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Delta Force Tactical Xenon Flashlight Black Warranty

PowerTech Inc.
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Specifications and features:
Delta Force tactical flashlight
Xenon bulb
93 lumens output
Lock-out switch
Double O-ring sealed
Shatterproof & scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens
Corrosion-resistant case
T6-6063 aerospace-titanium aluminum
Fire-, water- & chemical-resistant
Uses 2 3V lithium batteries
Stamped with Smith & Wesson logo
6" long
1.25" diameter
4 oz.
Includes deluxe holster w/keychain & spare xenon bulb
Lifetime warranty

For warranty issues, contact 901-850-9393 or powertechsales@powertechinc.com

The Delta Force tactical flashlight has a powerful xenon bulb for 93 lumens of bright white light and provides up to two hours of run time. The Delta Force tactical light is fire, water, and chemical resistant, making the light perfect for fire and rescue, law enforcement, hunting, camping, and in an industrial environment. 
Total number of Reviews: 24

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5.0 5
"I just purchased this flashlight last week, and took it along on a weekend trip to Stanislaus National Forest. I was very pleased. It produces a bright, focused beam, the controls are easy to use, and it has a nice heft in the hand. The holster can be taken on or off without removing the belt. I highly recommend it."
– Geeareess
5.0 5
"Ordered this as a tactical light for mounting on the AR-15 rifle I use at work. Very pleased with it. We compared it against a Surefire 6P and found features and performance to be nearly identical. Well made and finshed. Well worth the money."
– McPig
5.0 5
"The tail cap on this light is NOT functionally interchangeable with the Surefire 6P, so pigtail extension switches for the 6P will not work with the Delta Force. We tried to swap a 6P and a Delta Force tailcap at work and while they will physically interchange (size and threading) there are differences with the internals that stop them from working. Not a biggie, but thought you might like to know. And to their credit CTD tech support also confirmed this and give a very prompt response when I asked."
– McPig
4.0 5
"A very nice light for the price. A little disappointed that it doesn't have a lock on mechanism (it would be more useful if you could just push the button and the light would stay on without having to turn anything). The lock out mechanism is nice (again, just wish it had a push button lock on), and it is lightweight and very bright. I carry it on duty and have had no problems with it. Overall I'm very pleased and think it well worth the price. I like it so well that I bought one for my girlfriend to carry in her purse If if there were a 4 1/2 bullets option I would have it rated it so."
– JL
4.0 5
"Just got in this week, and mounted it on my ar-15. It lines right up perfict with my thumb in the mount. I only wish they had made a pressure switch for it. I searched on line, and found nothing compatable. No biggie though if you have a foregrip mounted all you have to do is press the tail cap with your thumb. The light is as bright as any 100- 300 $ light I have ever seen. The 6p lasts for one hour where the delta last 1 1/2 hour give or take. Outstanding light for the price. Im going to buy another one asap."
– g-man 556
4.0 5
"another bargain from ctd,works flawless handles like a champ,only minor drawback is that you can change the ligth from wide to spot but for the price is superb,im ordering another for my duty rifle-on the time beeing i have allready used to stunt a couple of inmates with its powerfull beam,seriously go ahead and order it you wont regret-zombie18d"
– zombie18delta
5.0 5
"Best light ever you have to buy it. It has the brightist beam ever, dont waist your money on one of thoes 60$ lights when you can buy this great product."
– RockinRyder
5.0 5
"I bought this light in combination with the FAB LTD T grip vertical grip with built in light holder/activator. I have kind of a thing for bright flashlights and have always been one-upping my own light with the brightest ones I can find, I have about a dozen LED flashlights from superbright single to 6 bulb etc. Always trying to get more lumens, I don't care about battery life lol. This is the brightest flashlight I have ever bought under a million candlepower. it's nice because it has an ultra bright center and also is accompanied by a nice bright flood effect. It fits my foregrip socket perfectly. It looks like it will last a good long time and feels quality. certainly I recommend this light for any gun."
– Mark
4.0 5
"I bought this flashlight a couple months ago and its freakin awesome!iv dropped it plenty of times there are scatches and a couple dents in it but it stiil works like a champ.the only time it let me down was when i needed light and i put it on the side of the bed of a truck and it fell off and thats like a 4 foot drop, the light quit and i got mad but relized the light bulb broke so i changed it and then it fired right up again. this light is a must buy item"
– Blaine
5.0 5
"this is the best light for the price the tube is bigger than 1\" so if you are thinking of using it with the 1\"light holder for rail system it won't fit . i use this a lot at work . it has never failed me yet ."
– medic
5.0 5
"I have one of these lights on my Mossberg M500A 12G and on my Bushmaster AR-15, both are awesome lights, very bright, never had any issues. Ive never shot either of the weapons with the light turned on to test the shock factor but im sure itll be fine. I plan on ordering a couple more of these in the near future.."
