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BLACKHAWK! SpecOps Shotgun Stock Pistol Grip For Remington 870 04100

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From the longest arm of the law to the shortest, the popular SpecOps Stock is instantly adjustable to fit any shooter. With over 4 inches of adjustment, this is a stock that the entire department can use comfortably in any application and with any load.

This patented Knoxx recoil reducing stock will revolutionize the way you think about shotguns. Utilizing dual Knoxx recoil compensating systems, the SpecOps Stock has the ability to reduce felt recoil of even the most potent loads by up to 95%. The SpecOps Stock makes even the heaviest loads easy for all shooters to handle!

The SpecOps' polymer and alloy construction makes it durable, reliable and built to last. Also, the unique features and design of this pistol grip style stock allows law enforcement agencies and military personnel the ability to use their shotguns with all load bearing and ballistic tactical vests.

Designed to fit any and all shooters, and practically devoid of recoil, the SpecOps Stock is the most popular of the Knoxx line of recoil-reducing products. Not only is it utilizing two recoil absorbing mechanisms to soak up recoil, it also adjusts to fit any shooter regardless of the situation or application.

Hunters and competitive shooters will find their scores and hit ratios improving as flinching and recoil anticipation dramatically decreases.

Specifications and features:
Instantly adjustable stock to fit all shooters
11.25 to 15.25-inch length-of-pull (The buttpad must be removed to obtain the shortest LOP)
Perfect fit with load-bearing and ballistic tactical vests
Dual recoil compensation systems eliminate harsh recoil with all loads
Unique design cuts muzzle rise , Back on target faster
Eliminate shoulder fatigue and related recoil i njuries
SpecOps shotgun stock
Pistol grip
Fits 12-gauge Remington 870 shotguns
11.25" to 15.25" adjustable pull
Reduces felt recoil up to 95%
Reduces muzzle rise
Increases accuracy & faster follow-up shots
Polymer & alloy body
Fits all load-bearing & ballistic tactical vests
Endorsed by Remington Law Enforcement
Lifetime warranty

Shooters with SureFire forends installed on their shotguns may experience sharp recoil on their weak hand against the lamp housing. This is due to the rearward movement of the shotgun over the pistol grip. We recommend that you hold the forend at least 1.5" back from the lamp housing to avoid this painful action.

