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Century Arms M91/30 Mosin Nagant Bolt Action Rifle 7.62x54R 26" Barrel 5 Rounds Laminated Stock Black Finish RI660L-X in Good Condition

Century International Arms
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Own a piece of military history! The M91/30 rifle is an updated version of the original Russian M91. Robust and simple, the 91/30 became one of the most successful military arms the world has ever known. Firing the powerful 7.62x54R cartridge, this rifle was the mainstay of the Russian Army in WWII and was produced until 1965.

This rifle is arsenal refinished, rated good condition and comes with accessories. Each gun may show some wear and may not include all of the accessories.

Specifications and Features:
M91/30 Mosin Nagant bolt action rifle
7.62x54R caliber
5 round capacity
Laminated wood stock
26" barrel
48" overall length
8.2 lbs
Arsenal refinished
Rated good condition
May come with: Bayonet, sling, oiler, cleaning kit, pouches and field tool.

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Total number of Reviews: 40

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5.0 5
"Fast Shipping. My FFL received this in a couple days after the order was placed. This rifle looks like it was hardly used. Great condition. Bore and crown looks great. This one doesn't have a date stamp on it so I'm assuming it is a later model. The only thing I'm not happy with is I did not receive the bayonet with the accessories.$160 for the rifle plus FFL fee, 4 hours to disassemble and clean, 15 mins to reassemble, owning my first rifle \"Priceless\". Thank you Cheaper Than Dirt!"
– Bud
5.0 5
"I ordered 2 of these on black friday. Due to weather, shipping and general volume, i did not recieve them until December 20th. I did recieve 4 ammo pouches, a cleaning kit and a bayonet with each riffle. One was dated 1942 and one dated 1941. I have only had a chance to fire one riffle and it did very well. I definitely recommend checking the head space on any military surplus riffle like this one. A few dollars for piece of mind before you fire it. Over all these riffles are a good solid gun, also a very heavy gun."
– Kevin
5.0 5
"Shipping was a little slow, as it took two weeks to get to the FFL that I selected from the CTD list. After three and a half hours of stripping down and cleaning, the condition was better than I had expected. There was one, three inch long deep gouge in the stock, but outside of that all was good. Mine had all of the tool kit, ammo pouches, sling, and oiler, but no bayonet. I got mine at the $129 Day after Thanksgiving price and except for the one gouge, could not be more pleased."
– Scott
5.0 5
"This rifle showed up a tad bit late due to inclimate weather, but I was impressed when I received it. Completely preserved in cosmoline, it came with bayonet, oil can, pouches and tool kit. Once we cleaned it up, it shot like a dream. Very accurate and no missfires. Love this gun."
– Lee
5.0 5
"The Rifle was in very nice condition and not too much cosmoline . Last big caliber Rifle where you can get decently cheap ammo . Got the Sling, Bayonet, cleaning kit, oil bottle, and also 2 ammo pouches. Good deal for the $"
– Col_Hessler
5.0 5
"Excellent Rifle....I fired it and have had no problems . It didnt have too much cosmoline on it and it was not hardened so clean up was kinda easy . Last big round rifle with cheap ammo out there ."
– Col_Hessler
5.0 5
"I bought this rifle as a collector and when it arrived, which was one week after I ordered it, it was beyond my expectations! It is in EXCELLENT condition and although carefully packed in cosmoline, it cleaned up fine with all the nice extras and am looking forward to shooting it! I was happy enough I have ordered ANOTHER ONE from CTD!!! Thanks for a great buy!! Awesome deal!!"
– Rick
5.0 5
"This rifle came complete with pouches, shoulder strap, tools and bayonet.The rifle and other parts were heavily saturated in cosmoline. I couldn't even hold the rifle when I first picked it up from my FFL.After spending hours cleaning, disassembly and cleaning again. Finally reassembled a beautiful rifle. The wood stock is not perfect, but has character.The metal is rust free and date stamped 1943. For a 71 year old gun, it looks great now. After spending so much time with cleaning and restoration, I'm not sure I want to actually shoot it. I might mount it on the wall for decoration!"
