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Century Arms Chinese Type 53 Bolt Action Carbine 7.62x54R 20.25" Barrel 5 Round Capacity Hardwood Stock Blued RI1968-G

Century International Arms
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Century once again offers you rare examples of Sino-Soviet cooperation from a bygone era! The Type 53 is a copy of the famous Russian M44 carbine, and like its predecessor is chambered in 7.62x54R. Century Arms was able to locate a cache of these carbines where they have been conserved for decades just waiting to be re-issued. Needless to say, these won't be around forever. If you are a collector of Mosin Nagants, this is a fantastic opportunity to add a hard to find carbine to your collection.

Condition: Good used. The current batch of these have rough stocks that will probably need to be refinished. The metal is generally nice, with bluing loss and some rust, but overall, these rifles should function fine. Please give them a good once over before hitting the range.

Specifications and Features:
Century Arms Chinese Type 53 Carbine Bolt Action Rifle
20.25" Barrel
5 Round Capacity
Hardwood Stock
Blued Finish
Overall: 40"
Weighs 9 lbs

Note: This rifle is used surplus and condition may vary. By purchasing this gun you accept you will receive a used gun graded in good condition by Century Arms. No choice or handpicking. Guns can not be returned for any reason. We do not ship to C&R license holders.

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Total number of Reviews: 53

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4.0 5
"Great buy for a budget bolt rifle; period. The sights only dial back to 200 meters, so if the bad guy is closer, aim for the belt buckle and you will hit center mass every time. Bolt action is smooth, minor wear on the stock as to be expected. I had one small burr on the trigger guard that I filed down to make it smooth. Bonus was a factory installed flip out bayonet! A real boom stick for sure. Very happy, might order another for redundancy before they are gone. Thanks CTD!"
– Suburban Survival
4.0 5
"Not a bad rifle! Surprisingly, it was not, yeah not, caked in cosmoline like so many other Nagant rifles. The stock is pretty dirty, and appears to have dried cosmoline or some other substance it was stored in. I haven't had a chance to clean it up completely and give it a range test, but I imagine it will meet expectations, as so many of these do. Note: not all the numbers on the gun matched. Not a big deal for me, as I haven't seen too many of these, so I imagine this may be standard."
– Ktard
4.0 5
"As with all surplus rifles, I was hoping for \"never been fired, only dropped once,\" and this did not disappoint. Action is smooth, flip out bayonet is great for second kind of cool. Minor wear to stock as expected, but overall very pleased. No-brainer for a budget bolt gun. Yes, you have to lay out a little more scratch than a full size Mosin 91/30, but I like the carbine size so much better. All serial numbers matched, GREAT price for a boom stick that can actually reach out at distance and touch someone. May get another for redundancy before they are gone!"
– Russman
2.0 5
"When I received the rifle, I had to clean out the barrel to find the rifling damaged and in bad shape. The gunsmith I had looked at it and stated he would rate the gun in poor condition. Just be careful with this one!"
– Jim
1.0 5
"I was expecting a dirty gun and that is just what I got. I cleaned it up as good as I could. Took it out to shoot it and fired one 7.62x54R round. The round stuck in the chamber. Took a chamber brush and cleaned the chamber. Chambered second round and this jammed as well. Very disjointed."
– Jon
4.0 5
"Rifling and action appear to be good, but the stock needed some major TLC. But we\uFFFDll say it has character. Numbers did not match but that's not a big deal to me. If you are looking for a guarantee of a great out of the box gun, ready to go, this isn\uFFFDt it. If you want a cheap gun project, for the price this can\uFFFDt be beat. My son and I have torn it down and are refinishing the stock now (did I say it needed a lot of TLC\uFFFDa lot). If it doesn\uFFFDt perform at the range, it will make a nice display to hang on the wall. For the price, it\uFFFDs worth the gamble and a fun project gun. Good condition...is a bit of a stretch in describing it. UPDATE: I had originally thought 2 or 3 bullets after receiving it and seeing the extreme poor quality of the stock. After some TLC and refinishing of the stock, and a very deep clean of the metal, it turned out to be a beautiful rifle. Took it to the range and it shot true. Others at the range had to check it out. A great addition to the collection for the price. Thus, I am upping my rating."
