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Command Arms AK-47 Target Pistol Grip Black UPG47

Command Arms Accessories
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Specifications and features:
Tdi Arms AK-47 target pistol grip
6-piece interchangeable pistol grip
3 finger groove inserts
3 palm swell inserts
Contoured backstrap
Easily changeable front & rear rubberized grip inserts
Non-slip grip
Replaces standard grip
High-density polymer
Does not include grip screw 

Item#: 7-UPG47,49576
Total number of Reviews: 29

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4.0 5
"Pros:1. The Item looks very good as a tactical add on to my WASR-102. The Item has three front grip options and three back grip options for anyone to choose the comfort shape they like.3. It has a very nice storage compartment.4. The Install took about 10 minutes but was a very tight fit so it does not shake at all even after more than 1000 rounds in it.Cons:1. The bolt that came with it, strips easily so make sure you use the exact Hex Key for it.2. The pins to hold the replacable grips took alot of elbow grease.I did not buy this off of Cheaper than Dirt because it was out of stock but I highly recommend it here after they get it in stock because they have the best price for it anywhere on the net."
– AJ
5.0 5
"When i bought my AK, i just hated the standard wimpy plastic pistol grip that it came with. this is a great replacement. its alot thicker and you can easily customize it to fit your hand. great buy! strongly recommended"
– AZ shooter
4.0 5
"this grip looks and feals great. i have an eaa saiga ak47, it took a little time to dremel it to fit around trigger guard and the block that holds the grip in. also the bolt suplied was the wrong thread luckly the block is aluminium and i was able to use the bolt to make new threads. you will need a long 5mm allen key [3 /16 will fit loosly] for the bolt. i,m impressed with the grip it just takes a little work."
– akfan
5.0 5
"great grip. i had no problems with intallation. no dremelling, no problems with the bolt or nut, not a thing. its worth it."
– seedofchuckie
5.0 5
"Awesome grip, I've put down alot of rounds with it and its very sturdy, easy to change and with all the options theres gotta be a combination that fits you perfectly. plus the storage unit at the bottom is nice. only problem i had was i had to grind a bit off of my Tapco grip bushing to get it to seat right, but was an easy fix and may have been the bushings fault. as usual CTD had it shipped within an hour of order."
– Romak
2.0 5
"I love the grip, it's nice and customizable, but mine didn't even come with a bolt to attach it. It isn't physically possible to mount this pistol grip with the 4\"+ screw that comes on the vast majority of AK variants. I'm pretty ticked that I can't use this. So far CTD is telling me that the grip doesn't come with a bolt, but from what other reviewers say it is indeed supposed to ship with one. But, other than the fact that I can't actually mount this on my rifle, it's a nice grip."
– Mason
5.0 5
"I too received this grip without the mounting bolt and washer. Apparently this is a common CTD problem according to other reader comments. This is an awesome grip ! You can customize the front and back of the grip and there is a snap in piece on the bottom of the grip that allows you to store small items inside of the grip. By the way, I called Command Arms and they will send a mounting bolt and washer free of charge."
– Bob
4.0 5
"Well, I got my grip in the mail and installed the finger groves and palm swell that matched my hands in about two minutes. Then when I went to install it on the gun, the problems began. It seems that my gun was shipped with a Tapco grip nut, which is slightly longer than a standard nut. It took about a half hour with the Dremel tool and a trip to the hardware store ( for a longer mounting screw and washer ) to finally get it securely mounted. The only reason I still gave this grip a good review is..... Wow!! It completely changed the feel of my AK! Better grip angle, comfort, and control. Well worth the time and effort. Of course it looks great too. I highly recommend this grip for any AK owner that finds that little piece of plastic they call a grip annoying. If your weapon came with a Tapco grip nut as a compliance part, you may want to spend the $2.95 for a surplus nut. ( watch your compliance parts though! )"
– Gun Toting Liberal
5.0 5
"Very comfortable, well designed, and SOLID."
– The AK Modder
5.0 5
"Fit like a glove on my yugo underfolder.came with bolt ,Asked operator if one is supplied and its not(sold at Home Depo in S.S.) .Solid,comfoftable,looks badass"
– Rick
5.0 5
"It only took a couple of minutes to install and once I had it on, the feel of my AK improved dramatically. The rubberized grips make it extremely comfortable. I highly recommend this product."
– LJ
4.0 5
"Very nice grip fits my wasr-10 perfect. The only thing that is not included that it needs is alankey or something to drive the screw in but a very nice pistol grip 4 the AK"
– madleo
5.0 5
"Perfect fit on my VA AK47. The customization is great. I have big ole meaty hands, and customized it perfectly for my grip. Can't wait to shoot with it."
5.0 5
"To my surprise this has been an excellent pistol grip. My package contained all necessary installation materials (screw, washer, etc.) with several front pieces to the grip and a couple for the rear a few minutes and the perfect fit for my hand was discovered. I am impressed with the quality of construction as well. This grip feels great while toting the weapon and provides a much needed increase of purchase stock WASR grips are lacking for large American hands (and mine aren't that big). My complaint: If pinch the front or rear of the grip with your fingers near the middle and pull, there is a slight amount of \"play\" from the rubber inserts. Now, this is small and while there are nubs lining both sides of of each grip insert I am unsure of how well it will do through the years and many rounds to come. To date I have not fired said weapon with the new accoutrement yet predict the quality of construction and sturdyness to withstand. At most I possibly see a small amount of epoxy in the appropriate spots to secure the pieces perminately.I do not trust my life to crap and neither should you, this is a well made product and I WILL purchase another in the future.Buy one for you, your other AK's and even one for the wife. If she doesn't have an AK than get a new one.........."
