Code Blue PST Whitetail Doe Estrous 2 fl. oz. Aerosol Spray Can

Code Blue
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For long-lasting, maximum attraction, place the container on the ground and depress the tab until it locks.

Specifications and features:
Pressure sensitive tab
Contains 100% natural urine
Perfect to use during the rut
2 fl. oz. aerosol spray can

Code Blue offers our classic Whitetail Doe Estrous in an innovative new delivery system, the PST. Each PST bottle features a pressure-sensitive tab, which provides two great ways to use one great doe scent: spray on demand, and continuous spray.

The spray on demand option allows you to spray a deer scent trail to your deer hunting stand or freshen the deer hunting site without having to leave your tree stand. Your second option is to activate the continuous spray button. Just choose the spot you want to cover, set the can down, and hold down the tab until it locks. As you walk away, the tab will activate the aerosol in the deer scent can, causing it to empty completely. This will cover everything around the can with fine particles of deer scent. Many of these particles will be picked up by the wind and spread far and wide. And since you've already walked away, the deer scent will cover your scent completely.

Like all Code Blue scents, each can of PST contains 100 percent natural whitetail deer urine without fillers, fakes or additives. Perfect for use during the rut, Code Blue whitetail doe urine is sure to bring those big bucks in close.


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