– Jeepers
4.0 5
"I ordered one of these Type 53 rifles because I wanted the carbine style. In my view, calling these rifles \"Good Condition\" is a bit of a stretch. Mechanically, the gun was OK, but its condition was fair at best. The stock was so coated with grime as to be almost black. The metal was in a similar state. The bore was so filled with fouling that it took half a dozen cleaning sessions to just see the rifling. However, once I got the gun cleaned up and the stock refinished, I think it will be a good gun. It is going to take a lot of work to reach that point. If you want a gun that you can take out of the box and go right to the range, keep looking! If you want a personal gunsmith project, then get out your credit card."
– Terry L.
5.0 5
"I ordered this rifle with fingers crossed and was pleasantly surprised. Serial number matching did not concern me, but the only mismatch was the bolt. The rifle looks good for being almost 60 years old. Furniture has some wear but what can you expect? I think the scratches and one major ding just gives this type 53 character. Bore looks damn good, bright, and clean with no damage. Haven't fired it yet. I want to break it down and do a major cleaning and inspection. But, I cycled the action with rounds and the rounds cleanly ejected, so I suspect this rifle will be a good shooter. UPDATE: Went to the range last Saturday. Overall, I am happy. I had some minor issues with bolt locking up after 3 or 4 rounds fired. I cleaned the weapon again and got the dental tools and my headlamp out for the chamber. There was some deeply embedded cosmoline in the chamber and I think when it heated up, it was causing the sticky bolt. Fires great. I am not the best shooter but was able to get nice groups."
– RandyB
4.0 5
"The carbine received was much better than expected. The bore and bolt assembly are in excellent shape for a 55 year old rifle. After treating with mineral spirits to remove cosmoline and a cleaning, the rifle is very serviceable. The stock definitely reflects use and will need to be refinished. All serial numbers matched except for the bolt. The bolt operates very crisply. Very pleased with my purchase and may buy another for my son."
– Jbaggie88
4.0 5
"Decided to get a second one. This one was truly in good condition. Cleaned it up, refinished the stock and took it to the range. It shot true and kicked like a mule. I\uFFFDve only seen one Mosin carbine in the last few gun shows and haven\uFFFDt seen any in the gun stores in quite a while. Get one before they are gone. Take your time cleaning and refinishing it. Give it your personal touch and it will be unique. Thanks, CTD!!!!"
– Jeepers
4.0 5
"This is a pretty solid rifle. If you're thinking about getting it, GET IT! My stock needs some work but over all, it's a good rifle."
– J. Dod
4.0 5
"My T53 took about a week to come in to my local FFL dealer. As others have stated, the stock is beat. Action is smooth. My rifle didn't have a lot of cosmoline and overall, shape is good. There is a lot of cool matching China unit symbols on the receiver and on the bolt, but can only be seen when the bolt is removed. They look like pyramids. Bolt and rifle numbers do match.Now the bad: bore isn't shiny. Rifling is good but a bit of rust was in there. I suspect a diet of corrosive ammo. I'm sure the rifle is capable of at least 100 yard line as is.I'm a little concerned with accuracy but am willing to invest in a little barrel repair, if necessary, because the rest of the rifle is good shape.For historic value and rough use, this rifle is hands down a winner. If for nothing else, a great trunk monkey."
– T53
1.0 5
"\"Used Good\" is a flat out misrepresentation in my case. Stock is black and heavily marked and dented, very little if any bluing remains, no numbers match any other numbers. Worse than all that, the rifle looks like it was dragged over concrete. The metal butt plate and bolt end are heavily gouged and are not cosmetically repairable.I have ordered several Mosins online and have been pleased each time. My complaint here is that the gun is described by CTD as \"Good Used\" condition. According to some reviews, you may get one like that. I want others to know it is possible to get a rifle that is in \"Poor Very Used and Beat Up\" condition too. I did contact customer service shortly after my purchase but they were not able to do anything for me.Since I bought mine they have lowered the price. Prob a reason for that."
– Disappointed
4.0 5
"Picked this up to fill the \"large caliber rifle hole\" in my gun safe. The wood has definitely seen its days in the field. But the action functions flawlessly, the firing pin looks almost brand-new, the sites are true, and the hole is big!! All an all, a great gun for the money. It would work great as a truck gun or as a cheap big bore target rifle with the mil surplus running at this price. BUY IT!"
