Carlson's 12 Gauge Mossberg 835 and 935 Ported Turkey Choke Tube 17-4 Blued Stainless Steel 70010

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Carlson's choke tubes are among the best in the business, and provide dependable service for a lifetime to their owners. High quality steel, and tight tolerances ensure the best possible patterns in all of your shotguns. Carlson's Ported Turkey chokes are designed to allow for quick follow up shots, and tight patterns, maximizing your odds of bringing home dinner!

Designed for the serious turkey hunter, each Super Full Choke has been specifically bored to throw the optimum pattern at short and long distances. Each choke is ported allowing gases to escape quickly reducing recoil and muzzle jump in the process. Each Choke Tube is manufactured from aircraft stainless steel and a blue non-reflective finish has been added. Lifetime warranty.

Specifications and Features:
12 Gauge Mossberg 835 and 935
Poorted turkey choke tube
Turkey constriction
Stainless steel
Reduced recoil and muzzle jump

12 Gauge Mossberg 835 and 935
Any Accu-Mag shotgun

Item#: 7-70010