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Blazer 9mm Luger 115gr FMJ Alumunum 1145 fps 50 Rounds

Blazer Ammunition
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Blazer Aluminum ammunition is an excellent round for practice, competition, and recreational shooting. CCI has developed Blazer Aluminum as a low cost alternative to expensive brass cased ammunition. Instead of using brass for cases CCI has utilized aluminum which has been found to be just as reliable with the substantial cost savings being passed on to you. Blazer has forged a solid reputation for being accurate, reliable, and economical. You don't have to sacrifice an arm and a leg for quality range ammo! Pick up a box or two of Blazer Aluminum and see for yourself why those in the know rely on Blazer.

9mm Luger
115 Grain Full Metal Jacket
Aluminum Case
Muzzle Velocity 1145 fps
Velocity at 50 yards 1046 fps
Velocity at 100 yards 975 fps
Muzzle Energy 335 ft/lbs
Energy at 50 yards 279 ft/lbs
Energy at 100 yards 243 ft/lbs
Uses: Recreation, high volume training, and competitive shooting

50 rounds per box. To buy a full case, order 10 boxes.

Ammo price is per box.

Ammunition price is per box.


Item#: 2-CCI3509,63219
Total number of Reviews: 58

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4.0 5
"ive bought about 450 rounds of this ammo it works fine for target practice on an average day its lighter then most 9mm ammo in weight and packs the same ammount of power as a winchester only dif its a little dirt as far as the pweder used but if you clean ur gun and run a brush threw it every 200 shots or so if ur fire 200+ in one day I say its a good buy"
– Arkangel7x3
4.0 5
"Have shot many rounds through my Ruger P-89, never a problem. I like it."
– Plinker
5.0 5
"I am in law enforcement love to shoot 100+ rounds every weekend. this ammo is good for the range!!low cost, good as the $12.00 a box stuff. keep on shooting. always stay in practice it makes you a good shoot 3in pattern at 25 yards. 9mm glock #19."
– 5000+ shoots
5.0 5
"Great value! I have shot a lot of this ammo through my M92 and have not had a single jam or FTF. Fairly accurate ammo too. If you do a lot of shooting, buy this ammo, you will not regret it especially at this price!"
– Mike
5.0 5
"I shoot a lot, and am always looking for a good deal on ammo. Blazer is great, i use 9mm and .40 cal, and have never had a ftf or jam, great stuff for the price. Will continue to use it as long as its not sold out...lol."
– Shooter
5.0 5
"These bullets are tops for practice. I have not had one misfire or malfunction with my Luger Highpoint semi-automatic.the raven"
– theraven
1.0 5
"If you want a really cheap practice round that has a huge flash causing night blindness in an indoor range, go for it. This is the worst round for practice. And have fun cleaning your gun with all the un-burned powder that will get into your magazines. You get what you pay for. A better buy is the Sellier & Bellot (AMM-422). Very low flash and extremely accurate!"
– Kent
5.0 5
"Fired 100 rounds in a brand new Ruger P95 over the weekend. Every single round fed and fired with no problems. I fired off the first 15 rounds fairly slowly, and the remaining 85 rounds were fired as fast as I could pull the trigger. I am very particular about cleaning my guns and I did not think the ammo was any dirtier than Winchester or American Eagle. I have a hundred more rounds and I plan on picking up a few more boxes. Note: I did not see any flame when I was shooting outside or even when my friend was shooting and I was watching the front of the gun."
– Justin
5.0 5
"I have fired over 1000rds between my beretta CX4 Storm & PX4 Storm without a misfire or jam...seems very clean. I can't judge it for accuracy vs. other 9mm ammo since its all I have tried and I have not seen any reason to try anything else. And the price is nice. I'm very happy with the accuracy I'm getting from them."
– dwg
2.0 5
"Get the reloadable brass-cased Sellier & Bellot 115gr FMJ instead (AMM-422)."
– Lil' C
2.0 5
"I have a Beretta 92 9mm, and after about 40 rounds, my gun started to jam. I cleaned the weapon and went back to the range at a later date, with the same result. This ammo did not work well with my 9mm Beretta."
– Struggle
4.0 5
"well I bought about 1000 rds. for my pistol I have a ruger P95DC and I used about 300-400 per use weapon performed great with this ammo towards the end it was getting a little sluggish but then that is what you get when you put 300 rds. through a pistol in one setting. As for flash I had none and my weapon was as dirty as I expected no cleaner, and no dirtier than usual after shooting."
– Danno
2.0 5