– Combat Pillow
5.0 5
"This is the best grip out there for the AK, its designed and made with quality, i would recommend this to anyone. just have a T style allen wrench in hand because its nearly impossible with traditional style allen wrenches."
– brett
5.0 5
"Thes is the best, most comfortable grip you can put on an AK.The quality is outstanding and installation is easier that tying your shoes. A T-handle allen wrench is the only special tool needed. With the soft finger groove and backstrap inserts provided, this grip will fit comfortably in any hand.Do yourself a favor and try these grips first."
– WC
5.0 5
"Great Grip, easy installation and great feel... put my AK under water and mud and never lost grip.. fully custom ...YOU CAN'T GO WRONG...."
– RudeBoi
5.0 5
"I love this grip I keep getting worried that I may be one of the unlucky people without a bolt or something when I order stuff but it came complete with bolt. It looks and feels great and makes the AK I have look a lot more tactical and modern. My AK came with a plane smooth Tapco grip that just made it feel cheap. This should come with the bolt and it takes an Allen wrench. The bottom pops off and hides the bolt unlike my original grip."
– Heath
2.0 5
"Alright. I'm hooked on the Ergo grips now. If you buy this and get the chance to feel the Ergo grip later, you'll be kicking yourself and asking, WHY DIDN'T I BUY THAT?! I gave it a 2 because it gets the job done. But the more parts there are the more that can go wrong. Plus, its a cheaper plastic feel than the Ergo grip. Trust me, but the better brand. Heck, its the same price. I put this on my Saiga .308I now desire the Ak47 Ergo tactical grip with the palm shelf (And No, I do not work for Ergo grips)"
– Chase From Oregon
4.0 5
"I just put this on my gun and it is a great custom fit grip. The reason it only gets 4 bullets is because it requires some fitting depending on the rifle. That being said all that was required was a very small amount of shaving to the inside of the grip with a bit of taper. I did this with a sharp pocket knife. Now it fits like a charm and i find this grip very comfortable. the front and back straps swap with ease. I kept the front but swapped the back to one of the thicker ones. thank you CTD!!!"
– grimlock
5.0 5
"Very lightweight and felt great in my hand. A dramatic improvement in my WASR-10 AK-47. It took maybe ten minutes to install flawlessly. Well well worth the money! You will not regret this purchase for sure."
– Daywalker
5.0 5
"I had purchased the saw style grip before this one, and liked it quite a bit. It just looked strange and didn't feel quality. I took a chance and got this one which turned out to be a good gamble. You do need to get a long allen wrench to install it, but once done it fit nice. Most of the time was spent deciding what combo to use."
– hkuspchris
5.0 5
"Easy to change sizes, fit perfectly on my WASR-10. CTD was excellent in shipping. Would recommend it."
– guerrilla
5.0 5
"Got this to try over the saw style. Love it so much"
– hkuspchris
5.0 5
"I bought one of these a while back because I didn't like the cheap feel of the stock grip on my Cent. Arms SAR-1. I fiddled around with the inserts a bit - both front and back - to get it to feel right and was far from disappointed. The rubbery material should provide a solid grip in most environments and the ability to change the grip should allow it to fit nearly any hand. Installation was easy once I figured it out. It fit nice and tight like it should. I've yet to have issues with it. This is a top notch aftermarket part and I endorse it with 5 bullets! One issue/item though-make sure you have an Allen wrench."
– Son of Kalash
5.0 5
"This is a fantastic grip. I have one like it on one of my AR-15's and it feels good. I thought I would try the AK-47 version and I am impressed. It fits much better in the hand than the classic AK broom stick grip and the interchangable front and rear straps allow you to customize the fit. I have shot it many times now and it holds strong. the only down side to this is it may require some fitting if you use a tapco square nut and it's not made in the U.S.A. so it's not 922r compliant so make sure you have enough other U.S. parts."
– mr.grimlock
5.0 5
"I got this grip because the original for my AK was too small for my hand and nearly gave me blisters when shooting. After installing this grip and testing it I was more than satisfied. It is customizable and provides improved control and feel. I also like using the compartment in the grip to carry extra batteries for my attachments. The compartment requires some effort to open but that is exactly what I want as I know it won't fall out while shooting and carrying my AK. Like I said, more than satisfied."
– Furf88
4.0 5
"This is a nice grip. I only gave 4 bullets because it was missing the pins that keep the grips on. I ended up making my own pins but overall nice grip!!"
– fist full of shells
5.0 5
"Looked at grips from a few different sources, and of course U always try to get the best bang for your buck.So I took a chance on this system and am happy, U get Sm,Med and Lg. grips to fit your hand. The grips feel good for my hands, the storage area is something thats personal one will like it and one won't. But as far as a reliable system it works. If I remember right it's made in Israel so U have your Quality factor. Try it and Good Hunting!!!"
– The Wizard *****