Crooked Horn Outfitters Trail Light White LED Clip On CR2032 Battery Plastic Green

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Specifications and Features:
Takes two CR2032 Battery
Clip on clip
Dual Rotating White LEDs with pivoting neck broadcast the light in two directions independently
2 Way Switch
Speed loader battery trays
Anti-Glare Shield
Horizontal Clip
Lock-On Hunged Door

In a list of the five most used products for hunting and camping, flashlights/head lamps rank near the top. But, they have their own common set of problems. Being able to negotiate rugged terrain can be difficult in the dark; with traditional flashlights or head lamps the light moves with your head or hand causing dead spots that could result in injury. Youre not hands free with a flashlight and a head lamp squeezes your head unnecessarily and often blinds people around you. The Trail Lights anti-glare shield and the multi-directional, pivoting bulbs illuminate 180 degrees around you, broadcasting the light in front of you, down away from your eyes, protecting your night vision, depth perception as well as peripheral vision so that you can focus on the obstacles in your path.

The new Backpack Trail Light is stabilized by your bodys torso, and whether you place it on your backpack shoulder strap, your Bino-system or clip it into your shirt pocket you have a hands-free, lightweight, and convenient light at the ready 24/7. Whether youre hiking the back country trails, fishing, camping, setting up camp, or just reading a book in your tent, the Trail Light is perfect for every outdoorsman and family members.

The Trail Light has an extra-firm on/off switch that wont turn on until youre ready to turn it on! Flashlights and head lamps have sensitive switches that can accidently get turned on inside your packs, resulting in dead batteries for  any further use. Since Crooked Horn is always watching out for the consumer we created a quick-change battery tray that allows you to change batteries with the flick of your fingernail! No more digging to the bottom of your backpack looking for extra batteries and trying to install them in the dark!

Did you know 77% of hunters hunt from a tree stand...33% of all tree stand accidents happen while climbing in the dark. When wearing a headlamp you have to move your head down to see your feet, blocking your view of what could be right in front of you and handheld lights are hard to hold steady when youre on the move. Not true with the new Trail Light. Its Multi-directional lights allow you to see your hands and your feet while climbing, allowing you to climb to your stand in safety.