– Texas21
1.0 5
"I was basically mailed a box full of garbage. I looked for a note asking \"Please throw this away for us.\" It is not even CLOSE to good condition, the bolt is basically a slab of rust, the stock crumbles in my hands when holding it, and there is bore damage in the center. I had to leave it at the FFL for the gunsmith to quote me on getting it to usable condition (if possible). Luckily, they just got a crate of the same thing in for the same price, in good condition."
– asdfate
1.0 5
"Bolt cycles well and that's about it. Stock is almost black, rust on top of receiver."
– David
4.0 5
"I bought two of these for Christmas gifts for myself and my girlfriend this year.One was in good shape, and I gave it to her. The second one had some initials carved in the stock, and looked to be in a bit rougher condition compared to the other, but that's OK. If you ask me, it means this rifle is LEGIT and saw some action!I'm very pleased with both, and for the price, they were a decent deal.I would buy them again at that price.Buy two, as it seems there is a 50/50 chance of getting a good one and a rough one."
– Derek K.
5.0 5
"I crossed my fingers when I ordered the Rifle after reading the reviews\uFFFD I guess I got lucky. The rifle showed up looking pretty beaten up at first glance. I took it home after a quick inspection to make sure everything cycled fine and didn't fall apart when I picked it up. After sitting down at home with it and looking at the pieces up close I'm pleasantly surprised. Maybe I just got lucky, but this rifle has almost zero corrosion on the bolt and inside the bore. The chamber looks decent although it will need a thorough cleaning since it's got some cosmoline in there. The wood stock, although a nice deep red, is pretty beat up. That doesn't bother me. There are dings and small dents in the wood but the wood isn't cracking or splintery. I'll strip the wood, sand it a bit, then refinish it. Overall, I honestly could not have been more pleased. For a sixty year old rifle it is in amazing mechanical condition. I crossed my fingers and ordered hoping I wouldn't get a junker. I did not. I hope you don't either!"
– Alex From Denver
4.0 5
"Stock was rough as others have said. Everything else was very good. I found a small speck of rust on the front site and that was it. Blueing is just okay. It came with a cleaning rod only. Getting it ready to shoot didnt take nearly as long as some surplus rifles, but plan on setting aside some time. The first time I shot this, everyone at the range stopped what they were doing and looked. Two (who came up to me later to talk) saw it and smiled, the rest just looked like they wanted to know what made all that noise!"
– Eric from SC
2.0 5
"Ordered this on December 8th and it arrived on 17th ... broken in half at the grip due to no packing materials in the box. The stock was pretty beat up as indicated by other reviewers, and there was a lot more rust on the metal than I would have expected (a few 1/8\" spots inside the receiver, a nickel-sized spot on top of the receiver, and a fair amount on the bayonet, along with smaller spots here and there. Regarding being broken in half, CTD basically told me it wasn't their problem and I had to take it up with the vendor (Century). Between shipping times both ways and the holidays, I finally received the replacement on 1/14. The stock was pretty beat but the metal looked good. All numbers matched except for the bolt. It cleaned up decent and the gunsmith gave it a clean bill-of-health. The rating is a combination of the two guns plus the experience."
– Kentucky Shooter
4.0 5
"I got one .sure its a rough one ,but for 175 I might get another. Bayonet is cool."
– Kevin minn
5.0 5
"Ok, I ordered my M53 on Tues. 02/05 and was called today Thurs. 02/07 and advised it was ready for pickup. Admittedly, I was able to use CTD's McKinney, TX store as my FFL, but Man that was quick. The gun is in \"good\" shape..the stock is pretty beat up, but hey...it was made in 1954 and most likely used. No rust, was sticky with cosmo and needs cleaning like expected. The sights are straight, the bayonet works great and all the blue is in great condition. Numbers don't match, but that is not uncommon. The stock has a little chuck out of it...and needs some cleaning, but is in overall good shape...no cracks...very solid. Though very dirty, the barrel looks like the rifling is in great shape and still shiny with little or no pitting. I'm VERY happy to have a piece of history and can't wait to shoot it. I'm using it as a back up for my AR. It's a very solid dependable rifle, a huge round that is very cheap, even in this market."
