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Mag Chip McCormick .45 ACP 8 Rounds 1911 Classic Blued

Chip McCormick
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This is the 1911 .45 ACP 8rd government carbon blue CLASSIC SERIES MAG.

With 24 years of customer satisfaction, this patented design has proven reliability and 50% tighter tolerances than military specification magazines. Same length as stock magazines with extra capacity and improved performance. This is the same design CMC supplies to America's top 1911 manufacturers for use as factory standard in their pistols. Since 1992, this line of .45 ACP magazines has never suffered from the common problem of cracked feed lips.
Shooting Star Follower 

Item#: MAG-282,2-MGCMC14310,3-1020226,31064
Total number of Reviews: 48

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3.0 5
5.0 5
"These Mags are he best out there. However, you better have a real 1911. Not knock off 1911. If you have a Kimber of Sringfield your golden. I've run about 600 rounds though two differnt Kimbers with these mags no problem. In closing Mags are good to go, buy a real 1911. Limas were not made to except 1911 parts or equipment. You get what you pay for.RegardsMedaltrooper"
– medaltrooper
5.0 5
"Chip Mcormick shooting star magazines are the best magazines for the price. They are excellent and work perfectly in my springfield 1911. I have never had trouble with them and have thrown my other 1911 magazines away. Either your weapons are defective or by some cosmic mistake your magazines were defective."
– mike
5.0 5
"The problem is not the mag, its the LAMMA. Putting a chip mccormick mag in a lamma is like having a Mule pulling a Rolles Royce. These are great mags, flawless function and 8 round capacity."
– Spook
5.0 5
"i'll never understand why people insist on buying cheap guns. A llama are you kidding me? Save up a little and buy something worthwhile or use your tax return. Hell I have purchased a total of 6 Chip mags and have not had one malfunction in 3000 rounds through my springfield armory 1911a1. And Short of Friggen wilson combats exuberantly overpriced 1911 mags you really wont find a better quality than the chips at ctd. For the money its the best mag out there. also check out mag-271. They are usually out of stock but hell its a great mag by chip as well"
– Nordberg
5.0 5
"I have much experience with McCormick & ProMag Magazines. Magazines from the manufacturer of the gun you have always work best because the dimensions are exact. McCormick & ProMags work well with most guns but it won't ever be 100%. Llama isn't exactly the most sought after make of a firearm, neither is a Marlin. Marlin has nice manual action rifles but Marlin isn't the bomb. I have an 1894C and I like it. Anyway.. sometimes the gun is the problem, not the magazine, because the dimensions don't match. I worked for a Beretta dealer for a while and sometimes the I would find a few factory mags that wouldn't work with some 96ers, but they would fit other 96s perfectly. ??? I guess the machineing between gun to another differed a little so the magazine wouldn't fit one but the other."
– Popcorn Coolie
4.0 5
"I previously ordered 4 of these mags. They work just fine in my Kimber Pro II, and in my Colt DE Officer. I just ordered 4 more, and might even order more (Cant have enough mags). McCormick makes great mags, but not recommended for use in cheap guns....what an insult."
– John
4.0 5
"\uFFFD Great mags. Work with all my 1911's. Even my Llama! By the way I had a Springfield once I had to take it back to the store. It was brand new\uFFFD and woudn't shoot. I'd take my spanish made Llama over a Phillipino Springfield anyday!"
– Wil
4.0 5
"I had to correct the spring and round feeder to prevent failure. After the modification I was able to fire over 100 rounds without any additional problems. It's the best non-Colt mag I have purchased yet."
– Vote for Ron Paul!
4.0 5
"I have a few of the Chip McCormick mags and I shoot a Firestorm. What can I say but it's what I can afford. I have only had problems with the type of ammo I shoot, it never has been the mag. Always locks open and I've never had a breakage. I did just put a new Taurus on layaway and we'll see how they perform in that one when I get it out."
– Montana Pete
5.0 5
"Bought three of these for my Kimber and they work perfect no jams. Always locked slide back, best buy for the money by FAR! If these don't work in your gun, spend more money on your gun. It's not the mag."
– 1911 shooter
5.0 5
"I bought three of these for my Taurus PT1911 and they are great. The mags that came with my Taurus are 8 rounders and extend over a quarter inch below the grip. These mags are also 8 rounders but fit flush with the grip, which I like and when carrying a full size 1911 concealed it helps. Have put 100 rounds through the three of them and no failures. The feed lips on both the Taurus mags cracked after only 300 rounds, which is why I bought these because they specifically state that the feed lips won't crack."
