Cass Creek Amplifier Goose Electronic Game Call

Cass Creek International LLC
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Some hunting situations call for volume. The AmpliFire Goose Electronic Game Call from Cass Creek gives you the big sound of a stand-alone speaker in a compact, easy-to-transport, easy-to-use, one-piece game call.

Specifications and features:
Cass Creek AmpliFire series goose electronic call
Built-in speaker
Real sounds of snow and Canada geese
10 different calls
One-handed control
Loud sounds up to 120db
Speaker input jack
LED indicator light

Snow goose sounds:
Snow greeting: high-pitched, excited repetitive call
Snow flock: flock chorus lures small groups of passing geese
Feeding flock: contented flock honks and clucks of feeding geese
Flock landing: lures geese to land and joins the decoys
Specklebelly greeting: excited contact calls when flocks of geese meet

Canada goose sounds:
Comback call: pleading series of hail calls attempting to draw back passing or departing geese
Feeding call: low-volume call of contentment among geese in a feeding zone
Laydown call: descending geese, quick and repetitive single-note call when landing
Greeting call: excited contact call often made when one group of geese meets another
Hail call: long-distance greeting made up of a series of spaced, rhythmic honks