– MBlack
4.0 5
"I picked mine up yesterday. I knew it was somewhat hit or miss on the condition. I hit a home run! The stock is in great condition. There are a few small dings, but it is solid and the wood is in great shape, with nice grain. The stock is soaked through with cosmiline, and will require refinishing, but that was expected and desired. The metal is in good shape as well, with about 80% of the bluing still there. The barrel is shiny. None of the numbers match, but that was no surprise. If you live near the CTD McKinney retail store, have it shipped there, no ffl transfer fee! This and the free shipping, offset the slightly high price."
– Eric in Dallas
5.0 5
"Ordered it expecting it to be beat up and in rough shape. When I picked it up for the first time at the gun shop I had it transfered to I was immediately impressed. It was dirty but it looked solid. After cleaning it up I only fell more in love with this gun. It has many great features. The serial numbers everywhere but the bolt match, the barrel is shiny with sharp rifling, and the action slides incredibly smooth (better than my 30-06 hunting rifle). The stock is beat but solid has great character with a name carved into it. Most interesting rifle I have ever handled!"
– Ben
3.0 5
"A year ago I bought a 9130, refinished it, added a scope and love it. Had been looking for an M44, gave up and bought a pair of these. The Russians stored theirs in Cosmolene, but it looks like the Chinese stored theirs in monkey dung. It did clean up, but I spent a good 8 hours on each. The barrels are sound, but required lots of cleaning before the patches came out anything except green. Bolt assemblies are not tight, but are functional. Trigger springs are soft on both, so if you do not replace them, expect the bolt to fall out between rounds on occasion. Stripped the stocks and hand rubbed with teak oil for a finish, preserving all the markings and scars. When done, I have 2 carbines that shoot well, and are rock solid. They can't match the 9130 at 200 yards, but at 100 they are almost as tight."
– David Folsom
4.0 5
"I got my m53 today after deciding to take a gamble, wasn't thrilled it was loose in a card board box with no padding at all. That said the metal on it was good, the barrel rifling was excellent, the stock had seen heavy abuse but still useable. Bolt action was surprisingly smooth. Overall I am very happy with it."
– Nexus
5.0 5
"I got a 1953.7 built at the Qongqin factory. Excellent metal, excellent bore, all matching serial numbers (bolt too!), and very good stock. Thanks CTD!"
– Yan Deng
4.0 5
"Got this gun about a week after ordering it. At first I was suspicious because the box was damaged and the gun was loose on the inside. After inspecting it closer, the rifle was 10x better than I was expecting it to be. Given that I am going to have to work the cosmoline out of the wood every year for the next foreseeable future, this gun is quickly becoming my favorite. Can't wait to see a bear in front of it."
– Michael - SC
4.0 5
"I was pleasantly surprised when I got my Type 53. The wood stock has been through the ringer as I expected it to be, but the metal is in surprisingly great shape. The bore looked nice even without cleaning (bore wasn't dark/can clearly differentiate between lands and grooves) and the bolt cycles pretty easy. I'm happy that I picked one up!"
– T Moore
5.0 5
"I have to say, this rifle was far better than I expected. After disassembling and cleaning with 3 cans of carburetor cleaner to remove the cosmoline I found a nice shiney bore with excellent rifling. I oiled it up and action was very smooth. I took it to the range today and had no problems whatsoever. I had 4 inch groups at 250yds. It's a tough battle proven rifle you just don't have to worry about."
– Jeremy
1.0 5
"Came in a box with no padding or wrap at all, just a loose rifle in a box with a hole punched in the end from it sliding in the box. Upon opening, it filled my living room with a horrid mold smell. All of the wood was dry rotted, chipped, cracked and gouged. Almost no finish left at all. The metal under the wood was corroded and bubbling all along the barrel. This rifle claims to be graded in good condition and what I received is less then poor. First and last time buyer. No returns, lesson learned."
– steve b
4.0 5
"After I ordered, I told a friend and 10-20 minutes later they were sold out. I figured I got the last one and therefore the worst one. Not the case. Wasnt alot of cosmolene, as somebody had cleaned but not a great job as the barrel had some. The barrel inside was also dirty as all hell, Took 2 hours on the barrel alone but the rifeling is good. I plan on buying a modern stock and a scope (not the nagant period scope) and making a nice scoped shooter. I thaught the price was a lil bit high, But free shipping was nice."
