Chinese Sword Butterfly Sword

Cold Steel
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Cold Steel, founded in 1980, is a premier knife and sword maker designing and manufacturing some of the toughest knives and swords available to the civilian market. Using only the highest quality components on state of the art machinery they have earned an exceptional reputation for making quality blades. Spend any time researching Cold Steel Knives and you will be impressed with their quality offerings.

Prior to World War II, the Butterfly Sword was virtually unknown outside of southern China. This changed at the close of the 1940's, when the Communists took control of mainland China, forcing many Kung Fu masters to flee the oppressive regime and establish new schools elsewhere. Currently, due to the spread of Kung Fu, these once obscure swords have become quite popular.

Typically, Butterfly Swords come in pairs that are cleverly nested together so they appear to be one sword not two. When they are drawn, they can be quickly separated and wielded in both hands to make wickedly effective chops, slashes and thrusts.

Our battle worthy blades are 15" long and 2.63" wide. The handsome slip-proof grip features carefully selected hardwood covered with attractively braided cord. The "D" shaped guard has a long forward quillon, so it can both deflect and trap various opposing weapons.

Specifications and Features:
Blade Length: 15"
Overall Length: 20.25"
Steel: 1055 Carbon
Weight: 32 oz
Handle: 5.25" Cord Wrapped Handle with Sam (Ray Skin)
Scabbard: Leather Scabbard