– Chris K
5.0 5
"Arrived about 15 days after I ordered. Came with everything mentioned: bayonet, cleaning kit, oil can, field tool. Everything covered in cosmoline. Almost perfect, all serial numbers matching, but the bolt appears to be a forced match. Tula bolt on an otherwise Izhevsk rifle. Rifling looks pretty good, shoots pretty well. No date on barrel, and no date or arsenal mark on receiver tang; research indicates it was probably made in 1942. Overall, great rifle."
– Sam
5.0 5
"Got my Mosin today. Said it was supposed to be in GOOD condition. WELL, it most certainly NOT in good condition. It was in GREAT condition. There is not a nick, scratch, loose part on this rifle. Very little clean up and it came with all the accessories. Love this gun and it fires awesome!!!!! Best $$ I have spent on a \"cheap\" rifle. The accessories it cam with were in great shape, ammo pouches, sling, oiler, tools, bayonet! Love it"
– Bill
5.0 5
"Took about 2 hours to clean the cosmoline off. Rifle looks like was never used came with the bayonet and accessories. Shoots great after aiming front sight. Took to the local range shot about 80 rounds without hesitation or any issues. Would be buying 1 or 2 more soon."
– Roman
5.0 5
"I ordered a pair of these and after doing a lot of reading on the net I was getting very worried about what I was going to get. I really did not have a chance to see much about them when I picked them up.However when I got home I found a pair of sweethearts. Built in 42 & 44, these look like they have hardly been fired from the outside. Both stocks were in great shape, very few dings or dark spots. Once I got the cosmoline off I could tell I was going to be a very happy customer for a very very long time. These rifles are exactly as advertised, in very good used condition. It took about 10-12 patch's down the bore before it quite coming back green. (I'm assuming aged copper fouling) Bores were dark but now are bright and getting better with every patch. I have not yet had a chance to shoot either of these yet, but I have no concerns at this point. Best of all, my two guns had matching serial numbers on all hardware, receiver, bolt, magazine, stock, all ass issued and assembled the first time, all parts correct in good working order. I know I was taking a bit of a gamble on these rifles but it paid off.One bayonet needs a bit of honing, polishing, as it won't quite slide on far enough to twist/lock. That is the only thing I have been able to find so far. Great job CTD!"
– Ghosth
5.0 5
"Bought this to hang on the wall. Mine came with bayonet, sling, tools, cleaning kit, etc. All numbers matched and no over-stamping. Excellent condition. Took some time to get all the cosmoline off, but that's one reason it was in such good shape. Clean bore, everything functions smoothly. Have not fired it, but would not hesitate to do so. Cost way less than my AR-10 and nearly as functional, in an old school way."
– Ben Abney
5.0 5
"Get ready for cleaning took about 3 hours to clean I used boiling water to clean mine it worked great. It took another hour over a hot fireplace to get the rest out of the stock when I was done I ended up with a very new looking rifle with a great looking crown by the way. Great deal would recommend buying a mosin form cheaperthandirt.com to anyone!"
– Danny
5.0 5
"Item was in excellent condition all numbers matching stock is impeccable. Came with all acc. Could not be happier. Thanks Cheaper Than Dirt."
– Chutem
5.0 5
"I ordered two. They arrived in less than a week. 4 hours of cleaning the cosmosnot off of each of them and they were in like new condition. One came with all the tools pouches and the bayonet. The other came with the screwdriver tool and the T handle for the cleaning rod. No muzzle protector or swab tool. It did have both pouches and the oil and solvent bottle. Guess which one my son got? LOL! Both dated 1942. Stocks in great condition and plenty of work space to do checkering. I am wondering how short Chinese men carried these things because they are a heavy and stout weapon. My grandson comment on how they looked like a piece of history. He is right."
– 5WarVeteran
4.0 5
"This gun was in much better condition than expected considering the cost. The FFL even thought the gun was a great buy. The packing grease was more than I wanted to deal with, so I took it to a gunsmith for cleaning. Cannot wait for it to come back."
– Jeff S
5.0 5
"Ive been looking at mosins for a few years now debating on buying one and finally just broke down and went for it. I can happily say I am not disappointed. This looks like it has just very minor use, couple scratches on the stock and that's it. 1942 izhevsk armory all serial # matched and came with all accessories. Headspace was perfect. As many have said before it was caked in cosmoline but a little mineral spirits and elbow grease takes care of that. 4 days to recive at my ffl after I ordered and about another 4 hours cleaning and I was off to the range. Ran 50 rounds through it and was dead on at 100yds out of the box. Great old gun am recomending them to everyone."