– Yogi
5.0 5
"Beat to hell and covered in \"monkey dung\", this thing came as I had expected, but after digging through the layers of grime, I got a rifle with 99% of the bluing, a mirror-finish bore, and a clean bolt that is smoother than that on my .270. Granted I did get a Frankenstein rifle I am very satisfied with its performance."
– preston
5.0 5
"Received the rifle in a box with no padding. The rifle was covered in cosomline but I figured it would. Cleaned up pretty good. Shoots amazing after a good cleaning. CtD took good care of me with my issues. Thank you Cheaper than Dirt for amazing customer service."
– MCampbell
4.0 5
"cleaned, made sure firing pin is at good length...shoots.did not get anything with the gun (like a cleaning kit)."
– SivaN
4.0 5
"As suspected I purchased a weapon that would be beat up and full of dings. I got it. It even had intials carved into it. Yet I'm happy that I got weapon with matching serial numbers. I plan on replacing the stock to synthetic at some point so I wasn't too worried about the wood stocks condition. Caked it cosmoline, but that was to be expected. I cleaned the bolt group and fired the next day. I am liking this gun. I am happy to own a piece of history."
– Jim
5.0 5
"The stock looks like it had been used for everything from chopping block to entrenching tool-dings, cracks, cuts, gouges, and chunks missing all over it. Got it cleaned up took it out today for the first time and ran 20 rounds through it. I half expected the stock to split after the first couple of rounds, it did not. After the first 5 rounds I was able to hit dead red with a 2 inch 5 round grouping at 50 yards with the rest of the box. It is a joy to fire this rifle. looking forward to trying at longer range next outing. I was hoping to get a straight shooting T-53 with a crappy stock so I can drop it into a Archangel stock without having to worry about ruining a fine rifle. I am very pleased with my purchase although if you are hoping to get a T-53 with a decent stock I am not really sure your chances are too good."
– RgrJH90
1.0 5
"I bought two of these, one for my son-in-law and one for myself. Used condition is one thing, unable to fire is another. They were very rough, but that was OK. However, at some point someone had taken a punch or other instrument and beat on this rifle around the receiver and the end of the chamber. Apparently, nobody noticed. The bolt would not even close without great effort. I got the receiver filed so the bolt would operate smoothly, but the chamber end of the barrel is a mess. It will not chamber a round without great effort and chewing up the end of the cartridge. The rifle is junk. If I ever want to use it, I now have to buy a barrel. I guess I'll have to as I bought 440 rounds of ammo as well. This rifle just got very expensive for a \"deal\".Do yourself a favor, don't buy these. True, you may get lucky or you may get screwed. I got screwed. :(VERY disappointed in CTD and Century Arms."
– Screwed and Blue
5.0 5
"This turned out to be one heck of a great idea. The rifle came in about a week, and as I suspected, it was covered in cosmoline. It's a surplus rifle, I fully expected worse. Once cleaned, the stock was still in great shape, and everything functioned perfectly. I have put 100+ rounds through it, I love it. It's accurate, and it's a beast. For the price, it is a perfect hunting rifle. I plan to purchase another."
– Justin
4.0 5
"Received my rifle quickly. The stock IS quite a bit beat up and the rifle does have some very minor surface rust. This is to be expected for a 50+ year Chinese surplus rifle. IT IS graded at GOOD condition and it is exactly that. It is a bit disappointing that it appears to be missing the factory cleaning rod beneath the barrel. However, I did buy it knowing it might need a little work and minor parts. Very pleased (minus the cleaning rod)."
– 2A6X5
1.0 5
"What a piece of junk, the stock is horrible. You will need a new one, good luck. The interupter/ extractor jams every round. The front sight is staked so it won't drift for adjustment. The bolt is rusted. A very expensive piece of junk. The Bore is black, rusted, and pitted."
– glewis
4.0 5
"Item was better than pic in that it had a walnut stock in good shape, also had cleaning rod. No matching numbers on anything. Rifling was bright and strong after cleaning. Barrel had some rust in a couple of places as welll as bolt. All in all it cleaned up pretty well. Have not had it out to range report yet."
