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Drager M65 Gas Mask New Unissued Mask Includes Hard Case And New NATO 40mm Filter

Draeger Mask
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Drager M65 gas mask, filter, and hard carry case straight from the Bundeswehr. Each mask is brand new, unissued and includes a new, sealed 40mm NBC filter all enclosed in a hard plastic carrying case with fully adjustable shoulder strap. A fully adjustable, five-point rubber head harness is attached to each mask ensuring a snug and airtight fit on the face while maximizing comfort to the wearer.

Manufactured by renowned German gas mask producer Drager, these masks are being sold at a slight fraction of the original cost of production.

Carry case color may vary between grey and black. Masks and filters are new, unissued, but carry cases will show normal signs of shelf wear.

Gas masks and filters have expiration dates. We sell masks and filters as military collectables only; use of a surplus mask or filter is at your own risk.

Click here to learn more about gas masks.

Total number of Reviews: 28

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4.0 5
"I got 2 of these, 1 was size 3 Large, 1 was size 2 Medium. Average person can wear either. If you know how to use a gas mask properly, these are the best you can get for a new surplus mask. The filters I got were sealed gold thread, leading me to believe they are for NBC. Carry cases had instructions removed, but that would be in German anyway, unless you can read German. Recommend for CS/crowd-control agents only."
– SuperDave
4.0 5
"I ordered 2 of these Drager gas masks. They arrived. Very nice shape. I opened the first one. All good. The 2nd one had a used filter. Safty seals were gone. I called about it. But I didn't want to send the whole mask back. The cost would be more then a filter. So I kept it. Over all that was the only problem. They are in new shape. Just make sure to order extra filters."
– Steve
5.0 5
"This is a good mask. Like new. Mine came with a sealed filter, both in original hard plastic sealed carry case (about the size of a loaf of bread). It had been issued to Klinkhammer, his label was still on the case. Seals well to face, and easy to see out of. Buy extra filters. Good shot CTD!"
– hbdad
2.0 5
"I bought two of these. One looked great, very clean, even the carry case was clean. The other, couldn't have been worse, the carry case both inside and out and the mask were covered in some kind of white slimy dust that will not totally come off. I've been burned a couple of times buying military surplus on CTD. There are some great deals here but from now I think I'm gonna stick to new stuff and buy my mil surplus locally where I can inspect it first. Bought a \"new\" flyers bag too and damn thing smells like someone puked in it."
– hypercussion
4.0 5
"Just got this baby today. Ordered oct. 29th 20013, took about 4 days without including the weekend. Mask and case were in good shape, just they were dirty and had some wear in tear. Plan on getting a newer mask in case we ever have to deal with NBC(hope we never do). Good to mess around with or get use to masks."
– Vookem
5.0 5
"Gas Mask along with the rest of my order arrived promptly. It fits and seals to my face without any issues. Came with a filter tied with gold thread. Both mask and filter had scuff marks, but nothing that would compromise functionality."
– Xerxes
4.0 5
"Condition was unissued. it was in great shape. the only reason the I gave it 4 out of 5 is the rubber straps that tighten it to your head were very difficult to loosen and adjust. its not going anywhere once you get it right though."
– slr010s
4.0 5
"nice clean unused good fitting mask just no tinted lense caps. worth every penny."
– BT1
4.0 5
"Everything in good shape great for the price"
– woot
5.0 5
"This is a nice piece for my gas mask collection. It is definitely the weirdest smelling gas mask I've ever handled, but that's something us military surplus collectors are used to. Looks pretty much new."
– Pazuzu
5.0 5
"I ordered two of these, I was thinking that if they were not real great I had not lost much money on them. I was very happy with them when they arrived in good shape, the straps are a little difficult to deal with but once they are adjusted you should never have to move them again. they fit fine and have a good seal, they are a little more restrictive as far as drawing air than others I have used but a great buy for the money."
– Dave
5.0 5
"The mask and pack of 3 new filters arrived in less than 5 days. Looks perfect. Packed with foam inside to retain shape and tissue paper to protect lenses. Mask, case and filters all clean and excellent condition."
– Dar from SD
4.0 5
"Mask was in excellent condition. carrier was tight and sealed well. The mask WAS new and never issued, but 20 YEARS OLD. I checked with NBC sergeant, he said the older filter, while sealed may have weaker charcoal media. Mask is still effective in most cases, except nerve agents."
– Mark
5.0 5
"Ordered 2 masks for my prep kit, They arrived promptly. Both were in new condition and the filters were sealed. Carry cases were in good shape also. Anyone that has used masks before know that these will function fine."
– Joe
5.0 5
