Code Blue EliminX with SZT Odor Eliminator Earth Scent 12 Ounces

Code Blue
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Code Blue's EliminX with Silver Zyme combines nano silver and enzyme technology, two of the most effective scent killing technologies. The result is a solution that kills bacteria at unprecedented levels while simultaneously eliminating foreign odors. The unprecedented Silver Zyme technology utilizes a silver molecule which, by design, is missing eight electrons in its outer shell. Each silver molecule rapidly kills multiple odor causing bacteria, viruses and mold while simultaneously recharging itself for rapid fire, seek and destroy missions against all foreign odors even during extreme temperature shifts.

Don't sweat it! With EliminX Scent Eliminator Spray you can sweat all you want without having to worry about ruining your chances of bagging that trophy buck. A deer's nose is thousands of times more sensitive than a human's. And as soon as your game gets one whiff of human scent, he's long gone.

Don't let that happen to you on your next deer hunting trip. Unlike other products that mask human odor, EliminX Scent Eliminator Spray eliminates human odor on contact. It actually penetrates the pores of clothing to control human scent for all day odor control. Three times stronger than human odor, this innovative scent eliminator separates and forms an invisible barrier around the gas molecules that cause odor. It is totally odorless, so you have a blank canvas for your cover scents. You can also use it alone to stay completely scent free.

Best of all, EliminX Scent Eliminator Spray couldn't be easier to use. Just spray EliminX all over before you go out hunting. You don't have to worry about reapplying since it lasts all day. Plus, the scent eliminator spray is odorless and wont stain. You can spray it on your clothes, boots, backpack or  any hunting gear you want to be scent free.