– jmj75862
4.0 5
"As everyone comments the stock is rough, but no cracks or chunks missing. Two small areas of surface rust. Bluing overall is good. Bolt operates smooth, trigger is exceptional, barrel looks like new. I got a great one, thanks CTD."
– Gary
4.0 5
"I open the box and what do I see? Exactly what they told me I would get. Looked pretty rough but that's what cosmolene does makes it look ten times worse than it is. Immediately took apart and gave the metal parts a nice steamy hot water bath. Then wiped all moisture off and wiped down with Hoppes #9 then gave her a good lube down. Inside of the barrel is great very defined rifling and gleams like silver. Outside bluing is in that half way state which I think adds to the gun. Stole the wife's hair dryer and set out to bleeding the cosmolene out of the wood took about an hour of bleeding and wiping. Then took a old leather work glove and gave the stock a good rubdown to get all splintery pieces off. Was going to do a complete overhaul until I got it back together and saw the history in her... If you want a pristine mil surp gun go get something else. If you want a unique historical hard hitting truck gun get this."
– Scott
5.0 5
"Picked up rifle from FFL dealer and was exactly as described. Pretty rough stock but for me it tells the history! Stock still very useable. Bore in excellent shape w no rust. Bolt was a little rusty but with a little clean up it functions fine. I have now shot well over 200 rounds through it and it functions flawlessly. Much more kick than the 91/30. Would recommend!!!"
– Dave
5.0 5
"I love these old rifles!! I know you never know what shape the will be in when you get them. First thing I do is strip them, rebuild the stock cut the \"extra\" wood around the barrel and simi sporterized the gun, and give them new life they are great guns, although you use \"iron\" sights, it makes an excellent brush gun, and they are accurate!! If you can see it you can shoot it!! Besides all that, it's enjoyable to \"renew\" a gun. It's like taking an old Chevy Chevette and make it a working pick up. When I can afford some more, a am going to buy as many as I can!!"
– Mike Barro
3.0 5
"Rifle stock was better than I expected. Not a lot of kicks or deep scratches. I expect it will clean up well. The metal had a fair amount of rust I was not expecting that. I will clean it up the best I can. Bore was dirty but in good shape and cleaned up well. The bolt handle was very rusty but the rest of the bolt looks good. No matching numbers. All in all a pretty neat piece of history for not much money. I'll see how it shoots soon."
– Mayornorm
4.0 5
"I bought 2 of these at the same time a few months ago hoping to make one decent rifle out of the two. Rifles arrived better than expected condition. cleaned up the cosmoline and took to the range. Both rifles performed well. chambers, crown, bore are all in good condition. only a few nicks in the stock to be expected. overall a good deal for the price. I guess its the luck of the draw, since all of these rifles conditions vary."
– Alvin
4.0 5
"Purchased one of these just for fun. Bore was bright and after a good cleaning it shot great. Little TLC and time these guns turn out great with a little sanding and polishing."
– Kybar
3.0 5
"My dad and I purchased 4 of these hoping we could get 2 or 3 in good shape. Yes stocks were rough and metal had some rust. All but 1 was on target. All cleaned up really nice it only took some sanding, finish and some bluing. Now these guns look great and shoot as good as they look. BEWARE: if you don't work on guns then you might be disappointed in the shape they are in. My dad is a gunsmith so we both have experience."
– shooter
4.0 5
"I have wanted a WWII rifle to restore and hang up but I wanted it to function. Just incase. The rifle arrived on time. Packaging was great. The rifle suffered some damage at some point but the packaging was not harmed. I contacted CTD and they took great care of me. I will be looking forward to doing business with them again.The Rifle- came covered in Cosmoline which I expected. Showed battlefield wear and tare which adds character to it to me. took me about 24 hours to clean all the grease off. Functions great. Have shot about 100 rounds through it and no complaints. Word of advice this things kicks harder than my .308 Remington. The Steel buttplate may not help that. All in all I would have given the rifle 5 stars if not arrived broken. But like I said CTD was more than willing to help me correct the error."
– MattC
4.0 5
"Great gun. Easily customize and upgrade to fit individual needs.Bit of a beast on recoil , you won't regret buying a but pad!"
– jan9mil
4.0 5
"This is one ugly rifle that shoots like a beast ! I love the way it shoots. Working on getting it cleaned up."
– HH