"Bought 5 of these total, all had the white substance in and out of the cases but they don't look as though they were ever worn. I wouldn't trust the filters that come with it thought. Some had blue strings, and some gold. I have all three different sizes and it turns out that size 1 (the smallest) will fit my four year old, lets just hope he never has to wear it. If you're thinking about getting masks and don't have a lot to spend get these. Just be sure to get some new filters. Also these are not one of the many surplus gas masks to be listed on the DHS website as being useless and obsolete, such as the OM-10 one with the cheek filters they sell here."
– EatMorePelosi
4.0 5
"Container had rusted components, and mask looked dirty. All this can be taken care of. For the price should not expect more."
– Frank
5.0 5
"Masks were clean and in good shape. All equipment was obviously stored for some time but no dry rot or issues. All masks seal well. Filters were sealed and in date. Only down side is carrying case. It is a hard case and is cumbersome. Will probably move to a canvas case for ease of carry."
– Jeff
5.0 5
"I just read a few reviews that others have wrote... Yes they are indeed NBC Filters but prior to '91 NBC filters contained Hexavalent Chromium which has been found to cause Lung Cancer and a whole boat load of other health problems.. Now with how old those filters are the seals inside could be compromised and you might get a lung full of CR6+.This mask will accept NEW Production filters with the standard NATO 40mm thread. Also the mask itself is permeated by modern chemical warfare agents within minutes meaning the gas will pass directly through the rubber and into your skin. New masks are made of specially blended materials that are more resistant. This mask may be effective against Volcanic ashes, Nuclear Ashes, Biological, (Tear Gas - Which is actually a cloud of fine crystals not gas like the name would suggest)Basically it will function as a HEPA Filter but is not effective against Gas and the included filter should be for collectable only! Besides, unless you have a several thousand dollar gas detection device to know when to put on the mask and a chemical suit to go along with it and the drugs you must inject yourself with prior to putting it on and a place to go that is air filtered to decontaminate you wouldn't survive a chemical warfare attack anyways most of the chemical agents will kill you if it even comes in contact with your skin."
– MountainGamer
4.0 5
"Mine came in great condition, and I really have no complaints. However, the straps are not quickly adjustable. They take some time to unlock and get them where you want."
– Justin
4.0 5
"Ordered two of these. One was indeed brandnew. It was still sealed in the plastic bag inside the container. Even had the styrofoam protector on the inside. The other one... Well. It certainly wasn't new. Not badly worn and worth the money. But not \"New Unissued\" as advertised.Both filters were new and sealed."
– Todd
2.0 5
"I have had pretty good luck with items from CTD but this item was highly disapointing. It said it would be in new unissued condition. This was obviously not the case. The container had a name engraved on it, there was a gum wrapper with chewed gum in the documentation and the filter which was supposed to be a new, sealed filter was obviously used."
5.0 5
"Got this item two days after ordered. I was amazed at the speed of shipping. This item fits and has easy adjust straps. Has a good range of view with the way the eye ports are made. I tested the seals and all seem to work fine. The container or case has enough room to store one canister. I ordered three extra as well and all seem to be the right size. A good gas mask for civilian use and is worth the money. No we won't ever have to use one but in the off chance, this mask does the job."
– buschchris1
3.0 5
"I purchased three of these masks, understanding that they may have expired canisters and some storage dust. Two canisters had something that resembled bird droppings. One mask had the tell-tale white film that normally occurs when rubber items are stored in an area for a long time. My concern now is dry-rot. I got what I paid for. They were cheap and I expected the quality to be comparable. I jut thought they would be a bit cleaner. I've never had CTD send me \"dirty\" items before. This is the first and, hopefully, only time."
4.0 5
"One in great shape the other had the white residue on it still cheaper than the other guys + the hard case."
– tybones
5.0 5
"I've bought other M17, type mask that were nice, actually great for the money, but this thing was like it just came from the factory. I also like the fact that you can buy new filters for it. Stock up!"
– Hubert
5.0 5
"Arrived two days earlier than I or was calculated by UPS first of all, with no special request, just ground UPS 3-5 (3 days to be exact). Scuffed, yes but perfectly capable of doing the job you intended on buying the mask for. Collector or doom prepper no BS its a good mask."
– Matthew
3.0 5
"I ordered two of these. Shipping was fast, as usual. Both of the masks fit and function as intended. BUT, both filters were stamped with \"73\"... as in manufactured in 1973? I threw both filters away and purchased new-stock filters, as these ones being that far out of date won't filter much of anything and can actually be chromium toxic depending on model/manufacturer."
– Mike
5.0 5
"Very nice piece - came in a very nice canister, seals very well. The filter and mask are indeed unused, tagged and tied. Very clean and well worth it."
– Redemption