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Crosman Pulse R71 Electronic Semi/Full Auto Soft Air Rifle SAPR71

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The Crosman Pulse R71 Soft Air Rifle is the assault rifle that puts you at the top of your game. It offers semi auto and full auto modes fed by a 400 round hopper that looks like a scope. It also features a tri rail mounting system to facilitate your favorite accessories.
Specifications and Features:
Semi and full auto modes
Up to 200 feet per second
Shoots 6 millimeter plastic BBs
Adjustable hop up
Adjustable stock
Removable compensator
Tri rail mounting system
400 round hopper
Post front and see through rear sights
Lever safety
Includes rechargeable NiMH battery and UL charger
4.2 pounds
Total number of Reviews: 20

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5.0 5
"This air-soft gun can empty its ammo feed in a bolt on full-auto or get good accuracy in semi-auto. Shoot as fast as you pull the trigger."
5.0 5
"This is the best gun I ever had. But I do not believe it has 600 rounds. I do think you will like this gun."
4.0 5
"I own this gun and it is the best that i have had but the battery runs out of juice fast aside from that it is a pretty good gun...... FYI it only hols 500 rounds."
5.0 5
"awsome gun it rocks u should get it"
5.0 5
"it is a very very good gun.Buy it now"
4.0 5
"For the money this is a good gun. Fires smooth/ shoots about 15 yards away. Very happy with this purchase. Like the way it feels."
4.0 5
"this is probobly hte fastest shooting gun i own. but it dont hit verry harb. but still probobly the best gun i own"
5.0 5
"This is a good gun is very acurate shoots better w/o stock and silencer and it is the fastest gun i have and it HURTS!!!!! ALOT"
5.0 5
"THis is an all around excellent gun but the 1 major drawback from this being the best gun in my collection is the baterries that run out of juice friggin quick.you can have about a three hour war but hen it needs to be recharged/ but i do reccomend it for more expierienced players on a cheap budget.THankyou"
4.0 5
"love it cant believe that this gun is this cheap.... a must get.... oh and it holds 600 bb mine came with 650 rounds and that nearly emptied it"
1.0 5
"When I first got the gun I said to my self \"nice! It'll go great with my other guns.\" Well I was VERY WRONG!! I had it for no more than 3 days. I was out side, and I swiched from semi to full. A horrible noise hapened and a puff of smoke rose from it! THIS GUN IS A CHEAP PEICE OF C_R_A_P!!!!"
3.0 5
"its okay broke after 3 months of use the moter burnt out but suprisingly it lasted longer than inspected i recomend it to first time gunners"
1.0 5
"Crosman is a company made most reputable by their high quality .177mm airguns. Their soft air products leave quite a bit to be desired, however. Most notably so are their automatic-electrics. Crosman's \"Pulse\"-series rifles use a hopper-feed system which is unreliable, experiencing countless stoppages during gameplay. Their FPS rate is also far lower than is acceptable.Crosman's idea of airsoft is as how they put it, \"total backyard domination\". Airsoft is not a backyard sport, as a matter of fact it should never be IN your backyard to begin with. That's how people and animals get hurt and property gets damaged, further demonizing the sport in the eyes of lawmakers and soccermoms."
1.0 5
"This gun is such a piece of crud. Its hop up (i dont even know if it has hop up or not, i think its just junk) is stuck on and the bbs go about 10 feet out of they barrel and they just go straight up. I have a DPMS Panther Arms M4 (which i got at gander mouintain for 100$ RIP OFF) and i totaly own. Over all this gun is junk. Its skips shoots, its really inacurate, the battery is junk, and you cant even get anyone with it. I ran straight up the airsoft field firing away at everyone and i was like 10 feet away from some kid and it didnt even hit him. This gun sucks!"
5.0 5
"this nice piece of art is tha fastest airsot rifle I have ever owned, and the way it shoots if like a real semi-rifle. I reccomend it to tha beginers, and you have to get this rifle..."
4.0 5
"Got this gun and my only complaint is the package was hard to open, excellent gun holds more pellets than the description says took 750. Very easy charge, very good aim love it!"
1.0 5
"Ok first off, Crosman has very good pellet and bb guns. When it comes to airsoft, they are lacking in some very obvious areas. Hopper systems work for paintball, not so much for airsoft. It generates feed jams, missfeeds, and double feeds. The wiring is horid and the plastic gearing is worthless. Don't wast the money on this. If you want a decent electric at a decent price, look to the Umerex mp5 or mp7."
5.0 5
"This is a very good gun. It has a fast firing rate, and holds a lot of pellets. It sometimes jams on semi, but switching to full auto solves this problem. The only real problem is that there are no sights. Overall great gun!"
1.0 5
"This gun is fun for about 2 days. After that, the spring wont go back and most electric airsofts have this common flaw."
2.0 5
"Ok to start off this gun is only good if your a beginner, and you don't want to be stuck with a spring gun.... The gun has an ok fire rate, but when I went to use it in a battle, it was just point and shoot. This gun would be better off with a real clip, and not a hopper.... Also the battery takes FOREVER to charge, and you only get a few hours of playing (about 4 hours on Semi, about 1 1/2 hours on full-auto). The gun also has LOW fps, only about 200 on a full battery using semi-auto."