I\uFFFDm currently using, but I can state with confidence that it works excellently to haul 20 pounds with repeated use."
– Recneps
4.0 5
"This bag is a great bag. I can't stand people who always look at the bad side of things and try to find something wrong with everything so they can give it a bad review, nothiing is perfect. I got this bag to use for hunting,walking and a B.O.B. It is a great size and very well built. The only reason it did not recieve 5 bullets are for two reasons. One it is made in a foriegn country. Two the end of one strap was tore when I recieved the bag. After some cutting it was fine. Overall Great bag !!!!"
– ScoutSniper47
2.0 5
"I purchased this pack with the intent to use it as a B.O.B. I had just began a training course with the military to decided to use this pack to carry my gear, to wear it in and also to test it out. I have had nothing but problems with the stitching on this pack. The storage space is more than enough for a B.O.B and the design is great, very comfortable. My biggest suggestion if you have this bag or plan on purchasing this bag is that you always carry needles and Paracord (my choice in nylon repair per it's tensile strength and universal uses)."
1.0 5
"I wish I\uFFFDd never purchased this bag. What a waste of money! First of all, the zippers on all compartments cease to function if they are pulled too far to the sides of the pack. In other words, when the zippers are in their downward-most positions to accommodate larger items, they do not \uFFFDround the bend\uFFFD of the rectangular shape compartments without some serious effort. This bag would be AWFUL for the tactical situations that it is being marketed for! If you need anything in a hurry, forget about it! Secondly, all of the MOLLE loops are stitched irregularly. The ones in the middle of the pack are too wide, while the ones closest to the sides are so small the MOLLE straps/TacTies/Blackhawk straps will not pass through them. Worst of all, this bag cannot handle the stress of a moderate load and WILL fall apart on you! For a bag that is supposed to hold five days worth of gear, two of the seams (one where a buckle retention strap meets the bag and another between the main and lower secondary compartments) have already separated under a mere 35 pounds of weight. And that was prior to any real use. This bag has yet to see the outdoors, seriously! My advice: save your money and buy a pack with better zippers, quality controlled MOLLE straps, and an internal or (better yet) external frame that can truly support five days worth of kit without falling apart."
– AT3
5.0 5
"I bought this bag a week ago and have already put it through several days of use. When I got it, I took my time examining it, since a few reviews here complained about the zippers and stitching. Inspection found no defects. Then I packed it in my BOB equipment and supplies. At eighty pounds, I had no tears or stresses on any zipper, MOLLE buckle, or strap.Took it out over the weekend to hit the trails to work on my bushcraft. Minus the ammo and weapons, my bag is sixty pounds. Fair weather with some rain; bag interior was mostly dry (the zippers can let in some moisture where the two zips meet) after trekking an hour through light rain.Padding on the back and shoulder straps was fairly comfortable. The belt and chest strap were snug and kept the pack from moving around.Back support could be useful, depending on how you organize your gear and if you're using a water bladder. I pack the main compartment relatively flat along the back to help with support and ease of carry. If you opt not to use the bladder compartment, you could easily put an insert in to help with support and comfort.Overall, it's a good, rugged bag that can be put through the paces. What few MOLLE attachments I have are on straight and secure, and it has a ton of loadout options.Five bullets. Get this bag."
– Kevlar
4.0 5
"While not as large as advertised (main compartment is 18\" high inside, not 20\"), it's everything else I was expecting it to be. I bought it as a range bag, but it's rugged enough I'll use it for camping and traveling. As a range bag, I've really tested its limits; 400+ rounds of .45 ACP, ~300 rounds of .30-06, 500+ rounds of .22 LR (whoopee), sand bags, targets, eyes/ears for three, paperwork, and a cased 1911, all crammed into it. Load bearing system really works; I could have hiked with it, and I'm a couch potato. I've attached ammo cans, first aid kit, and water bottles to the MOLLE.Definitely glad I bought it."
