C'Mere Deer Michael's Buck Juice Deer Attractant 32 oz Spray 00010

C'Mere Deer
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Used by Michael Waddell! C'Mere Deer Michael's Buck Juice lures deer in to investigate with the irresistible flavor of plant, root, bean and berry extracts. Just spray on any natural food source, wait for deer to discover it and then hunt the area. Buck Juice liquid is an incredible product to use in front of trail cameras to perform population, herd quality and any overall deer study.

Instructions for Use:
This reusable sprayer contains 32 ounces of ready-to-use Michael's Buck Juice. Apply a heavy mist or pour directly on the food source or at the location desired to attract deer. Buck Juice also works as an excellent cover scent when sprayed on hunting clothes, deer stand ladders and shooting blinds.

Specifications and Features:
32OZ. ready to use
The formula has been designed for maximum strength and effectiveness to attract White Tail deer
A proprietary blend of plant, root, bean, and certain berry extracts
Apply a heavy mist on any natural food source or vegetation that you desire to attract deer to
On the 1st application, total saturation is advised to get the deer introduced to the attractant
Heavily spray or soak grains and nuts desired by deer to enhance their attractant ability
You may also pour it or spray it on logs, stumps and watering holes to increase sightings
Though not required, the product works best when applied 48-72 hours prior to hunting over it, allowing deer time to discover the attractant, introduce it to other deer in the core area and return for more
Also works as an excellent cover scent when sprayed on hunting boots, clothing, deer stand ladders and shooting blinds