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Century International Arms AK47 Magazine 30 Rounds 7.62x39mm Ribbed Steel Excellent Condition Blued Finish MA521

Century International Arms
Ships from Warehouse 8
Typically ships within 1 to 2 business days.
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You can never have too many AK magazines laying around, so stock up with the Century International Arms AK47 30 round magazine.

Specifications and Features:
30 rounds
Ribbed steel
Blued finish

The magazine may be slightly used and is in excellent condition.

Total number of Reviews: 23

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5.0 5
"I ordered 6 of these mags. Out of the 6 2 looked new. The others looked like they have been issued, however, there spring tension is as if they were new. 1 of the mags that I received was bent and inoperable. I would recommend this product. These fit fine in my WASR10. Be prepared to clean them. Long soak in soap and hot water. Scrub with a wire brush."
5.0 5
"Nearly new, perfectly serviceable, clean with bore cleaner, lubricate with LSA, far superior to plastic, buy with confidence."
– CD Hays
4.0 5
"Mags came oiled and in plastic as do most from all outlets. After degreasing and hitting the usual spots with a wire wheel to knock the surface rust off and surface prep to give em a coat of flat Rustoleum we're good to go. No bent floor plates, operational problems and they weren't dented."
– Trevor
4.0 5
"Slightly hesitant going forward on this purchase. Generally I spring for the premium stuff but decided to take a shot and order a test run of these. Of the 8 I picked up 7 were in top shape, not like new but lightly used surplus, and 1 was in fair usable condition. Looked like it sat at the bottom of an ammo can in a little water. It works fine, just one side of the neck has some rust pitting. I will be buying more. Probably a couple dozen and will plan on cleaning and refinishing just for my own sake though, the finish was probably a 3/5."
– Derek
2.0 5
"I ordered 6 mags from warehouse 8. They came loose in a bag. Of the 6 , one is useable, no finish left on it . Three are in fairly good shape but two of those have rust just below the insert reinforcement. They will function ok and naval jelly will hopefully take off the rust which is heavy. Two are not functional from rust inside, followers won't work. Still soaking and scrapping. Next will be naval jelly, and maybe I can make the followers free up."
– Glen
5.0 5
"Great mag! Mine can wrapped in paper with a light coat of oil inside and out. Went ahead and disassembled the entire mag and scrubbed it really good with some cleaner. Fits very well in my Yugo M70."
– Check6
5.0 5
"I got mine a few days ago and it has no rust or corrosion on it what so ever. It actually looks better than the mags that came with my AK. Will definitely have to buy 6 or 10 more at this price."
– shin0bi272
4.0 5
"Really appreciate the fast shipping, really like that the magazines weren't full of grease (cosmoline) like my others were, only issue is the finish being so rough but I can always sand them and refinish. Will definitely buy more."
– Phillip
4.0 5
"All the mags I ordered came in in great shape. All worked in my Rifle. But some where a nice blue and some where painted black. Real good mag for the price. Stock up."
4.0 5
"Ordered 4. Came nicely oiled and in great condition. After cleaning, 3/4 worked beautifully. The fourth required some further cleaning/adjustment but cam around as well. Exactly what I was looking for, nothing special. All 4 fit great in my WASR10/63M."
– David B.
3.0 5
"Ordered 2 for my WASR 10-63, to go with the 7 polymer Tapco I have. Arrived 6 days after ordering. I believe these had been sitting in a warehouse for a minute. They came packaged in oil, but took maybe 30 min to take off. Unfortunately, I quickly sold them. Too much mag wobble for me. Would recommend."
– Chuck
4.0 5
"ordered 4 of these. all came covered in grease. couple had pretty nasty pitting. all had good spring tension. clean em up, fill em up. enjoy. will never buy a polymer ak mag after this."
– hotdog_vendor
5.0 5
"I bought 2 of these. They required no cleaning or fixing, just a wipe down from the minor oil coating. They fit perfectly into my C39 and performed without issue. They are easy to load as well."
5.0 5
"They are military used steel magazines. Now for those of us that served think about how we treated our gear. The mags came early, well oiled but dirty. Easy enough to handle and get in shape. 1 of the 5 I ordered had a slightly bent floor plate...again easily fixed. Most importantly...All of them have worked without fail"
– DevilDawg29
4.0 5
"The mag is in good condition and very workable but not \"Excellent\". Always tear down, inspect, clean and lubricate used gun equipment! I found salt residue in the bottom and minor corrosion but nothing that would prevent operation. Would buy again."
– TX Critter
5.0 5
"These are excellent surplus mags. Yes, you should clean them when you get them but it is a labor of love. They function perfectly in a Yugo O-PAP M70. Nice and tight in the receiver. Chewed up about 200 rounds through 5 of these without issue. I will be ordering more soon. Happy shooting!"
– Brandon S.
5.0 5
"Everything I was looking for in an AK mag, solid , reliable and smells like cosmoline just like the gun I bought it for."
– Dan
3.0 5
"I got 4 of these all from warehouse 8 and one of them doesnt feed reliably. I didnt know that was possible with AK steel mags... I thought you had to run over them with a tank to make them not work. I guess you can also order from warehouse 8 too..."
– shin0bi272
4.0 5
"Just got these last week. I've got two factory mags that came with my ak and wanted some more so I ordered 5 from CTD. They came covered in gun oil, which soaked through the box so be ready for that mess. I just used soap and water and they cleaned up fine. Some people mentioned rust which was on one of them but no bigger than a finger nail size spot, so no worries, however, when compared to my factory mags they're very different. The bottom plate is much wider and loose, the springs seem lighter and the top feeder is shaped more like a bullet but doesn't quite reach the top, so I'm a little worried how its going to feed next week. Otherwise they fit fine and \"look\" like factory steel mags."
– Dagwood
5.0 5
"The East European steel body milspec mags are the only viable option for anyone who might depend on their rifle. Note: just like any other AK or accessory it will come to you coated in cosmoline or grease. Strip the mags down completely and place them into a sink filled with HOT soapy water, soak them for about 10 mins. Next line your oven with foil, wait for your old lady to leave, open the windows and turn on the fans and place the stripped mag components into a 400 degree oven for 15-30 mins. Remove them and let them cool and don't apply any oil to them. This is the time to Duracoat or rattle can them because they are degreased. The cosmoline will smoke and stink a bit, but it's not really and issue."
3.0 5
"The mags are not in excellent condition. One is not even Blued. That one had a lot of sand inside. The other has a lot of rust on it. I believe both will be usable after a lot of cleaning. I probably won't order again...I'll check my local shops first."
– techjunkiedb
1.0 5
"Bought 11 of these. 3 are not functional do to dents in the magazine that catch on the riser on the inside. For $18 a piece I figured they would be good for training mags after cleaning them up. But you would expect they would function."
– Adam R
4.0 5
"Ordered 10. All in good shape. Took a lil cleaning to get out the cosmoline. Fit OK to good (a lil wobble when placed in the AK). All (actually taken to the range and fire tested) feed fine, no jams. Does what a mag is supposed to do. Would buy again."
– MW