"I shot a case of this in .40 in Glocks 27, 23 and 22. It is somewhat accurate but I found the recoil, thus powder charge, inconsistent in this one case. The pistols became more dirty then usual as compared to other manf rounds. I experienced a couple of out of battery and stove tops as well and never experienced any of these situations in either of these three handguns with any other ammo but the CCI/Blazer brand. Again, it is cheap but dirty."
– Castle
1.0 5
"If you like to practice tactical malfunctions then this is the ammo for you. We purchased half a case and ran it through 3 different weapons and it malfunctioned in every weapon. In beretta 92 every other round either mis-fed, mis-fired, or stove piped. In the Hi-point 9c the rounds just did not cycle well at all, with a mis-feed every 3rd or 4th round. It functioned better in the springfield XD-9 with malfunctions accuring every 15 rounds or so."
– Not Pleased
5.0 5
"I used Blazer in 9mm, .45 acp, .38 special, and .40 S&w with at least 500 rounds total and never once had a problem in any hand gun or carbine. Why is everyone complaining, maybe it's their firearm and not the ammo. Just my 2 cents though."
– Ray Ray
4.0 5
"To date I have fired around 4500 Blazer 9mm in my weapon and no problems whatsoever. Not one miss fire, no stove pipes, just good shooting ammo. The best part was back when I could buy a box for under $6 now they are a bit more. Good ammo for plinking and targets. Still... can't go wrong for the cost."
– Ruger p89
4.0 5
"To date I have fired around 4500 Blazer 9mm in my weapon and no problems whatsoever. Not one miss fire, no stove pipes, just good shooting ammo. The best part was back when I could buy a box for under 6$ now they are a bit more. Good ammo for plinking and targets. Still... cant go wrong for the cost."
– Ruger p89
1.0 5
"These rounds stove piped, jammed, and gave me many level 3 failure to feed problems, not worth the money cci needs some quality checks."
– sine
5.0 5
"I don't know what everyone is talking about, this is some of the best ammo I have ever used. No jams, every round functions perfectly every time. Recoil even seems less than with brass or steel cased ammo. No flash either. I used this ammo in both my Beretta 92FS and my Glock 26. Wish it was still $5.00 a box, but it is still cheaper than the rest."
– Thomas
1.0 5
"the CCI blazers do have problems in some guns..I have notice in the last few years that the cheaper made the gun, the more likely of a jam/misfire/stovepipe..my Hi-point .380 hates these rounds..my S&W 9 and XD40 don't know the difference..I think it has to do with gun tolerances."
– ohioT
5.0 5
"Had no problem with this ammo in my Hi-Point C9. Shot 50 rounds and all went down range. This was my first time shooting a pistol. I'm sure the more I shoot I am going to have some kind of problem but not today."
– rds801
5.0 5
"I have been reading alot of these reviews for different pistol ammo, and in my experience I have found that 99 percent of malfunctions can be traced back to operator error, placement in hand , grip strength , cleaning etc, its not the ammo ....."
– chewie
5.0 5
"i was really scarred of getting this ammo, ive heard more bad things than good.i was really hoping it worked in my 9mm cause of course that means cheaper ammo for target practicei bought 3 boxes for my glock 19 just to test the stuff outi had it sitting in on my smithing desk for about 2 weeks before i had time to get out to the range, and the whole time i was wondering how much it was gonna jam. i was blown away that i shot three boxes and NOT A SINGLE jam!i even dusted off the dreaded hi-point just for humor and NO JAMS! i couldnt beleive it!!im exited to be one of the lucky ones with a good experience with this ammo, CHEAP AMMO FOR ME EVERYBODY!the only draw back of this ammo is that its really dirty,it leave little metal fragments in side your gun which is kinda scary but other than that I LOVE CLEANING my guns, so other than the metal fragment that can scratch up the inside of your gun the dirtiness of this ammo doesnt bug me.its so cheap you have to try it,it worked flawlwssly in my GLOCK 19, MY HI POINT C9 AND MY WALTHER P 99"
– josh 9mmglocklover
4.0 5
"I have put about 200rds through my Wife's Taurus PT92 with-out a single problem. It is dirty so you just have to keep your weapon clean. Seems fairly accurate, enough for practice."
– Hutaree-texas
4.0 5
"I use a lot of this ammo and Win-Clean when it was available.FS-92 2 or 3 Stovepipes in 15,000 rounds all were toward the end of an aggressive day 1,500+ rds I use to shoot 1 case of this and about a \uFFFD a case of winclean never had a problem.Last weekend 2,700rds FS-92 no problem, 3,500rds Beretta 93R 1 Miss feed on full auto my fault Dirty clip, 600 rds Beretta 2000s no malfunctions.This ammo is not designed for extreme 1mo at 25 yds accuracy but it is an awesome value."
– Wayne
4.0 5
