Chiappa Firearms Reproduction Springfield 1855 Percussion Black Powder Musket .58 Caliber 40" Rifled Barrel 1 Round Oiled Walnut Wood Stock Polished In The White Finish N-SSA Approved 910-002

Chiappa Firearms
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The Model 1855 was the first rifle musket to be produced in the United States. It was manufactured at both the Springfield and Harpers Ferry Armories. It was also the first rifle to use the .58 caliber minie ball which revolutionized warfare by allowing ease of loading yet attaining deadly accuracy. The lock of the model 1855 contained the Maynard tape primer system. This system eliminated the need of a percussion cap (although normal percussion caps were fully compatible with the Maynard system) by using a roll of caps to ignite the gunpowder. These caps were remarkably similar to a modern day roll caps for toy cap pistols. These weapons were primarily in the hands of the U.S. Regular army so very few state volunteers managed to get their hands on them. Only about 7,000 of these weapons were made and they were soon replaced by the Model 1861 Springfield. The model features a full one piece walnut hand oil finished stock. The lock features a non-functioning, Maynard Tape Primer, lid engraved with an American Eagle. The lid will open and close.

Specifications and Features:
Chiappa Firearms Springfield 1855 Percussion 910-002
Black Powder Muzzleloader Rifle
Reproduction Musket
.58 Caliber (.577 Ball)
40" Barrel
3 Groves with 1:65 Twist
1 Round
Percussion Cap Ignition
Single Action Trigger
Correct Period Proof Markings
Federal Eagle, Springfield, US, and Date Stampings
North-South Skirmish Association Approved
Oiled Walnut Wood Stock
Polished "In The White" Finish
Overall Length 56"
Weight 10.1 Pounds