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Brown Bear 7.62x39mm Lacquer Coated Steel Case Hollow Point, 123 Grain, 2460 fps, 500 Round Case, AB762HP

Bear Ammo
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The Barnaul Machine Plant JSC is one of the leading producers of industrial goods and ammunition in Russia. The plant's history goes far in the past to the period of Alexander I. The Emperor ordered the opening of the first cartridge plants in St. Petersburg in 1869. During World War I the plant supplied the Russian Army and operated out of St. Petersburg, During World War II, the plant was relocated to Barnaul, where production of various types of cartridges began.
This high quality ammo features lacquered steel case construction; hence the Brown Bear name. Brown Bear offers high quality at reasonable prices. This product uses Berdan priming for long shelf life and sure-fire ignition. Brown Bear is loaded to exacting standards normally reserved for military ammo.

Caliber: 7.62 x 39 mm
Bullet Weight: 123 Grains
Bullet Type: Hollow Point Projectile
Muzzle Velocity: 2460 fps
Lacquer coated steel case
Non reloadable
Berdan Primed
Non corrosive
Bi metal jacketed bullet that will attract a magnet
500 Round Case Consisting of 25 Boxes, 20 Rounds per Box


Item#: AMM-6461
Total number of Reviews: 57

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5.0 5
5.0 5
"Even SKS is not a rifle for accuracy, but the Brown Bear gives a reasonable impact for my Chinese SKS. I enjoy it very much, and say: it is better than Wolf HP round."
– all time shooter
5.0 5
"This is very accurate, clean burning, and very reliable ammo. It is better than Wolf. I've shot every kind of Wolf ammo. Brown Bear and/ Silver Bear ammo is better. It is more accurate. I've glad CTD carries it. Great stuff."
– CarolinaKidd
4.0 5
"Good cheap ammo for the range or what ever you shoot at never had a failure to fire Iv'e shoot 1500 of rounds of these no problems, only reason they don't get a 5 bullet rating is because the are very dirty to shoot , but with ordinary cleaning it is no problem."
4.0 5
"250+ rounds at the range the other day.Not 1 misfire, stove pipe, or failure to feed.My WASR ate it up.Very fast shipping.I will be buying more.Thanks, CTD!"
– Bad Day
1.0 5
"With my first experienc with Brown Bear ammo, I had two (2) failures to fire, out of 80 to 100 rounds, last summer, with my Ruger Mini-30. The two rounds fired after a second attempt. I have not had any problems with Wolf ammo through my Mini-30 or my Yugo SKS during the same period of time, or since owning the rifles (Ruger for about 10 years and the SKS for about four years). Silver Bear ammo would not function in my SKS as I had multiple failures to extract. It is possible that it was due to the newness of the gun. I have not used Silver Bear ammo since."
– kickblocker
5.0 5
"Main reason for failure to fire is that people don't understand that they must disassemble the bolt, totally clean the firing pin and pin slot (no oil, no grease, no anything!). When you store the gun, put a light coat of oil in the pin hole, then clean it good before using again. If you follow this you will never have a misfire with either Bear or Wolf ammo. Both are 5 bullet ammo based and price and performance. CTD has the best price, especially if you buy in bulk. SP or HP are better for knockdown, and FMJ is better for acuracy. Take your choice, they are not hunting loads though, unless you can find the 154 grain SP Wolf which will drop a deer from 200 yards with no problem. Learn to care for your SKS and AK-47 type guns, the primers on all Russian bullets is Mil Spec and much harder than normal hunting loads. Remember, if you use your SKS for hunting with soft primer loads you will often get multi-fire because of the soft primers found in non Mil Spec ammo."
– Slam
5.0 5
"Well first let me say that I find nothing wrong with the Wolf line of ammo, the Brown bear, or Silver! I first started with these rounds back in the early 80's and have been shooting this line since then and still have yet to experience my first real problem! Let's admit it guys, when a round does not go off on the first try but does on the second, well, every manufacturer of ammo will tell u some primers do in fact go bad!! Now for the big one!!! Its like anything else, clean it and it works great, don't clean it and see what happens!! So guys, before the blame is passed onto something provided, check what is owned first!!"