– Strongbow
5.0 5
"Just got this bag and went on a 10 day 1200 mile trip. This bag worked great in the airport. I could fit a pair of shoes and about 4 days worth of clothes and some toiletries and paperwork. I like this bag because its strong sat upright on the ground so I could get into the top pocket easier and filled out nicely when packed full. As I would never use this bag for an \"assault bag\" it worked great for quick travel through security and in and out of cabs. You may want to by a smaller side bag as this one fills the storage compartement . This bag also looks quite nice in black."
– jonnyutah
5.0 5
"I bought this for my husband for Christmas. He works for the railroad and kept destroying bags. This has held up wonderfully. No rips or tears in the arm straps, or anywhere for that matter. Plus there are tons of pockets for all his stuff!"
– angel
5.0 5
"I bought this bag based on the need for a good, all around backpack that was budget friendly. Moving from traditional snow/skate style packs, I wanted something that was spacious, adaptable, and durable. The pack easily carried 8 days worth of clothes for the East Coast in winter, including a pair of boots. Everything is functioning and seems durable for the price range, shoulder straps aren't the most comfortable but are wide enough to distribute weight. Waist belt is removable, which is convenient if you don't need it at the time. All zippers seem to work just fine, despite comments by others. For the price, well worth it!"
– Mike
5.0 5
"I ordered this bag to use as a B-O-B. I ordered it on 12/30 and received it 1/3, so a turn-around of 4 days, including New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Service was great, even during this mad rush that the potential new gun ban has placed on CTD. Thanks, CTD. My initial impression of the bag upon taking it out of the shipping box was that it appeared smaller than I had anticipated, but the construction of the bag seems very sturdy, and all of the zippers function properly. I purchased this bag after reading all of the reviews on here and I have to say that I seem to have gotten a real good bag. Definitely better construction than the bag it replaced, which was off the shelf from some outdoor sporting goods store. As I have the bag currently, it weighs 33.4 lbs fully loaded, and the back straps, back padding, and waist straps are all comfortable. I am a big guy (6'1\", 265 lbs) and solid, and I had to adjust the straps to get a good and tight (but not too tight) fit, but it rides real well now. I have the following inside this bag: toiletries and personal hygiene items, fire starting materials, large custom fishing tackle kit w/1600 yds of line, large custom first aid kit, a brick of .22 LR ammo, 2-D cell Mag-Lite, small LED flashlight, 40 ounces of water, compass, mason's twine, gun cleaning kit, LifeStraw, Carhartt Heavy hooded sweatshirt, spare undies and socks, watch cap, two Ace bandages, electrical tape, 9\" Klein line pliers, 7\" Klein dikes, four 10 round aftermarket 10/22 mags, Gerber multipliers, Gerber fixed blade knife, folding razor knife, Gerber folding knife, sharpening stone and honing oil, and a few other odds and ends. Attached to the pack is the following: a Kestrel anemometer/weather meter in a case with spare batteries for it and the Mag-Lite, a 12 shotshell holder with twelve 2-3/4\" 00 Buckshot shells, a Motorola HT750 2-way radio in a padded case with shoulder mic, another small LED flashlight, three steel 7,000 capacity locking carabiners,."
– Grizzlybear066
4.0 5
"I ordered this with the intent of using it for a B.O.B. but i got it a day before I went and did my monthly drill for the National Guard so i used it to pack all my clothes in. i fit 2 sets of ACU's , 4 shirts , a 4 pack of boxers and a 8 pack of socks and a cold weather parka all in the main pouch leaving the outside pockets to be free for other stuff. i was suprised just how light it was even packed full it weighted less than my issued assault pack would have weighed. thinking of buying another just for this reason as i am up for a possible deployment this coming year"
– Aaron
5.0 5
"Bought for a bug out. But ended up using it at work. Had 70 pounds of equipment stuffed inside of it, rock anchors, 24 inch bolts, core drill bits, epoxy tubes, and rope/wire etc. And on top of that a 2.5 gallon gas can on the two side straps, and on the other side power cords on both straps. Heavy duty cords. No rips, breaks or freys. All zippers still work. All straps still holding. Best of all very comfortable! Definitely worth the money. You could not find a better deal!"
– Boone
3.0 5
"Bag is way smaller than expected. Nice but I don't see it holding 5 days worth of supplies"
– Cruss24