Cold Steel Mini Pal 1" Fixed Blade Stainless Serrated Secure-Ex Sheath Kraton 43NSK

Cold Steel
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Specifications and features:
1" serrated blade
2mm blade thickness
0.5 ounce
400 series stainless steel
Kraton handle
Secure-Ex sheath with lanyard clip
Fits on keychain
Limited factory warranty

For warranty issues, contact Cold Steel at 800-255-4716

Mini Pal Drop Point Serrated Blade Knife -
The Mini Pal is only 1/2 an ounce in weight yet it delivers heavy weight performance. The edge zips through a host of materials at unbelievable speed. The 1" long blade is razor sharp, to open delicate packages and envelopes, cut rope or punch through heavy cartons. Plus the unique handle offers a variety of grips that would not be impossible with any other design. It comes with a secure-ex sheath that features a lanyard clip.

Drop Point Blade -
This blade has a gentle, sloping convex curve to the point versus the concave curve of the clip blade. Being thicker, this blade point is stronger for heavier tasks. It stands up to abuse well, but isn't as effective for easy penetration.

Fixed Blade -
A fixed blade is a solid piece of steel, anchored to the handle without any folding mechanisms. It's durable and holds up well against the elements.

Serrated Blade -
A serrated blade has a cutting edge that has many small points of contact with the material being cut. By having less contact area than a smooth blade, the applied force at each point of contact is relatively greater and the points of contact are at a sharper angle to the material being cut.

Lanyard Hole -
This is a hole to fit a lanyard, rope or carrying implement through.

Kraton Rubber -
This is the trade name given to a number of high perfor mance elastomers manufactured by Kraton Polymers, and used as synthetic replacements for rubber.

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