– Big D
5.0 5
"I give this gun five stars I absolutely love it!!! It came with all the pieces, shipping was a little slow, but it is a amazing rifle works perfect. I like this gun more than all my other guns :)"
– david_45
3.0 5
"The good: shipping was very fast and the product came packaged well will all of the accessories.The bad: the fit and finish on this one was pretty poor. It was a reconditioned 1942 Izzy and the barrel assembly doesnt match up to the newer laminate stock that it came with. I may be splitting hairs, but the older Tulas I have owned were in much better shape."
– Palmettostater
5.0 5
"I just received my mosin nagant rifle today and it was in great shape. It came with everything listed, pouches and sling etc. The barrel rifling was just fine and there was not any pitting anywhere on the rifle. The rifle was packed with a lot of cosmoline that I had to clean off of everything. This rifle was not new but way better than listed. Overall for me a great buy."
– kangdukwon
5.0 5
"The ordering process was a little strange, but I did get the rifle (oddly enough, my order status page still shows it as being processed by the warehouse, but whatever) after a little under a week. As expected, the rifle was packed with cosmoline, but that came off quickly with boiling water and some paper towels. What I found underneath the goop was a 1936 Tula manufactured rifle that came with two ammo pouches, a sling, cleaning kit (minus the brush, sadly), oil can, and bayonet. This is the first surplus weapon I've purchased, and if every experience goes as good as this one, it probably won't be my last."
– Isaac
5.0 5
"I ordered this rifle on a Friday and received it at my FFL on Wednesday the next week! Very fast shipping from CTD. I received everything with it: an oiler, sling, 2 magazine pouches, cleaning/maintenance kit,cleaning rod,and even a fresh bayonet!! My only complaint, being only superficial, is that the barrel end was painted black for some reason, even though it wasnt rusting. Other than that 5 bullets for the quality of the rifle, shipping, and accessories. Thanks CTD!"
– SgtHunt
5.0 5
"It arrived quickly and in great shape (under a thick coat of cosmoline). I still haven't cleaned it up yet as I have a 1917 Remington Mosin Nagant I've been shooting. I'll clean the brown goo off this week and take that bad boy to the range and see what she'll do. Great price, arrived quickly and promises to be a great deer rifle."
– EdRex
5.0 5
"Got the rifle in 3 business days with everything mentioned, in great condition with a good coat of cosmoline. Stock has minor scratches that were barely noticeable after cleaning, all numbers matching and besides the 2 or 3 little scratches it it looks and feels brand new. No complaints about it. First, but not last order from CTD."
5.0 5
"My Mosin came manufactured by Izhevsk and works great, after cleaning all of the grease off of it the bolt cycles perfectly, no signs of wear, AMAZING finish and has had NO problems so far! Thank you Cheaper Than Dirt!"
– Zachrey
5.0 5
"The rifle shipped quickly and I was absolutely stunned when I opened the box. My Mosin Nagant looks brand new! I have not had a chance to clean the cosmoline off and test it at the range, but I do not anticipate any issues. I am extremely happy with my purchase and would highly recommend buying a Mosin from Cheaper Than Dirt!!"
– Cobra1219
5.0 5
"The Nagant arrived quite quickly (3 days). It was moderately coated in thick preservative which was easily cleaned off and fired 40 rounds with no problems. No malfunctions of any kind and a nice smooth bolt. I only found one small ding in the wood work though not nearly as bad as I was expecting over all. The bayonet, sling, oiler, cleaning kit, pouches and field tool all arrived intact and appear well kept. It was also over $50 less expensive than any I found while shopping around. A great rifle in great condition. Good job CTD you've earned yourself a repeat customer."
5.0 5
"After ordering my rifle and confirming everything with C.T.D. my FFL dealer received my rifle in roughly 4 or 5 days. Rifle wood is in EXCELLENT condition and the other items looked barely used. Great condition! Would def recommend!"
