Code Blue Synthetic Doe Estrous Gel 4 Ounces

Code Blue
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It's no small feat trying to outwit one of the best noses in the woods with deer lures. A whitetail buck relies more on his nose than anything else. And during the peak phase of the whitetail rut, the only deer lure dominant bucks care about is the one that will lead them to a doe in heat. For whitetail bucks on a mission, Code Blue has created the perfect blend of nature and science with a Synthetic Doe Estrous Gel. Using advanced "DNA" technology, Synthetic Doe Estrous Gel is an amazing formulation with a potent, super realistic scent of a doe in estrus. It's definitely a deer lure that will provoke their natural instincts, so you can get closer to your mission of filling your tags this hunting season.

Persistence and patience pays off when deer hunting and that means staying put. But that's tough to do if you're not using an all weather gel formula. As a powerful deer lure, our Synthetic Doe Estrous Gel is a long lasting formula that won't readily evaporate, freeze, or wash away as quickly as liquid. So you'll be able to spend more time concentrating on the hunt and less time refreshing your scent trails. Code Blue has a deer lure for every phase of the deer hunting season, so you'll always have a recipe for success.