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Centurion 5mm Remington Magnum Jacketed Hollow Point, 30 Grain, 2300 fps, 50 Round Box, AC5MM

Centurion Ordnance
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Are you ready to get that old Remington rifle out of the closet?
Now you can shoot it without paying a dollar a shot, for obsolete ammunition. Centurion Ammo is manufactured by TECNOS, located in Mexico using the elite Eley Prime system for its production. High quality standards and innovation are the cornerstones of the TECNOS companys philosophy.

Caliber: 5 MM Remington Magnum
Bullet Weight: 30 Grains
Bullet Type: Jacketed Hollow Point Projectile
Muzzle velocity: 2300 fps.
Muzzle energy: 352 ft/lbs.
Eley primed.
50 Rounds per Box

**Can also be used with the 2008 Models from Taurus, Savage, Thompson Center, and Rossi.

Total number of Reviews: 25

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5.0 5
"thank god its about time i can break out the old remington 5mm mag and start shooting"
– jason
5.0 5
"Amen Jason! Now we can shoot the ol' Remington again. I've tried for years to get them to start making ammo again. Glad someone did."
– Big Daddy
5.0 5
"I thought all was lost and I was about ready to discard my old Rem 528 that I have owned since 1969. By sheer luck I found these and see where they are producing this cartridge again. It is so far superior to the Win .22 Mag it is like comparing apples and oranges. The uncanny accuracy and hitting power of the 5mm make this a small varmint hunter's dream. I hope the 30 grain matches up to the original Remington. I have killed many a jackrabbit and ground squirrel with my 5mm and now, thanks to Centurian, I can do so again. Thanks Centurian!!!!!!!"
– gnorf
5.0 5
"Aguila has resurrected my vintage Remington Model 591 rifle. Thank you, Aguila. I cleaned my little Remington and mounted a Barska 4x16x40mmvarmint scope. After sighting my rifle, I loaded two magazineswith the gleaming Centurion Ammo. I set up two dozen four inchclay pigeons on a rocky outcrop at distances varying from 120 to150 yards. With jacks, cottontails, and squirrels watching me, I proceed to blast the tiny orange targets. This ammo is accurate! There were no misfires. Every shell ejected cleanly,no hangups. This Centurion ammo is high quality stuff. I hope CZ-USA manufactures a bolt gun in this caliber. Thank you Cheaper Than Dirt for offering this ammo at a fair price. I'm ordering another 300 rounds."
– Long Range Shooter
5.0 5
"Got my 591 out and shot it with this new ammo great ammo better than anything remington made.looking foward to shooting this little gun from now on hope other manufactures will notice this great cal. (would not buy any ammo from remington if they did start making it again)."
– happy camper
5.0 5
"Awesome, got out my 592. I only had 8 remington bullets left! The ammo was great and my gun was still sighted in after all these years!"
– Cowboydave
5.0 5
"Glad someone is making ammo for my Remington 592 again! Will save my last 4 boxes of org. Remington ammo and buy the Centurion ammo to shoot. The 5 MM Remington was one of the best rimfire rounds ever produced."
– DannyM
3.0 5
"This is cool for those who already have this gun in the closet, but only 100 fps faster at the muz than the Hornady or CCI polymer tip 30 gr 22 mag, and identical at 100 yds for $5 more a box ?! ... I will keep my 22 mag thank you with its many bullet options."
– Coyote Caller
5.0 5
"I went out to the Range with my Rem 592 with Nikon 3-9 Prostaff and my new Centurian 5mm ammo. The guy next to me was shooting his Ruger M77 in the 17HMR and a 3-12X40 250.00 scope. After watching me shoot at 50 yards he asked if I wanted to shoot for a 1.00 a shot total of 10 at 100 yards and tighest group would win the 10.00. He could cover his group with a quarter, while i inner locked all shot and covered with a dime. I love this stuff. better groups than my old Rem ammo."
– Matthew
5.0 5
"The 592 lives again!! An old friend is back...if you've ever shot a 5mm, you're hooked for life. Best turkey gun I ever used, by far...no picking out pellets, and you don't scare everything for 1/4 mile around. Taurus has the pistol out, and others should follow, I hope. Couple more bullet choices will avoid Remmy's stupidity of the first generation."
– MCBurcke
5.0 5
"I've shot 17's and 22 mags, the 5mm Remington rimfire is byfar more powerfull than the 17 hmr, and 10X more accurate than the 22 magnum. Its a shame Remington didnt continue this round, now it would be king of the hill, 15 bucks a box is cheap compared to reloading a hornet or 223. especially when you cant even get primers now. Its a lot of bullet for the money, and a 3/4 in group at a hundred is bout as good as i can shoot, i dont know just how accurate the 5 mm is, cause its better than i am! ron"