– Rhett Binford
4.0 5
"First off the shipping of this rifle was top notch. Ordered on Friday, my FFL received it Tuesday. The rifle is in great shape and the finish is in pretty good shape considering it is a 1944 rifle. Looks to be original finish and contained a bayonet, 2 on belt magazine holders, oil can, bandage, and sling. No take down tool and the oil can had ruptured and soiled the bandage and sling. The thing was absolutely swimming in cosmoline. However no rust or corrosion is apparent so hey I guess it works. Will buy at least one more from Cheaper Than dirt."
– BlackICE2597
5.0 5
"The rifle I received was in excellent condition. Yes the cosmoline was thick and took some time to get off, but an hour or so later we were good to go. It came with all of the accessories (oil can, bayonet, sling, etc.) Customer service was awesome, my FFL dealer was not on their list so we got that straightened out very easily. Shipping was fast. I will definitely be ordering from CTD in the future."
– Renee
5.0 5
"I got mine and was a little apprehensive at first because of all I have herd about them, But I an very satisfied with gun. Was about a five day turn around from the time I purchased it to the time I received it. Be prepared to spend several hours cleaning it. There are many different ways to do it but I used low odor mineral spirits and a brush and since I have a compressor I could blow every thing clean. The barrel had some pitting but not bad. Absolutely no rust any where stock and metal finish were in great shape. After cleaning the bore and using copper bore brush and Hoppes #9 the barrel shined up like new and the rifling was crisp and sharp. These are re-manufactured weapons so some of the serial numbers have been changed. Over all I am very satisfied and would recommend this to those who are interested as long as you completely know what your buying. Happy shooting."
– Bid Al
5.0 5
"I bought 2 of these beauties. Shipped promptly and both were nearly new looking. A couple of hours on each to get the cosmoline off, and I have 2 very accurate beautiful weapons. Also unexpectedly it is my 17 year old son's new weapon of choice... if you are thinking of getting one do it, you won't be sorry."
– Derwood
5.0 5
"Did not expect to received such a nice looking gun for the price. Received a 1937 M91 matching #'s & w/ acc. Made in the Tula factory. Not a scratch on the stock. Looks like new. More then I expected! Thanks CTD"
– Brad
5.0 5
"Arrived at my FFL two business days after I placed the order. Came with two ammo pouches, oil can, cleaning kit, bayonet, sling. All serial numbers matched, sights were in line with the bore, stock looked really good. Just had to scrape off a pretty thick layer of cosmoline, and I was good to go."
– MosinLover
5.0 5
"Coated in cosmoline but once that came off it shot like a dream. If you're on a budget then this rife is for you"
– Susan
5.0 5
"I was very pleased with the service. Took about five days time from ordering to receiving the weapon. FFL dealer said it looked like I got a good one. Very clean as far as the mechanics of the weapon took about 3 hours to fully clean the weapon of all the grease but it was fun and it gave me time to fully inspect the gun. One thing you need to do is have bolt face space checked by the dealer to make sure it is correct before you shoot the gun. Mine was right on so no problems there. Over all for the money it is a great gun and fun to shoot. You need to make sure you fully understand that this is surplus military. Good shooting and have fun."
– Bid Al
5.0 5
"Ordered 2 rifles. Shipping was quick enough. The 1st rifle is a 1943 Izzy that looks like it is cobbled together from spare parts. The other is a 1943 Tula with matching numbers. Both rifle were in much better shape than I expected. I am pleased!"
– Stinky Stewie
5.0 5
"I had ordered one of these from another site for the same price in very good condition and this one in good condition blew it out of the water! The one I got is an early war gun and is almost dripping in cosmoline. Mind you I'm not complaining about that. The stock looks new and all of the assessories look great too! Now for the fun part..... Cleaning that mess.... Oh and shooting it of course! Would recommend this gun to others! For the age, price and reliability you can't go wrong! Happy shooting!"
– Zeke
4.0 5
"I bought this rifle, somewhat apprehensively (hey, it's military surplus), but was very pleased when it arrived at my FFL. My rifle had been refurbished at the armory, and none of the serialized parts had matching numbers, but everything was in excellent condition. The rifle was covered in cosmoline and required extensive cleaning, but once done, the rifle was a sight to behold. My bore was in perfect condition - extremely bright and shiny with well-defined lands and grooves in the rifling. I was pleasantly surprised to get a pre-war Tula rifle, so the machining was excellent, and as old as it is, I can't see that the rifle was used much, if at all."
– Jon