"For quarterly qualification of 50 rounds, using a later model Ruger P-85 MKII, Blazer has yet to give me a problem. My revolver (Ruger P-100, 38 / .357) on the other hand has had issues with Blazer ammunition. The Blazer casings seem to expand in an oblong manner, while in the cylinder as opposed to omni-directional expansion. Thus on the reload, there are some difficulties in extracting the spent cartridges, necessitating a little more pressure than wanted on the ejector rod. Additionally the jacketing seems to have burrs and abnormal protrusion on the leading edge which can get hung up on the cylinder ports as you are using speed loaders. I noticed that the 9mm cartridges have the same jacketing issues. So if your semi-auto does accommodate a large feed / ejection port, you may encounter some Stove Pipes and the occasional miss-feed, due to the casing hanging up on the barrel guide."
– 916_Traffic
5.0 5
"I enjoy shooting sports!! Plus, I'm a police officer! I practice with this ammo!! I also hand load my ammo!! Many times I rather be shooting than pressing, so I shoot this factory ammo in my practicing!! Hand load my competition ammo!!"
– CCI fan
5.0 5
"I've shot thousands of rounds of this product in several guns and never had a jam. Best price I've found yet."
– Midnight Flyer
5.0 5
"The rounds themselves are just fine for target shooting. Not as accurate as a higher velocity round, but works fine for short range target practice (such as would be required for home defense)"
– Fuzzy
5.0 5
"I've shot about 10,000+ rounds of blazer 9mm through my Beretta 92FS and have had maybe 2 stovepipes and 5-6 wouldn't seat because I let my gun get too dirty (not their fault). The price is going up, which I hate to see, but still the best deal out there pricewise!"
– shootsalot
5.0 5
"I have shot hundreds of round of this 9mm ammo through both my Smith and Wessin 915 and my Ruger P89DC and never once had any problems. No Missfires, no jams, nothing. If you want a cheap ammo this is the best bang for the buck."
– Chad
5.0 5
"I bought a couple boxes of these today to shoot with my Ruger SR9. I did't have much money to spend on target ammo so I the cheapest ammo (this ammo) and was on my way. I had no problems with this ammo at all. No failure to feeds or fire, and no FTE's or stovepipes. From 10, 15, and 25 yards I had very tight groups and were putting rounds through the same hole. With the price of ammo skyrocketing sometimes cheaper is better!"
– King9mm
4.0 5
"Last Sunday the wife and I took 100 rounds of this to the range with mixed results. We were using a Glock 17 and a Smith and Wesson Sigma 9mm. The Glock ate this stuff up, no problems. The Smith and Wesson, had some major flash issues from this ammo, and jammed. This was the first fire for both of the guns. I will buy again for the Glock, not in the S&W."
– Eric
5.0 5
"I've run one box short of 1000 rounds through my Glock 19 and no problems."
– Grant M
4.0 5
"This is the ammo Hi-Point firearms recommended for my 9mm carbine and it works great."
– tactical74
5.0 5
"I bought my Glock 17 new and have used other ammo, but went back to CCI Blazer for better groups and no misfires. I use only this ammo to qualify with. I never have to worry about jams or misfires, but now it\uFFFDs hard to get so I buy all I can when I can."
– jack
4.0 5
"These are some of my favorite target rounds. They cheap, fairly clean and shoot about as accurately as any other target round out there. I typically buy Winchester white box but only because it's much easier to find. When I have a choice I usually buy these."
– jarrett
4.0 5
"I have shot 1000's of 9mm rounds through my Taurus 92 and UziBaby Eagle with absolutely no problems.Accuacy was as good orbetter than Winchester,Federal,Fiocchi,Sellier & Bellot or PMC.It is no dirtier either.Some weapons just don't like some ammo.Mine eats it up!"
– halfpack
4.0 5
"It's very hard to beat CCI Blazer for practice ammo. I have shot literally thousands of rounds of this ammunition in 9mm and .45 ACP through two Glocks and have had too few malfunctions to mention. Your mileage may vary depending on your firearm, but I have nothing but praise for these rounds. The only reason I dinged it one bullet is that it uses a non-reloadable case, but that's part of the deal. Absolutely the best practice ammo I have found. I typically buy these 10 boxes at a time when they have them in stock at Academy or Wal-Mart."
– Jon
5.0 5
"Anyone who has problems with this ammo has a crappy gun that will have problems with any other ammo. Yeah it jams in junky guns, but so will everything else. In fact, I've seen low budget guns jam without any ammo in it. Put 1000s of these threw my plastic pistol without ANY problems. THIS STUFF IS THE SAME AS EVERYTHING ELSE. Just spend more the $180 on a handgun and you will be fine. Quit complaining that your piece of junk jams, they are all the same size/shape bullet. Common sence."
– glock19
5.0 5