– Randy
5.0 5
"I bought two of these and the fit and function in my RIA 1911A1 is great! The quality and price is exactly as I would expect from CMC."
– Erik H.
5.0 5
"My stepfather believes in these mags and now I know why. I bought a Charles Daly 1911 from my buddy and he gave me a kimber mag with it. The Kimber mag is a nice mag however it always jams when ejecting the last round. I got some of these Chip McCormick mags and not only do I have an extra round, but know it doesn't jam on me. The best mag for the money anywhere."
– frogman
5.0 5
"I have four of these mags and they work great. I have a Kimber custom TLE/RL II. I have shot over a thousand rounds with these mags with no jams or double feeds. No problems what so ever, they have been FLAWLESS. IN FACT I intend to buy four more, like one reviewer stated you can't have enough mags. Buy them they are great and nice price to."
5.0 5
"Ron Paul guy said he had to modify round follower =ALERT = Chip McCormick mags do NOT have round followers, but the flat spring steel follower patented by Chip. I prefer 8 rd. stainless, I never saw any brand 1911 pistol or Camp 45 that would not feed and lock perfectly with a Chip McCormick mag, regardless of ammo type. If CMC mags won't work in your gun, I doubt it is the mags. I trust my life to these mags."
– Ray
5.0 5
"I have 5 of these mags and they work well in colt,Kimber and para. I have had no jams or failure to feed. These mags are very well made and an excellent buy. By the way the para is a very good firearm."
– gunnut
5.0 5
"Chip McCormick Shooting Star Magazines are the Only Magazines I buy!!! They work Great at a low Price!!! A Must Buy! I will end up ordering some more for X-mas Thanks CTD!"
– 2MuchMan
5.0 5
"Having tweaked my C&R Ballester-Rigaud project gun for years, I never considered that the problem might be the generic, run-of-the-mill 1911 mags I bought as replacements for the worn-out originals. I finally dropped a few extra bucks on a Chip McCormick Shooting Star. No jams, no failures to feed, positive slide lock, first time and every time. I'm ordering two more."
– WerzWaldeau
4.0 5
"i bought two 8 rnd mcormick mags when i picked up my 70 series colt commander.the 7 rnd that came with it works fine (unone oragen)they work grate. mine doesn't like reloads period. oh ya i payed less than $700 for the whole deal. you don't need to pay a grand + for a good pistol."
– feszter
4.0 5
"While Wilson ETM's are my carry mags... my subload mags (extras carried in the vehicle/pack/left layin in the lockbox at the house) are these very ones here. I'd trust my life to these magazines (again, all who use this term stand corrected, this is NOT a \"clip\"... a \"clip\" is used to load a \"magazine\"... Sue me folks, I'm a military marksmanship coach and armorer) just as much as my wilsons although my only gripe is that they don't have that buttery-smooth feel when loading taht the wilsons do. An extremely minor complaint but I figured I'd throw it out.The 1911 I use these in, by the way, is a custom job I built for myself on a Rock River frame/slide and all Wilson internal parts that were hand stoned and fitted.-I sincerely hope you don't need it, but have fun shooting it."
– Uncon
5.0 5
"Fits Great in Springfield GI-45. Money well spent.Fast delivery too, ordered Thursday recieved Saturday. Thanks CTD"
5.0 5
"Thanks to a previous review, I saw that it would fit into my Tuarus 1911. Fits perfectly. Actually better than original mags. $13, high quality. Can't go wrong. Buy it."
– GeorgiaLax
4.0 5
"I have purchased two of these magazines for a .45 built from G.I. surplus parts mounted on an Interarms frame. They work flawlessly.These make great replacment magazines A very good magazine for the money."
– Rudy M.
2.0 5
"Bought 2 of these mags, 1 came with both screws for the floor plate the other mag came with 1 screw. the 2nd mag also only held 7 rds will not take an 8th rnd at all as well this mag dosnt feed either the bullet ram's downward into the ramp everytime. I'm a professional tool maker by trade and the feed ramps in my 45's are the best out there. It's the mag for sure. this was a 50/50 deal cause the other mag feeds perfect and accepts all 8 rds."
– Professional machinist
5.0 5
"I just tried my McCormick mag and loved it. It feeds flawlessly in my 70 series colt. It worked just as good as factory Colt mag but with an extra round. I plan to buy many more and suggest to anyone with a 1911 to do the same"
– kentucky hollerrat
5.0 5
"I haven't shot with this magazine, but it felt smooth loading and unloading it. Unlike my other mags, this one ejects from my 1911 without any hang ups."
