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Cot US Style Heavy 25x77x18" with Nylon Storage Bag

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This US Military Style cot was designed to hold up to 500 pounds and measures 25x77x18" when set up. It's easy to assemble, made of lightweight, rugged aluminum and has a strong and proven design. This cot weighs 17 pounds, measures a compact 38"x5x7" and is packed in a nylon storage bag.

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5.0 5
"This is a strong cot that is really tight and strong, folds up to small package and was great for our Boy Scout Camp. After ten days we still were comfortable."
– Michael
4.0 5
"Although a little difficult to assemble on the first try, this is a tight, sturdy cot. It is far superior to ANY commercial camping cot I have ever used. This piece of equipment is well worth the investment."
– Ken Kitchens
3.0 5
"I bought two of these cots. As another reviewer said, they are difficult to put together the first time, but once you learn the trick to it, they are easy. The trick is to position the end piece so the end piece holes that are closest together and without the rubber inserts are the ones that mate with the side rails of the cot. Then use the extra end piece to pry the end piece just onto the side rails without trying to get the pegs into the holes. (The cot isn't flat enough at this point.) Once you get the end piece pried onto the side rails, put your weight on the side rails to spread them apart and the pegs on the side rails will snap into the holes on the end pieces. If I have any complaint at all about these cots, it is the fact that there are six legs that touch the ground, and the center legs are longer than the end legs. Thus, on perfectly level ground, the center of the cot humps up so both your head and your feet are lower than the center. But usually the ground is so uneven when camping that either the problem is compensated for or you can find a couple of rocks to put under one end set of legs or the other. In any event these are robust, sturdy cots and much lighter in weight than the old wooden army cots -- or maybe not; I was a kid the last time I hefted a wooden cot."
– Don
4.0 5
"These cots are very good for camping or for when you need an extra bed around the house for guests. they are very tricky to set up if you dont kno what you are doing, but thanks to the advice that don put up, I was able to get the cot setup properly. Other that the fact of them being tricky to set up, they are actually pretty durable. I am thinking about buying a few more when i get the chance."
– Jason
4.0 5
"While I wouldn't lug this cot on a backpacking trip, it's perfect for car camping or unexpected guests. I spent a lot of time on Army and retail cots, and this seems to be put together as well or better. It was a bit tight putting together initially, but it just takes a bit little muscle. It's a good size, sturdy, comes with a case and is very reasonably priced. It would be hard to beat this deal."
– TP from CA
5.0 5
"Cot is easy to unfold and put together. Very well constructed and holds more weight than cots costing twice as much. A definite great buy!"
– CTD Customer
5.0 5
"Okay, so the first time I put this cot together, I pretty much ended up crushing my fingers. Then, I read the helpful hints folks gave in their reviews, and I found it a piece of cake after that. This cot is extremely durable and comfortable. It outperforms any other cot I have used while camping. There is no question of its sturdiness and ability to stand up to rugged conditions. At the CTD price and quality, it beats any commercial store offers hands down."
– Chase
4.0 5
"I belong to TSG, this cot will help during deployment, light weight and sturdy. Reading previous reviews helped with assembly. Well worth the cost."
– MFarley
5.0 5
"OK, got my new cot today and love it. Only a few things that I might recommend if you really want to make it last forever. 1. Use some emery cloth and sand down the sharp edges of the stamped out holes on the end pieces. When putting it together I found that the hole's edge tends to shave off some of side rail's plastic ball that it mates to. The smoother hole edge makes the cot easier to assemble too. 2. Get some thread locking compound and thread lock the nuts of the 8 hinges that use screws. When I opened the cot up for the first time I found one of the nuts rolling around in the bag. Wouldn't want to drop a nut while assembling this cot in the field! On another note, one person mentioned here that when he assembled his cot it was higher in the middle. My cot is perfectly flat so I don't know what that was about. Also I like the steel on steel hinges on the three legs. Some cots use the aluminum leg as part of the hinge which tends to fail. This is a great cot for the price, Cabela's wants a lot more money for something that looks just like it. I am going to get 2 more of these so each of my daughters have one for when we go camping again!"
– NealArt
5.0 5
"It is all in the know how. Love the cot. If you are having a hard time putting it together go to \"you tube\". type in how to assemble an army style camping cot. The man uses a thick dowel approximately 12 inches long as a lever. It makes the job very easy, even I a woman could do it easily."
– L Martin
4.0 5
"Well, I must say that this cot really does the job if you are concerned as to whether it will hold your weight. Being a woman, I found it very difficult to put the last end piece on. Don, thanks for you advice. It was helpful, however, I found that it took brut force, that I did not seem to have. My daughter and I finally got it in place. It would help if directions were sent with it, even though I never read them, I just knew I had to be doing something wrong. But, looking at the picture above, it is put together right. I've just decided that when, I'm camping with my pathfinder group, I'll just ask one of the men to put it together for me."
