C'Mere Deer Deer 3 Day Harvest Deer Attractant 2 Gallon Bucket 00026

C'Mere Deer
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The C'Mere Deer 3-Day Harvest System has been scientifically formulated and file-tested under real hunting conditions to give hunters and wild game managers a truly remarkable system for attracting deer. With 3-Day Harvest, you can see for yourself the deer population in your area and increase your odds of harvesting the ones you want.

This 3-Day Harvest uses the animal's most powerful sense - smell - to attract deer like a magnet. And it keeps them coming back for more with its highly palatable, great-tasting formula. Creating more deer movement and activity around your stand also attracts the attention of other deer and will pull even more deer into your shooting area. That's the power of the 3-Day Harvest System - irresistible smell, great taste and more action. ATTRACTS deer from great distances, KEEPS deer coming back for more and INCREASES deer activity and numbers.

This deer attractant is unique and has been carefully designed to build on the results from the day before. That's three times the formula, three times the power and three times the action. If there are deer in your area, 3-Day Harvest will bring deer in. The rest is up to you!

Instructions for Use:
Apply three equal portions of 3-Day Harvest for three consecutive days then hunt on the third day. The older bucks should be relaxed and vulnerable by the third day. It is not necessary to wait three days before hunting over 3-Day Harvest, it is just suggested to maximize the potential of bagging bigger deer. Results may very well be seen the first day!

Day 1: Spread the first application the ground in a 15- to 20-foot area that offers a clear shooting lane from your stand. Spreading 3-Day Harvest will help keep deer from bunching up and will keep them in the  area longer as they hunt for every last morsel. A dispersed pattern also increases their movement, which attracts more attention and more deer.

Day 2: Apply the second portion of 3-Day Harvest in the same area and in the same way. Adjust as necessary for wind conditions.

Day 3: Apply the last and final portion of 3-Day Harvest in the same area and in the same way and hunt over it. Adjust as necessary for wind conditions.