– King Kron
5.0 5
"What a great light! I own a $105 Streamlight TLR-1 I bought from C.T.D. The TLR-1 is an awesome weapon light with an integrated mount and pivot switch designed for use on a firearm. The Delta Force is equally as bright, (but with a more yellow light than the TLR-1's blue-white LED). The switch options on the Delta are more suited for use as a hand-held light, although it has weapon-mount potential. The quality is in the details. The nylon holster is not just ballistic nylon \"cloth\", it's actually padded to protect the Xenon lamp if dropped. It has a side pocket for 2 replacement lithium cells as well as a waterproof machined aluminum screw-down \"capsule\" which dangles from a lanyard loop on the side of the holster which holds an extra bulb (included). There are NO plastic parts, inside or out. Every piece is either machined aluminum or steel. Brightness is awesome, with a tight well-defined spot and a very wide \"halo\" of diffused floodlight that fills a pitch black room, even at short distances. Better than advertised and highly recommended! At under $30 with \"Energizer\" brand batteries, a spare bulb in a smash-prooof machined capsule, a padded holster with a spare cell pouch, and rock-solid waterproof construction, this is a no-brainer! Buy one now!!!"
– Rob S.
4.0 5
"I was a little concerned about buying this light! After reading all the reviews I thought I would give it a chance. Darn glad I did I'am a security guard and work the night shift and have had MANY MANY flashlights from rechargable mag light ($100)got heavy around month 5, To ($2) light from the dollar store. Well I know reviews can make you unsure about what too and what not too buy. But I can tell you this is the best buy I have made for a flashlight. The belt case is top notch. It has a small metal tube that stores your extra bulb (included)that hangs on the side. And a velcro pocket that holds 2 extra batt.on the other side.It also has two belt loops a snap and a sewn on loop I use both, It acts as a belt keeper on my duty belt. The strengh of the light is OUTSTANDING, And the barrel is made of aluminum. A VERY TOP NOTCH LIGHT and worth every penny. The only draw back is the tail end on/off switch. Twist the end cap tight and the light stays on. Loosen it a couple of turns and you can use the push button for on/off. But to keep it on you must tighten the end cap down. No Biggie tho, I keep mine backed off about 4 turns and twist in down tight when I need it.I will be buying 2 or 3 more for the car-fishing kit-first aid kit. So NEED a GREAT LIGHT here It is and at A CHEAPER THAN DIRT PRICE....hope this helps...."
– Thunder Lizard
5.0 5
"I've needed a good work light for awhile; I've had expensive Streamlights, SureFires, and none of them compare to this light. It's brighter than any of the others I've had and seems much more solidly built. I will be ordering another one for home use."
– Gary
5.0 5
"Wow this is a great flashlight I do security with a 4-man team in an apartment complex I go in a lot of vacant apartments this flashlight lights up the whole area im in. I love this light"
– Man
5.0 5
"This light is one of the best deals that I have come across in a while. The case it comes with has room for backup bateries as well as the spare bulb case (metal). The light itself is surprisingly brighter than my surefire and seems to be well constructed too. No complaints on my end. FIVE STARS!"
– shotgundan
5.0 5
"Just got it. Bright. Very solid construction. I just wish there was an on/off button...not just a \"screw\" on. I love the way it looks!!"
– Damien
5.0 5
"Received my order today and this little light impressed me the most. The fit & finish is a 10 and the Energizer lithium 3V batteries are great too! Tested out in the yard where it easily reached out 50+ yards with little fade and will certainly illuminate a 20' X 15' room."
– N
5.0 5
"This is a mighty fine little light for this price. It's lightweight, solid and bright enough to warp paint. I've mounted this on my DPMS in a CAA flashlight grip adapter and it works fantastically. For the money, I can't recommend this little honey enough."
– LaJarius
5.0 5
"I am very impressed with this little light. It is Very well built, the knurled hand grip is great and this thing is VERY BRIGHT! I put it up again my big 3D flashlight and it was just as bright! I threw it in 4ft of water with no problem. It fell out of my pocket getting out of my truck and suffered none the worse. This is VERY TOUGH! My girlfriend is sick of my using it every excuse I get! I will be ordering another for my girlfriend, and one for weapon mount! A MUST HAVE!"
– Bright Choice
5.0 5
"This light is an incredible deal. I almost bought a similar surefire (at 4 times the price), but decided to give this baby a chance. I am extremely pleased with my purchase and it is just as good if not better than my buddies Surefire. I mounted it on my S&W M&P15, and liked it so much that I bought another one to keep in my truck. Don't waste your money on something 4-5 times the price, because this little tactical light is just as good, if not better."
– Bammer Slammer
5.0 5
"I'm on a tight budget and needed an LED for my AR 15's foregrip. This one worked absolutely perfect! Tough and powerful light for the $$$!"
– ladycop64
5.0 5
"This light works very well. It is bright and quite sturdy.It does eat batteries pretty fast with a 90 minute run time, but all these types of lights do.I'm happy with it, and I use it often."
– Just A Regular Guy
4.0 5
"I have had this light for years. My only complaint is it is hard on batteries, but other than that, it is sturdy and plenty bright. I am happy with it."
– kk