Code Blue PST Whitetail Buck Urine 2 fl. oz. Aerosol Spray Can

Code Blue
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For long lasting, maximum attraction, place the container on the ground and depress the tab until it locks.

Specifications and features:
Pressure sensitive tab
Contains 100% natural urine
Perfect to use during the rut
2 fl. oz. aerosol spray can

Code Blue is known for offering the highest quality, most effective hunting scents available. Now we offer our great whitetail buck scent with a novel delivery system: the PST, or pressure sensitive tab. As with any aerosol can, you can depress the tab to spray a fine continuous aerosol mist of whitetail buck urine on demand.

But with the PST, you can hold down the tab for a few more seconds to lock it in place. The tab stays down and empties the bottle, surrounding the area with a fine mist of buck urine that totally covers your scent while you walk away. The spray creates buck scent particles so fine they can travel in the wind several yards away from the bottle, providing great coverage.

Use the spray on demand option to create a buck scent trail to your stand or to freshen your hunting site. And you can rest assured that not only is the delivery system great, the product inside is high quality, as well. Like all Code Blue scents, each can of PST contains 100 percent natural whitetail deer urine without fillers, fakes or additives. Use our Whitetail Buck Urine PST all season long to convince your sought-bucks a rival buck is encroaching on their land.