– The Woliff
4.0 5
"I really love this ammo,good quality not expensive and very accurate.I have shot over 400 rounds no problems or misfire.I really recomended to anyone that like to shoot and save some money."
– Benji
5.0 5
"Brown Bear is the best ammo for the money that I have used.My Chinese SKS loves this stuff, I have had zero problemsThis ammo is clean, accurate and reliable.You can get better ammo but you will pay more for it.Thanks CTD, very fast shipping."
– Hornet196
4.0 5
"I shot more than 500 rounds of this through my Ruger rifle. I have never had a misfire. This is really dirty to shoot, but just clean the rifle thoroughly and you will be fine. I experienced better reliability in this than the Wolf."
– 223ruger30
5.0 5
"The bullets and primers are sealed, new production, and came in great condition! Accurate, expands and cleaner than Wolf. That's why you clicked on this one right? Just buy it."
– makman
5.0 5
"I love this ammo! I used this in my WASR-10 AK47. I put 500 rounds through it with only two misfires, but never had a problem feeding or ejecting. My friend also bought a case of this stuff for his AK and he loves it too. I can't tell the difference between this and Wolf. Both work great for me, but this is a little cheaper. I just order another case, but in FMJ this time."
– WASR-10
5.0 5
"This ammo is great. No misfires no problems. Yes it burns a little dirty but who cares, clean your gun and it will be fine. I\uFFFDve shot over 500 rounds of this ammo through my Romanian WASR 10. If you need this ammo in bulk and you want to save go for it. This ammo will not disappoint."
5.0 5
"I have been using the Russian made ammo (Wolf, Silver Bear, Brown Bear, etc.) through my SKS for the past 5 years and not only is it the cheapest ammo I have found, my SKS likes all the Russian ammo best. I have never experienced any negative issues with this ammo and have fired thousands of rounds of it! I will never understand some of the negative comments I read and strongly suspect that 99% is the shooters fault and 99% of the issues they experience is probably due to their lack of care and maintenance of their own firearms. I have also used the Russian .9mm Makarov, .40 S&W and .9mm ammo with equal success which is more than I can say for some of the cheap American and Chineese ammo out there today. Russian guns just love Russian ammo and the fact that it is the cheapest ammo makes it all the better :-}"
– ChanceWPT
5.0 5
"My WASR 10 loves this stuff. It shoots good with no problems out of 200 shots."
– timt020
5.0 5
"hands down the best value, hands down some one of the best prices for bulk ammo in this caliber never a missfire never a jam not one problem buy this ammo disreguard those few bad reviews this ammo is great my romanian wasr 10 eats it up and spits it out"
5.0 5
"Shot 4 Clips no miss fires or jams. Will be getting more and more. its a lot cheaper than at the gun store. The box`s look like swiss cheese now. Free target`s. LOL"
– Pac Rat
5.0 5
"This ammo feeds, fires and functions flawlessly. Decent groupings (even with HP) through an AK. By far, the best value out there for 7.62x39 ammunition. CTG is 35-60 dollars cheaper than anyone else price-wise to boot. STOCK UP!"
– gp1975
5.0 5
"I have already fired off 200 rds of this, with only one hiccup (my wife was shooting at the time, so it could have been her fault). Anyway, great bank for your buck, and legal to hunt with in a lot of states. It does shoot dirty though, so give your rifle a good scrubbing afterwards."
– Jon C.
5.0 5
"Just got my 500 round order today. Burned through 80 rounds before it started raining and cows got into my firing lane. This stuff performed perfectly!! No misfeeds or stovepipes. Took awhile to clean my MASR but it wasn't as bad as Wolf ammo. This ammo is perfect."
– Spaceman Spiff
5.0 5
"i love this ammo! I've fired around 300+ rounds and no problems through my Chinese Norinco just received another 500 in the mail i wont use anything else"
– fullyarmedjustin
5.0 5
"Very good buy. No miss fires or anything bad. My AK loves this ammo."
– AM
4.0 5
"I've put 1500 round of Brown Bear through my AK and havn't had any problems or jams. To me it's the best bang for you buck."
