Boker Trapper Appaloosa Folding Knife Clip & Spey Plain Blades Bone Handle

Boker USA, Inc.
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Specifications and features:
Boker Trapper Appaloosa folding knife
Clip and spey plain blades
C-75 carbon steel
Bone handle
4-1/4" closed
9" overall length open
Factory warranty

For warranty issues, contact Boker USA at 800-992-6537 ext.21.

Appaloosa -
Tough, dependable, spirited. This series of traditional pocket knives is dedicated to the famous Appaloosa horse. Characterized by their incredible strength and stamina, these horses can be distinguished by their unique coloring - various shades of brown and white, in the form of irregular spots. This was the inspiration for the beautifully structured bone handles chosen for this series. The dark and light spots on the scales make each knife truly unique. Also designed is a special new Boker shield, exclusively for this premium series. Blades are made of C-75 carbon steel. 4 1/4" closed.

Multi Blade Knives -
Multi blade knives and multi function knives are special knives that contain more than one blade and can have many other functional tools as well. These knives can be extremely useful for those needing a knife for multiple purposes which then preserves the blades longer by using each blade for its appropriate task. Multi function knives have a variety of tools and blades, especially useful during an emergency where tools cannot be found.

Carbon Steel -
an alloy of iron and carbon, can be very sharp, hold its edge well, and remain easy to sharpen, but is vulnerable to rust and stains.

Sheepsfoot Blade -
A sheepsfoot blade has a straight edge and a straight dull back that curves towards the edge at the end. It gives the most control, because the dull back edge is made to be he ld by fingers. Sheepsfoot look like a sheep's hoof.

Clip Blade -
The clip blade is a classic shape and very practical. Its name describes a shape that seems to have a portion of the spine of the blade clipped off. This brings the blade point lower for extra control and enhances the sharpness of the tip. It provides ample "belly" in the blade for slicing or skinning and a good tip for inserting in and under things that need to be cut. You will often find a false edge with the clip point.

Spey Blade -
A spey point blade (once used for speying animals) has a single, mostly straight edge that curves strongly upwards at the end to meet a short, dull, straight clip from the dull back. With the curved end of the blade being closer to perpendicular to the blade's axis than other knives and lacking a point, making penetration unlikely, spay points can be suitable for skinning.