Code Blue 32 oz. refill bottle with free 4 oz. spray bottle for your backpack

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Every hunter knows it's a good idea to hunt the wind. Keeping the wind in your face is the best way to prevent game from getting a whiff of your presence. The scent from your clothes, hair, body and even your breath can send a prize whitetail buck flying off in the opposite direction. However, just because you're human, doesn't mean you have to smell like one. While the wind may not always be in your favor, a scent eliminator from Code Blue Scents will give you a better advantage no matter which way the wind blows.

If you really want to maximize your hunt, control your human scent by applying a scent eliminator. Code Blue scent elimination products can provide several ways for you to neutralize, eliminate or prevent your offensive scent from reaching a supersensitive nose. Scent elimination is your first layer of defense against being detected by that trophy buck. Whether the scent eliminator is for your hunting clothes (and carbon suits), your hair and body, or your breath, it's a sure way to give yourself the advantage. And by removing your odd scent from the mix, you'll certainly make the lures and attractants you use more effective.