– Prew
4.0 5
"Got a case of 500 and it seems like pretty decent ammo. My Norinco likes it, only had 2 stovepipes so far and one of those may have been the gun's fault. No misfires, great price. It's a little dirty, but nowhere near as bad as the Wolf. Plan on getting more when the times comes."
– JD
5.0 5
"My Saiga chewed up all 500 rounds of this ammo at the range. Not one misfire or anything. Ordering another case now."
– weasertt
4.0 5
"I bought a case of Brown Bear and a case of Wolf to find out which was really better. I just got back from the range where I went through 100 rounds of each alternating between the two on each magazine. The Wolf jammed on me at least 5 times out of the 100 and I had no jams with the Brown Bear. I will definitley be ordering more."
– Baytowvin
5.0 5
"Shot about 300 rnds through my Saiga AK at the range. Just one misfire. Ordered another box of 500. CHEAP!"
– DenverBubba
5.0 5
"Bought 500 rounds.Works great in my Yugo M70. Ordered another 500 rounds of FMJ. Very fast shipping."
– Pat
5.0 5
"I took out my Chinese SKS to test out what ammo it liked best. Everyone told me they would eat anything. I tried some Egyptian stuff in a blue box, and PMC Ulyansk (sp) factory stuff, both had FTF in almost 50% making me think it's the gun. However, the Brown Bear HP and FMJ shot flawlessly and were pretty accurate for an SKS. Cant beat the bulk price either. I will definitely be buying more. My \"picky\" Chinese SKS ate it up!"
– BigJon
5.0 5
"After 500 rounds I ordered some more. No problems Good Stuff."
– arm53
5.0 5
"This stuff is great for the price. Put it through a Chinese SKS. Shot more accurate than some other brands. Clean firing, no jams or misfires. You want to plink - this is the right stuff, and this HP shoots just as accurate as the FMJ. I had 2\" groups at 150 yards with a 6X scope. And the water bottle explosion test looked like I had hit it with my 30-06. BEST of the Cheap Ammo. Get it and have some fun."
– Mike D.
3.0 5
"If you are shooting a Ruger Mini 30, good news! This ammo works exceptionally well in my post 2005 mini 30. I shot 260 rounds over two days at varying rates of fire from slow to quick to rapid and had no ammo related malfunctions of any type. One time my son was shooting and rested the rifle on the Proform plastic magazine and caused one failure to feed, operator error.Good cheap ammo for plinkin' or whatever. Oh yeah, it's dirty but you'll clean your rifle regardless of what brand you shoot. So shoot cheap and enjoy shooting."
– Bobby
5.0 5
"Just the Facts:Dirty ammo fouls gun but NEVER MISFIRES, JAMS, OR FAILS TO FEED."
– Old Sarge
4.0 5
"I bought 500 rounds of these, and shot through every one without a problem. I had no misfeeds no failure to ejects. Good rounds and will definitely be stocking up on more of these."
– Dahmer from Texas
5.0 5
"Shoots perfect through my Wasr10, and Mak90. No misfires out of 400 rounds. Great accuracy @ 150 yards. The ammo is a little dirty, but if you are shooting it through an AK it really shouldn't be an issue. I'm going to buy more soon."
– Johnny BeGud
5.0 5
"This ammo works perfectly, and is at an excellent price! I have gone through several hundred rounds with 100% success. If you are having trouble shooting it through a Mini-30, sell the Mini-30 and buy an AK."
– David
5.0 5
"I shot it through my WASR AK with no problems whatsoever, I will get more to be sure!"
– Chaz
2.0 5
"I could only get a few of these to actually go through my AK. the hollow point makes a flat tip which doesn't give any ramp to get it into the barrel. I now have just 500 rounds I can't use :(I know its not the gun cause I bought a box of just regular rounds in with no issue."
– Matt
5.0 5
"i split the ammo between a wasr-10 AK-47 and a norinco SKS without a single jam in all 500 rounds. made for a great day of shooting and an iced shoulder that night. it was accurate enough to shoot beer cans from over 100 yards with either gun even though the guns themselves should not be that accurate. every third round provided a hit with open sights. otherwise we blazed through some quickly enough to nearly set the stocks ablaze and still had no jams. will buy again."
