Buck Bomb Bone Collector Doe in Estrus Scent Aerosol 5 Ounces

Buck Bomb
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The Bone Collector Doe In Estrus Bomb is 5 ounces of 100% Doe In Estrus urine with the preservative Scent Protect added during the collection process. The Bone Collector Bomb is perfect for use during the prerut and rut to stimulate aggressive breeding behavior in mature bucks. You can see the Doe In Estrus Bomb with Scent Protect on Michael Waddell's popular television show Bone Collector.

Scent Protect is the result of five years of molecular biology research targeting the fundamental mechanisms that are responsible for the degradation or proteins in human and animal urine. Scent Protect is the most advanced technology currently available for the protection of the active components that make up the scent package.

Scent is a combination of several proteins interacting with excreted chemicals in urine. There are also many enzymes in urine which have the net effect of degrading the proteins that comprise the scent package. Scent Protect deactivates 31 different enzyme systems protecting the proteins and allowing the scent to remain potent and viable for extended periods of time.

Additionally the scent package is affected by a change in Ph of the animal urine due to break down products in the urine and either primary or secondary contamination of the urine by bacteria. Scent Protect TM stops bacteria growth and as the bacteria die the active chemistry inactivates the enzymes contained in the bacteria and stabilizes the Ph factor in protecting the scent package.

Finally, there are proteins in the scent package that are heat sensitive and will cease to be active if subjected to high temperatures. Scent Protect TM imparts a high degree of thermal stability to the scent package. This means that urine protected with Scent Protect TM  can withstand high temperatures greater than 100 degrees F for extended periods of time. The combination of quality urine, Scent Protect and Buck Bomb cans makes this new line of product the freshest doe estrus urine on the market today!