"I put a couple boxes through my SW9VE (The Infamous Sigma). It's brand new and had only cycled 85 rounds prior to the Blazers. No problemo'. CheaperThanDirt.com FTW!"
– James
2.0 5
"I shot this in my Glock 26. FTF, Stovepipes, you name it, it had it. I tried some other ammo with no problems. Glock 26 was new out of box so you make the call. I will not be getting the Ammo again."
– Chaz F
5.0 5
"I have shot hundreds of rounds of 115gr with no problems whatsoever."
– Capmarine
5.0 5
"I bought ten boxes to shoot at the range. They sell this stuff there, too, but at higher prices, even after factoring in shipping. I've never had a problem (FTF, stovepipe, etc.) in either my Glock 34 or Beretta 92FS. I'll be buying by the case (20 boxes) next time. Thanks CTD!"
4.0 5
"I shot 50 rounds of 115g FMJ through my Ruger SR9c with no problems. I like this ammo. I have also used TULA, Federal, PMC, and Fiocchi. All functioned without a problem. Nice ammo at a nice price. I stocked up on this and the rest."
– Bob
4.0 5
"I put 250 rds through my Glock 26 without any problems and another 200 rds through my Glock 17 without a single problem. If you plan on shooting a lot, this ammo is more than adequate for this price! I'll be buying more soon. I definitely recommend this based on my experience."
– WDG / NY
4.0 5
"I have put at least 400 rds of this ammo through each of my 9mm's - Glock 17, 26 and Beretta PX4 without a single issue. I find this ammo to be consistent, accurate and reasonably priced.Good buy for the money! Will buy again!"
5.0 5
"No less than 500 rounds through my Walther PPS without a single problem. Great ammo in my book!"
– mlamb751
4.0 5
"Very good target and general plinking ammo, works well in my Kahr CW9. Accurate and no misfires or misfeeds!!! I will be stocking up on more!!! Great price!!!"
– Al
4.0 5
"Functioned perfectly through my Glock 17, has a very cheap smell but hey you get what you pay for. It's not as dirty as some of the other budget brands."
– Yitz
5.0 5
"I've been through about 500 of these so far with my Glock 19, without a single issue to report. These are a perfect range round... cheap and reliable. I clean my gun after each trip to the range as well and haven't noticed the gun to be any dirtier than the other, more expensive rounds make it. This is a winner in my book, I'll be buying by the case."
– Frequent Range Shooter
4.0 5
"What else do you want? Had no problems firing them through my Hi-Point 9mm Comp or my Kel-Tec PF-9. It's not self defense ammo but it's all you need at the range."
– Reverend Flea
5.0 5
"I put 100 rounds of this through a S&W 9mm and it worked without so much as a hitch. It is also an excellent price too, so you can't go wrong with these."
– Mario
4.0 5
"This is reasonably affordable ammo. Accurate, clean burning, and gentle shooting. The cases are aluminum which is soft enough not to cause damage to your extractor but it is not reloable if that is your game. It is also lighter than brass-cased stuff. All in all I'd recommend this to anyone for target practice unless you reload."
– AK
5.0 5
"I just bought a new Ruger P95. This gun, according to reviews, requires a break-in period. My first 10 round mag was loaded with Winchester fmj,115 grain ammo. With pretty brass casings. One jam in the first 10 rounds. Then I emptied a 50 round box of the Blazer, and had one more jam. Then I finished the 100 round box of Winchester, and had 11 or 12 more jams. For some reason, I think the Blazer was more accurate. And definately more reliable. I can't wait to try my next box of Blazers. P.S. I love this gun!"
– LI shooter
5.0 5
"I bought a case of this ammo to use at a 3-day Front Sight course (this was the cheapest ammo I could find that appeared on their approved list of loads with non-magnetic bullets). During the class I put about 700 rounds through my 12 year old H&K USP and had zero malfunctions of any kind. I'm not good enough yet to fuss about cartridge accuracy, but the bullets seemed to go where the gun was pointed! If you're looking for cheap ammo that will function perfectly and let you get on with shooting, learning and having fun, this is it."
– Eric
3.0 5
"Ordered a box of these to run thru my Taurus 24/7 G2 9mm. Had no FTF's or FTE's. However, they did not eject real well, mainly up and back instead of flying off to the right. I ran a box of Remington UMC's and they all ejected properly. I don't necessarily attribute the problem to the bullets themselves, more likely, my gun just doesn't like them as much as it likes the UMC's. My gun is also VERY new, less than 200 rounds thru her, so as she breaks in, this problem may go away. It's a good price, just make sure your gun likes them or you may be dealing with empty casings in your face..."
– Burtonrider11
5.0 5
"Bought 1000 rounds. Gone through about half with no problems. I'll be buying more."
– 9vMojo