– gun fan
5.0 5
"So far, I have nothing bad to say about this ammo. I've shot over 800 rounds through my AK, without one single problem. It shoots cleaner than Wolf (nothing bad to say about Wolf, either), and you can't beat it for the price. 5 Bullets all the way."
– Pro-Pain
5.0 5
"Wasn't sure how this ammo would perform in my Yugo M70, but I gotta say this ammo works really well. It not only was accurate, but it never jammed either; unlike the Yugoslavian surplus rounds I was using beforehand. They didn't blow the back of the casing off like the Yugo rounds did either when firing. I recommend this for reliable ammo for a decent price and quantity."
– JP from maine.
5.0 5
"This ammo works flawlessly in all of our AKs and SKS's. If you have a problem with this ammo it is probably because of a glitch in your firearm. This is the best bang for your $."
– keltecgirl, Oregon
4.0 5
"I don\uFFFDt want to pay the price for brass cased ammunition for my AK, and why should I? They were made with steel cased ammunition as the intended ammunition. I have shot several brands over the years through my AK and my SKS. This ammo is worth the money to me, like I said it gives me very little problems if any. I don\uFFFDt use my AK or SKS for anything other than target shooting so I don\uFFFDt worry about accuracy like I do with my M4 ammo (5.56/223). This ammo is just fun to shoot and reasonably priced."
5.0 5
"I shot 500 rounds with no problems. It's a bit dirty, but not an issue for the AK."
– Witt
5.0 5
"I bought my first 500 rounds. I have found the accuracy is dead on; no malfunctions, and no feeding problems. It is cheap for playing and will do the job for protection if needed. This is great ammo. I am ordering 500 more."
– Patriot
5.0 5
"Norinco Mak 90 Over 500 rounds, no misfires, no feeding problems, good grouping, great price, I am well pleased with this ammo."
– Papa
5.0 5
"I shot this ammo in my Saiga. All 500 rnds with no problems at all. I will buy more!"
– Brett
5.0 5
"Consistently shot 1 inch groups at about 35yds with an old Yugo SKS. Great ammo for cheap."
– ei8htx
5.0 5
"No failures. Great ammo. Won't find a cheaper price for decent quality. Don't worry, just buy it. You'll benefit."
– Leaky F
5.0 5
"I'm on my second pack of 500 and I have not had a single problem. It is very accurate in my MAK-90."
– Papa
5.0 5
"Wow, a great price and great ammo. It is dirty as other ammo, but no big deal. It shoots fine. The HP works flawlessly for my Yugo M70 AK. Out of 500 rounds I had one bad primer. I shot a lot that day and maybe it was the bolt got dirty. Buying more of these to stock up!"
– Kuan
5.0 5
"Great stuff. No failures, accurate, non- corrosive wonderful ammmo!I just wish CTD would get it back in stock!"
– Matao
5.0 5
"Great value for what you get. Fairly accurate- better than wolf or tulla and good old laquer case that is actualy better fuctioning and rust-resistant than the polymer. A great buy and the hollow point does work well and I find is more accurate than the FMJ stuff too. A good option for sure."
– Bob Smith
1.0 5
"Have had lots of good experiences with Barnul in the past, but this is not one. Went to the range to run through some of my case with my SKS. Loaded the first round in the chamber and pulled the trigger. The biggest kick I've ever felt out of a 7.62x39 and then the bolt locked back. This round must be completely full of powder because it ripped the extraction ring off (thats what jammed the bolt) and blew the primer out. Now no more SKS fun for me and I have to order a broken shell extractor and wait for it to come. Overall a bad day at the range."
– James
5.0 5
"Fast shipping and great ammo, for a reasonable price."
– chopper
3.0 5
"I ordered 500 rounds and shot 100 out of a Polish underfolder yesterday. One did not fire (or go boom like some of you say). Dent in primer, but failed to fire. Cheap ammo for plinking however."
– Not so Dumb Polack