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Carbon Steel Handmade Sword with Bowed Brown Hand Forged By Master Craftsman

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Hand forged with attention to detail. 27 1/2" razor sharp carbon steel blade with temper line and cotton wrapped 14" handle for two handed strokes. Includes cotton sword bag, table stand, and packed in cloth covered box. Good quality overall.

More than 2,600 years ago the city of Longquan was known as the "City of Treasured Swords" for their precision hand forged swords. No edged weapon in history has ever been surrounded with such mystique and tradition like the Japanese sword. As the "Soul of the Samurai" these swords are forged in almost a religious like act to be the most prized gift a warrior could receive.

Ryumon and Masahiro swords are hand forged by Master Craftsmen with years of experience from Longquan. These masters combine modern knowledge with traditional secrets to produce superior quality swords with enhanced durability, sharpness and exquisite craftsmanship.

The blades are hammered out, folded and hammered again, up to 12 times, to produce a blade that has a Rockwell Hardness of 57 on the edge and 45 on back of the blade. Creating a blend that holds an edge, resists chips and marks but is durable, flexible and does not rebound when struck. This hand forging process is extremely labor intensive requiring long hours of effort by a skilled craftsman. The quality of these swords is phenomenal in detail but limited in supply. You will cherish these swords as other warriors have for over 25 centuries. 
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5.0 5
"For the price, this sword is pretty cool. Not a battle blade by any means, but definitely a nice show blade or even light practice. for the price, you can beat the crap out of it without feeling too bad. Temper line looks a little sketchy, but it's a $50 sword. all in all, great feel, pretty good balance(about 3 inches above the handguard), and a great looking presentation. one minor detail, the box was pretty badly warped when it was shipped, i think, but i'm not going to keep it in the box anyways, 'cause the stand looks great. other than that, perfect sword for the price."
5.0 5
"I was very impressed by this sword. I've seen swords that I liked much less for 7-8 times this price. Some people complain about the temper line not looking like a machine did it... to me that just prooves to my friends that this is a real handmade katana, and they don't have to know that I only paid $50 for it! ;-)"
4.0 5
"This is a very nice show sword, one of the best I've ever seen for $50. But if you are wondering if it is more than that, you will be disappointed as it falls just short of being more than a showpiece. The shape of the blade is classic with a full length blood groove, a o-kissaki (long point) and a brass habaki (blade collar) installed. When viewing the sword from the mune (back, it is an ihori type mune) the blade tapers as it reaches the kissaki (point), a feature usually found in real swords but lacking in showpieces. I was somewhat surprised and pleased to see it. The hamon (temper line) is machined in and obscures any natural hamon that would result from the differential heat treating process. I own an older Kris Katana (26\") which has a very hard to see hamon and owned 2 different Paul Chen swords in the past, so have an idea of what to look for. But I was unable to tell if it really was heat treated or not because of the ground in hamon (unless I did an acid test, which would ruin it as a showpiece).The real killer on using this as a cutting sword is the ha (edge). It's a machined-in chisel point! However it's at a sufficient angle that it could be easily polished out and replaced with a more traditional ha. In fact, this blade almost begs to be worked on and turned into a working sword! There were some minor machine marks in the blade, but nothing that couldn't be polished out. Assuming that it was differentially heat treated as mentioned in the product description it may be the cheapest sword blank you'll ever find for a project sword, and is a good starting point.The furniture is nice, it is much better than your usual show sword. The tsuka (handle) is well wrapped with cotton ito (braid). There were two golden menuki (ornaments) under the wrapping. There were two mekugi (bamboo pegs) holding the tsuka on and though I didn't remove the handle I assume this indicated a full tang. I can't be sure what the covering under the wrapped ito is, but it looke...."
4.0 5
"This is a fine simple piece of sword construction.other evaluations- read- I disagree with most findings.lovely bo-hi this lightened blade almost feels alive in your handsyes- real same! some imperfections make this more charming.this is what we used to look for- simple practice for iai (not alum)musashi style suba- no fancies- makes it look - authentic understatedOther models that compare for (feel) CAS Iberia's at 15 times the costI do not like the gold plated menuki I like authenticityI have drawn with Shimabukuro Shihan Lovely inexpensive chinese replica"
4.0 5
"An outstanding value for the money. This is a well done wall hanger.Good attention to detail, Good balance, Authentic reproduction. The Tang is only about 7 inches long into the 15 inch handle and quite thin.Do not confuse this with a true tempered blade. This blade will flex to some degree but will BEND and stay that way. It is nota Hanwai blade as you get what you pay for but still the best value I have seen for the money. I have spent twice as much for a zinc wall hanger that was not nearly the quality of this sword. A great first sword."
4.0 5
"One of the reviewers assumed it had a full tang. Always verify. When I removed the handle of my sword I was disappointed to see the tang was less than half the handle length, and even worse it ended before the second mekugi (bamboo pin). Nice for display, but would need some work to make it safe for slicing pool noodles. Overall, for $50 bucks I was happy with what I received. The main purpose for my purchase was to practice sharping and polishing techniques."
2.0 5
"This sword is ok. I really was looking for something to use in case of Z day/SHTF as a back up weapon to my guns. I think i would rather keep my akimbo pistols, because this sword doesn't really survive the testing I do to all my gear."
4.0 5
"this sword is made from Masahiro swords. All of the parts were nice and tight, but the tang was only a little more than 2/3 long (good enough for cutting). a great sword for the price. my only disappointment was that the bade needed to be sharpened a little more, but after that was done, it was a perfect cutter."
4.0 5
"I own a number of $40-$50 swords and a few higher-priced swords--this katana came reasonably well-polished, handles well, and is distinctive in appearance. The \"Hi\" (\"blood groove\") adds a nice \"swissshhhh\" sound to Iai practice draws/strikes, even at medium speeds. Overall, nice for the price and a sword that looks distinctive without being \"flashy\"--it compares in fit and understated finish very well with a few higher-priced swords."