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AR-15 .22LR Conversion Kit CMMG ALPHA Model Includes 25 Round Magazine

CMMG, Inc.
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Quickly convert your AR-15 to shoot .22 Long Rifle with this drop in bolt, chamber insert, conversion unit and 25 Round magazine. Machined from Phosphate steel.

All CMMG .22 LR magazines have a bolt hold open follower. When using the bolt hold open follower, magazine will only hold 26 rounds.

For best performance use a rounded style hammer, notched hammers can cause function issues. 36 grain bullets have proven to be the best choice for function.

The PRI Gas Buster charging handle will not work with the CMMG .22 Conversion kit.

For Direct Gas Impingement AR-15's. Not compatible with Gas Piston Systems without removing the piston. Only for use in 5.56 NATO chambered AR-15 rifles. 

Item#: ARR-429
Total number of Reviews: 7

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3.0 5
"I purchased this product because I wanted to save money on ammo, and this specific item usually carries a higher price at local stores, leave alone that I seemed to find that they were often out of stock. I encountered 4 stove-piping occurences within the first 20 rounds that I put through it. I didn't use great ammo at first, most .22 ammo may not carry enough (umph) to push the bolt back completely. I lubricated it, and used some higher velocity, higher quality ammo on the second round, and seemed to avoid the problem mostly, except for one time in 50 rounds. It's a pain to dig that empty brass out of the chamber area, but it's a lot cheaper than puchasing a dedicated .22 upper. Good price if it's in stock, a little dissapointing. It does make .22's go out of your ar though. 3 bullets."
5.0 5
"Shot 2000 rounds over the weekend. No FTE and one FTF. One FTF is probably just .22 ammo being .22 ammo. Liked the cheap federal bulk ammo. Only downside is that the finish on the chamber came off. Extra mags are a must. Bought three extra Black Dog mags and wish I bought 4 more, as the rounds go very fast. May also want to buy a broom for cleaning up spent brass."
5.0 5
"This thing is awesome! A little tip: grease all friction prone areas and spring with LITHIUM grease and wait 10 minutes before you touch it, and this thing will eat up the cheapest ammo you can run through it with about 99.5% flawlessness (a few FTEs per 500 rd brick). Only problems: feed ramps on mag are the thinnest, cheapest plastic I've ever seen to be used with real ammunition. Second, if the unit isn't slammed into your gun, you get a bit of debris hitting your face from the 223 shell looking end... always wear glasses"
4.0 5
"It functioned flawlessly in my Wilson Combat, my Colt H-bar, and my son's DPMS. The only reason it didn't get five bullets is the mag didn't fit in the Colt or Wilson Combat without some sanding. I would recommend it to a friend."
5.0 5
"I finally got out to the range with my CMMG conversion unit installed on an Olympic Arms CAR-15 parts kit with an Essential Arms lower. The upper was an 11.5 inch heavy barrel 1/9 twist A2 that always short stroked with 5.56x45mm ammo. Loaded three CMMG magazines and fired a total of 240 rounds of CCI Blazer .22lr from it. Absolute perfection! No failures at all. At 25 yards, all rounds grouped into one ragged 1.5 inch hole using cadenced fire with standard A2 battle sights. Can't wait to scope it to see what she can really do. I followed advice I received here and other forums and thoroughly cleaned the unit and basically bathed it with Break-Free before using. The only SLIGHT problem I had was with the magazines. They would not lock in with either the Essential Arms lower or my Colt Competition HBAR. The problem was interference with the magazine catch bar. I used a Dremel tool with a grinding stone and LIGHTLY milled a relief channel into the mag. It doesn't take much. Soon, all three mags locked in perfectly. Another problem with the CMMG mags is you can force 25 rounds in, but the last five are a bear and tend to bind. I load only 20 and the mags work perfectly. Because of the short stroking on the 11.5 inch upper, I replaced it with a DS Arms ZM-4 upper that works great and now the 11.5 inch upper is now my dedicated .22lr. One problem I did have with the CMMG conversion, which I will not blame on it because all my .22 autos hate it, was I used Remington ammo. Mine hates it and jammed all the time. All my .22s and the CMMG eat CCI Blazers like candy."
4.0 5
"The kit itself fits in place with no difficulty and reliably cycled 150 rounds of Federal ammunition without incident. The magazine required moderate shaving before it fit due to unusual protrusions on the back. Once fitted, it was difficult to load though this is a consequence of .22LR and likely would be true of most magazines and it fed the rifle without incident."
4.0 5
"I put a lot of faith in the experiences of others. Going off of what others have said about this particular conversion kit, balancing it against the reviews of the other kits available, and finally weighing it all against my own budget, I determined that the risk vs reward of this particular unit struck the best balance available for my situation and needs. I couldn't be happier. I did have a few double-feeds and one failure to feed (bolt 'cycled' but remained out of battery), but they were so insignificant for my purposes and they weren't anything that I could place \"squarely\" as the 'fault' of the kit (it could have been due to the ammo, etc, etc). My purpose for this kit was training costs; .22 LR ammo is way less expensive than .223. Sure, you don't get the same FULL effect, but the only real difference is recoil and weight. Anyway, I'm very happy with this kit. I've only had it out to the range twice so far, but it's not disappointed me. I use it in my S&W M&P15T. I use CCI .22 LR, 40g copper-plated round nose ammunition. Through my red dot, with this combination, at 50 yards, it still hits the same place as when firing .223. The only reason I gave this 4 bullets and not 5 is because I had no other kit to test against it. Can't say it's \"the best\" if it's the ONLY one you've used, right?"