Code Blue Drop Time 2Timer Scent Dispenser

Code Blue
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Code Blue's Drop Time 2Timer is an electronic scent dispenser with two independent tanks in one compact, fully programmable unit. Each tank holds 2.5 ounces of your favorite scent and can be set to dispense multiple times every day or any other combination of days during the week. Presenting two different scents at the same or alternate times gives you unprecedented power to pattern, intrigue and attract trophy bucks to your area. Dispense buck urine from one tank to pattern him into the area with the intriguing scent of an intruder. Fill the second tank with doe estrous and set it to dispense just before and during your hunt signaling a hot doe is nearby. The powerful combination of a doe ready to breed and competition nearby makes him anxious to find the scent source, increasing his frequency in your area.

Additional 2Timer strategies include dispensing doe estrous during the week before your hunt and buck urine during the hunt. The sudden introduction of buck urine used in conjunction with rattling intensifies his attraction and lures him to your exact location. 2Timer is extremely versatile and can be used all season long with multiple scent combinations. Features include sealed screw on lids to keep your scent fresher longer, and easy access thumb screws for the control panel and battery compartments. Wrapped in camo, this unit blends perfectly into the woods so be sure to remember where you hang it.