Code Blue Whitetail Double Drag System Combo

Code Blue
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The whitetail bucks will come running when you create a convincing scent trail using this true to life system. The absorbent double drag rag lets you use two deer scents to mimic a whitetail buck pursing an estrous doe. Just apply the included buck deer urine to the longer drag and the included estrous doe deer urine to the shorter drag rag. Create a scent trail by dragging the double rags to your hunting stand. Hang the drag nearby as a powerful scent dispenser that will get the deer attractant into the wind.

The double drag system is especially persuasive during midseason deer hunting, but will also work late into the deer hunting season. Whitetail bucks won't be able to resist the thought of another buck chasing a doe in the area. This unique scent trail system will help you lure bucks in close for a clear shot. And because the deer urine is Code Blue, you know it's certified as one deer to one bottle. Even toward the end of the season when hunters have saturated the area with a variety of scents, yours will stand out as being the purest deer urine available. Code Blue deer urine scents are certified as the real thing, and you can be confident that whitetail deer will notice the difference.