– Ronnieboy
3.0 5
"It's great to have my Remmington 591 to shoot chucks with again. I've had this gun since 69'. I've guarded the last four boxes of Remmington ammo due to the cost. But now I can wreck havoc on the chucks again. This ammo is as accurate as the Remmington. The only problem with it, is that it isn't as pointed as the Remmington; therefore, it does'nt always chamber as well and will often jam. But when you only need one shot, the cost of this ammo far outweights the inconvience."
– 08guage
5.0 5
"When I heard Centurion was bringing back the Remington 5mm I picked up two boxes right away as a christmas present for my father. He has an old Remington 591 and hasn't had ammo for it since the 80's! Took the stuff to the range and we were punching 1.5\" groups at 100 yards with ease! Great ammunition, great price! And super fast delivery!"
– Remington 5mm
5.0 5
"This stuff has 11,000 more psi than the 22 magnum, and far more accurate too. I ordered a box for my dad, for Christmas, and he was expecting 22 mags, his usual present from by brother. He was really happy and was happy with the groupings, too. Overall, this is really great ammo."
– the hunter
5.0 5
"Bout time someone came to the rescue of 5mm shooters! Shame on you Remington for not making ammo available for their customers. This ammo works just fine in my 591 and 592 rifles. Thanks Centurion."
– George.
5.0 5
"I just acquired the remmy 592 and was delivered with 500 rounds of this ammuniton, I have heard complaints that its not accurate etc.. my experience was different I actually am very fond of this lil cartridge, My remmy was doing lil ragged holes at 25 & 50 yards.. I'll prolly buy yet another brick cause this ammo is going to dissapear from my storage ASAP. This ammo is great try it, you'll be glad you did."
– Juanjo
5.0 5
"Thank goodness someone is producing quality ammo for this great cartridge. I bought my 592 in 1970 and fell in love with it. It was deadly on jackrabbits, foxes and javelinas! I have had a .17 HMR for over 3 years, and although it shoots faster and is accurate, it cannot match the killing power of the 5mm. And in my experience with the .22 magnum, it isn't even in the same ballpark in accuracy or killing ability! Now, will reputable firearms companys build some rifles that will show what this exceptional cartridge can do? The new Centurion ammo is GREAT!"
– Bill
5.0 5
"I am almost afraid to shoot any more of my ammo. I'm afraid I may run out and they quit making it again and have to wait another 20 years. I love this stuff. Thanks for making it again. Love this site too!"
– Terry
5.0 5
"Several years ago my brother in law died and one of the things he gave me was on old Remington 5mm. He told me that he couldn't find ammo for it but that he liked it when new. I found two boxes of old Rem. Ammo but have been reluctant to use it. When I saw your ammo I bought a brick and tried it. Not only did it function flawlessly but the scope that came with the rifle still was zeroed. I now have an addition that is fast becoming a favorite. Thanks CTD keep up the good work"
– Affinity
5.0 5
"Aguila is now loading the white box 5mm with a new bullet design. The bullet profile looks very similar to the shape of the \"yellow box\" varmint version (longer, exposed lead tip, and shallower ogive). Should improve the external ballistics compared to the original loading, which had a more rounded profile."
– Issa Akhbar
5.0 5
"I was very pleased with CTD, it was great to order from , very prompt with shipping it right out and getting to me in a timely manner, will order again for sure! Thanks CTD."
– Roy
5.0 5
"I was very happy to see Centurion make the the 5MM again, my dad had the 592 sence The 70's and I love shooting it, my dad gave it to me when I turned 18, I was disappointed when they quit making the 5MM, the gun sat for years, but now I have the 591 to go with the 592, and will be buying more ammo from CTD."
– John
5.0 5
"This was my third order of the Centurion 5mm magnum ammo. I was a little disappointed that the cost has gone up by approximately a dollar a box since my last order, but CTD still has the lowest price I've been able to find anywhere. Shipping was fast and not expensive. I'll probably be ordering another brick before long."
– Zeke
5.0 5
"Love the accuracy."
– pathfinder
5.0 5
"Excellent ammo for the price"
– scott