Code Blue Drop Time COmbo with Doe Estrous

Code Blue
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Code Blue Drop Time Combo with Doe Estrous is our Drop Time Scent Dispenser, which creates an effective way to draw in big bucks. Pour the Whitetail Doe Estrous into the Drop Time Dispenser. Then you can program the dispenser to release the doe estrous deer scent at dawn and dusk or in 20 minute intervals.

That means you can walk away to your hunting stand and the deer scent will cover your human scent. You get multiple applications without having to make multiple trips, raising the chances that you'll contaminate the site. Use doe estrous deer scent during estrus or the peak breeding phase of the rut.

Big bucks can't resist the smell of a doe in heat. And when bucks get a whiff of Code Blue Doe Estrous, they're not getting the deer scent of many different does. Our research suggests that each deer has its own characteristic odor. This enables other deer to tell them apart by the smell of their urine and other secretions. With one deer per bottle, you have less chance of using the same scent as your neighbors out in the field.

Each bottle of Code Blue Doe Estrous contains the deer scent from a single doe. On each bottle, there is the registration number of the deer from which the bottle was collected. That number is certified as authentic and from one deer by an independent organization.