– Crabman
5.0 5
"This looks and feels like quality stuff. I like it a lot better than Wilson products. I bought two and would exchange my Wilson with two more of these."
– Crabman
4.0 5
"These mags all loaded a little rough and unloaded a little rough. That may be because their new and aren't broke in but they fed well, no jams or anything like that. They fit well and released fine. They didn\uFFFDt malfunction and did their jobs. They are worth the $10 per mag saved over buying a Wilson combat. Though I will say they aren't on the same level. You get what you pay for, but a bullet in the target each time can't be argued with."
– not bad not great
2.0 5
"I have a Sig GSR 1911. These mags feed rough and cause extraction issues. On every other round the slide would move back about 3/4 of the way and stop because the mag rides just a bit too high in the receiver. Additionally, even though my feed ramp is polished, feeding from the mag is very rough and hangs a bit sometimes before the round is in battery even using ball ammo. The problem is even worse when using JHP. The only time I didn't have extraction issues was when shooting +p ammo but that is just because the extra recoil could overcome the friction of the mag in the receiver. The feed issues were still present though. I know the GSR is kind of an odd duck in the 1911 world but I had hoped that these would work. If you own a GSR and need new mag, bite the proverbial bullet and buy the ACT-mags or Novaks that it comes with."
– Boats
5.0 5
"These were a great buy and just as reliable as original factory mags. Fit and feed FMJ and JHP ammo from my Springfield Armory G.I. flawlessly."
– J.P.
5.0 5
"Good mags for the price I like that they fit flush unlike the factory mags no feeding issues."
– Joe C
5.0 5
"I love how these mags fit flush with my weapon. They feed reliably with any ammo I put through them. I trust these mags more than the factory mags that came with my SW1911. I will only buy Chip mags"
– 1911 Lover
5.0 5
"These mags work great in my Kimber TLE even with very dirty ammo. Works much better than what passes for a Wilson Combat mag these days."
– Gul Dukat
5.0 5
"A great product. It felt a little dirty at first but overall a great deal. Fits flush on my Colt Combat Commander."
– danny
4.0 5
"Worked fine but construction was on par with $6 mags. Nothing special to deserve the extra ten bucks."
– Rosco19x
5.0 5
"I bought 2 of these after purchasing a Taurus 1911. They worked great for the money. No jamming and easy in and out of the pistol."
– John J
4.0 5
"These are great for the money. Loading the 8th round is a little tight but, other than that, worked flawlessly."
– zachFIU
5.0 5
"This mag is just as good as the Wilson Combat ones that you will pay double for. It's hard to find a quality flush base mag that holds 8 rounds (note I said quality). These are excellent."
– Wall
5.0 5
"Good finish, strong spring, precise machining and best of all, fantastic price."
– Doogle
5.0 5
"Works fine in my Taurus PT-1911. No complaints!"
– KwG
5.0 5
"Worked great in my Kimber Custom II. No problems what so ever."
– Rick
5.0 5
"Great mag for the money. Works great in my Kimber TLE/RL II. Locks back the slide, feeds great. Well worth the money"
– trl/rl II
5.0 5
"It fits and works great in my Rock Island Armory 1911. Never had a jam or problem. It does feel like it is made cheap so I'm not sure how long it will last."
– WyoMike
5.0 5
"This mag works great in my Sig Sauer 1911 ,so if you have a Sig 1911 and looking for a flush fitting mag - this is the one. Oh ya and CheaperThanDirt will get it too you fast."
– txmatt
5.0 5
"I use this in my Rock Island 1911A1. It has worked flawlessly in my pistol, even through the fickle \"break in\" period. It feeds everything into my Rock flawlessly, including Fed. 230 grain HST plus p HP's and Golden Saber 230 grain loads, which is pretty impressive for a mil-spec 1911. It is the mag that stays loaded in my 1911 for HD purposes."
– Bammer Slammer
5.0 5
"I bought this for my Springfield WWII mil spec and it works like a champ. Feeds well and slides in and out of the magazine well smoothly."
5.0 5
"I am the proud owner of my grandfather's sidearm from WWII. Yes, it's a Colt 1911 and the serial # puts it at a 1943 vintage. It had been \"retired\" for the past 20 years. I recently dusted it off and took it to the range. The original magazines proved that 68 years is a long time to push up ammo. I bought one of these 8 rounders to see how it would work over the GI 7... PERFECTLY!!! I had no issues pumping about 100 rounds thru the ole iron!"
– GKdeSoCal