– L Martin
5.0 5
"Easy assembly without tools.1. Unfold cot and put on one end-bar.2. Put on other end-bar and insert one knob into one end hole3. Use that end-bar to pry out the slack from the canvas.4. Rest free end of end bar on the diagonal crosspiece near the end that has the knob.5. Turn cot upright and stand on the free end of the end bar.6. Push on cot and move knob into the hole.7. Go to sleep."
– HP
1.0 5
"Received it in the mail today and set it up almost immediately. It went together pretty much like any other military cot I have used. However, when I took it apart to put it away, I noticed that three out of the four pegs had crushed back into the tubes, and the last one was showing stress marks, so it was probably on its way as well. The actual military cots have these pegs made from aluminum so they are much stronger. In any event, this cot will be on it's way back to CTD tomorrow."
– Sad guy
4.0 5
"This cot is very similar to the real deal cots I recently saw in the local surplus store for $130.00. They were new, un-issued with NSN Tags, and the only apparent difference I saw was the nylon the real deal cot was made of seems a tad thicker. It didn't squeak when you sat down on it like this cot does, but a little baby powder down the length of the side rails under the fabric should take care of that. The nylon this cot is made of seems thinner, but holds my son, daughter and I (Nearly 400 lbs. total) with ease. I compared the frame of this cot to the frame of the \"Real\" G.I. cots, and the only real difference I can find are the bolts and nuts seem to be smaller (probably metric) on this cot. All in all, I feel this cot is worth 60 dollars to get a good night's sleep in the field."
5.0 5
"This is in great condition, and looks to be as sturdy as the military version. Everything that was supposed to came with it. I couldn't ask for more."
– Josh
5.0 5
"Bought this cot last fall. I have been using this cot daily as I do not have a bed. It's awesome. I'm a big guy and it's held up great. Not hard to put together very easy to pack. I love this cot. Much better than the air mattress that I had before."
– oldmanriver
4.0 5
"Just got mine in the mail today. Shipping was extra fast. I put it together with the same issues as others here and I noticed that 3 of the nuts that hold the cot together where it folds were missing. 2 were missing on the middle hinge and one on the end. I took it apart and heard something rattling around. Lo and behold two of the nuts were in the leg. I shook the heck out of the thing looking for the last nut but it is MIA. I will go to the hardware store and get a replacement but I did call CTD and they offered me a $5 refund for my trouble. Pretty stand up if you ask me. Hopefully they will yell at the vendor as this seems like someone in a hurry, not able to finish putting the thing together and sliding the nuts in a leg for me to find and finish."
– Yankeetown
1.0 5
"This is too noisey and some bolts and nuts are missing. I am not happy with the cot."
– john
3.0 5
"Well my review for this is mixed. First thing I noticed is its really, really hard to get assembled. I did, but still, I ended up bending some things cause I used too much force. However after that it worked fine. Really comfortable, actually. But then after a few weeks, it got a tear in the fabric, now I have still been using it and it hasn't gotten any worse... so I am just hoping it doesn't break. Regardless, for the price, three of four months of use out of it isn't SO bad. And the person who uses this is about 200 pounds, nowhere near the 500 limit, and it ripped from that. So I am skeptical about the 500 pound thing... Well I do wish this had been easier to assemble, and a bit more sturdy and durable. But it works, and for the price, I couldn't have found anything better."
– Coviekiller5
3.0 5
"At first impression it looked like a good buy. After 2 weeks of having a 400lb guy sleeping on it, it looked about ready to commit suicide. It completely collapsed on one side. The hinge folded like a piece of wet paper. It is NOT capable of holding 500 lbs. It could probably hold my 90lb sister (she's 30) but not a big guy like me. And I didn't even sit down all that hard."
– br44
4.0 5
"I purchased this cot almost 2 yrs ago and have used it quite a bit. It was a pain to assemble at first, but it gets easier over time. Using a thick blanket or thick cover as a cushion is a good idea. I have no complaints with this product. Thinking of getting another for emergency use for another person. Again, no complaints."
– BV
5.0 5
"This cot is not made for indefinite use. It is not made for jumping or sitting on. It is made for one person to sleep off the ground. It weighs less than a bed but more than a hammock. It can be bent when force is applied at the weak points -the joints- if used without care. Take care of all your things. But it is compact and easy to store. It is very good to have in the house, truck, or car. It works better than most fold-out or inflatable beds. I prefer firm beds. There is a slight hump in the middle; I expect that to work itself out with some use. A decent pillow would raise the head over the hump. For the price, it is quite sufficient."
– B