Code Blue Grave Digger Whitetail Buck 0.5 lbs

Code Blue
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Bucks are no different from humans when it comes to defending their homes from intruders. They sense another buck in the area and their immediate reaction is to check it out, size it up and make it move on. Grave Digger Buck Urine with Time Released Scent from Code Blue gives bucks a nudge in the right direction. Grave Digger Buck Urine is perfect for freshening an existing scrape or creating a mock scrape.

Its powerful, long lasting scent, up to 30 days, will convince the trophy buck in your area that another buck is pushing into his turf. Naturally, he wont appreciate that gesture and will start making all the signs for the intruder to stay away like scrapes and rubbing. Grave Digger hunting dirt contains the same powerful Code Blue scents used in the field. But its blended in the soil designed to stay strong for up to 30 days, retain its scent when wet and resist moisture and freezing.

Unlike other soils and scents, the attractant found in Code Blues hunting dirt comes from one deer. A blend might send the buck in the other direction, thinking hes being crowded out. One scent means the buck thinks hes dealing with just one foe. It might seem like a lot of trouble for one buck. But when using the right attractant means coming home with a trophy buck, youll be glad you chose Grave Digger Buck Urine buck hunting dirt.