Code Blue Whitetail Tarsal Gland Gel Deer Attractant OA1048

Code Blue
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Here's a product that will get an eager response from the big bucks during all three phases of the rut. Whitetail deer identify one another based on their tarsal glands, which secrete a fatty substance with a unique scent. That's why it's especially important to buy from Code Blue you know you're getting tarsal gland from a single whitetail deer. Many deer scent manufacturers try to get away with deer scents combined from several animals (or types of animals!). With any Code Blue deer scent you can be confident you're using the most realistic product available. Tarsal Gland Gel will lure big bucks who are ready to protect their territory, giving you a prime opportunity to take your shot.

This patented deer scent gel formula stays stronger, longer, even in wet or freezing conditions. No other tarsal gland deer scent on the market works all day, meaning you'll have more time in the stand. A special applicator is built into the bottle's lid, so you can dispense deer scent without contaminating your scent site. 2 oz bottle.