For warranty issues, contact 877-465-6699 or info@knoxx.com
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5.0 5
"This Is my firt review of this stock because I just installed it and will write another after I have taken it to the range. A friend of mine recommended it for my Rem 870 because he has it one on his and loves it. After Years of carrying a modified 870 for Swat I decided to buy an 870 Marine for home/future property protection. So this was the first product I purchased for the gun. The installation was a breeze and the adjustable feel is superb. The stock is quality and the price is excellant. If it handles the way it's claimed to,, It may just be the best single modification you could make to a scatter gun, just a little difference on engaging and disengaging the safety and you have to loosen it when you take the trigger assembly out for cleaning,no big deal, they give you the tool!. Man I wish this had been out when I was on the Swat team."
4.0 5
"This really a great aftermarket stock, heavy duty construction and easy to install on my 870 express synthetic. Besides the fact you have to get your own 3/16 extended ball-end Allen wrench, since this is on the more expensive side. Also the pistol grip could be softer instead of hard plastic. It gets a little slippery if your hands get sweaty. The butt pad could also be little more high end, or make this stock butt pads interchangeable with OE. But over all, solid stock."
5.0 5
"This definitely tempers the heavier loads. Not needed if only shooting cheap Wally World Ammo. But a definite for those heavier loads. I find I have to get up off the stock a little or I get cheek slap but a red dot optic or Ghost Sites correct that. Overall I really like it. VERY well built. Good aftermarket addition."
1.0 5
"It looks good, but that is about it. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! It slapped the crap out of my cheek and the muzzle jumped 3 feet in the air. I had a good cheek weld, it was planted into my shoulder and I was leaning into it. I tried different postions on the stock, but it did't matter. It slapped my cheek real hard and jumped in the air. I had to take a moment to reaquire my target. Do not waste your money, in retrospect the original stock was perfectly fine"
1.0 5
"So I attach the stock to my 870 And about 20 rounds in the stock stayed in the locked back position instead of resetting forward. When that happens the trigger cannot be pulled until the stock resets forward. I consulted the manual and was told to apply grease along the seams of the recoil buffer. I did and the stock has worked since. However I have no peace of mind, if the stocks recoil buffer fails to reset after a shot, the shotgun becomes a club. I can't trust my life with this product."
5.0 5
"After installing it on my shotgun I found that the drop in the stock was a bit lower than a standard stock. This was fixed with a Knoxx Powerpak cheek piece. If not using optical sights (like I do) the cheek piece is not needed. Incidentally, the 3/16 ball end allen wrench IS INCLUDED with the stock. Its in the back of the package. Some people don't realize this and end up throwing it away with the package. I've been shooting shotguns in a tactical/combat role for over 20 years in both the military and law enforcement, I found that the stock tames the recoil of 00 buck and slugs very well. All in all a great product!"
3.0 5
"This stock came with my Remington 870 - and when I first shot it, I thought, \"So where's the recoil reduction??\" - like some others here, I got a nice cheek slap on my first round. It was only after taking my shotgun completely apart that I realized that the portion of the stock attached to the receiver was supposed to slide fore-and-aft with a spring in the handle set up to absorb shock. It took a good amount of lubrication and working the \"slider\" against a fixed surface to get it to move with any fluidity - there's still quite a bit of stiction going on. I think some of these are coming from the factory with the cross-bolt that holds the slide in place too tight - and unfortunately, it requires a special tool to adjust it. The design looks sound, but the manufacturing could probably use some additional scrutiny...."
5.0 5
"I don't know where the other reviewers find that this stock is not every thing the company claims it to be. I have had mine for a couple of years and have fired every thing from #8 skeet shot with my smooth bore to Remington BuckHammer with my rifled barrel and have noticed a substantial reduction in recoil. I tried the same ammo with my original stock with a rubber recoil pad and there is no comparison."
5.0 5
"I have this on my 870 This is a great stock, Awesome with slugs and even better for a long day of skeet. I felt more consistent shots the very first day using it. The only problem i had was the bolt holding it to the receiver came loose after about 90 rounds. A little loctite and cranking on the wrench kept it in place ever since though. Highly Reccomended."
5.0 5
"Awesome stock and mine came with a BLACKHAWK! forend too! That wasn't in the product description and I liked it so much I immediately installed it. You can't go wrong here and the recoil reduction is amazing. If you are going to be shooting alot of heavy loads I highly recommend this stock. Your shoulder will thank you."
5.0 5
"I have only had this stock on my 870 for about a week, but it has worked flawlessly ever since the install. I have shot from skeet loads up to 2 3/4 00 buck through it and it is amazing. The recoil reduction works great and keeps you from banging up your shoulder after a long day of shooting. I highly recommend."
5.0 5
"Very solid construction, heavy and holds up well. Mine also came with a Blackhawk forend, which I assume is a standard addition. Installation is a breeze, with the required tool included. The recoil damper function is awesome, I can shoot the heaviest magnum slugs all day without a problem. Combined with the SpecOps Powerpack, this is one sweet setup. Zombies don't stand a chance!"
5.0 5
"This went on in five minutes. Easy as a breeze. i like this stock a lot. It is very solid."
5.0 5
"I just mounted this part and a half dozen others to my Remington 870 to make it a more versatil shotgun. The longest setting is about an inch longer than stock and the shortest takes about 2 inches out. It works well for me. for my 5'-4\" wife the shortest works but could still be even shorter. The fit, finish and function are all great. Can't wait to test it out at the range."
5.0 5
"This is the third stock I have had on my 870, and it combines all the things I wanted in the others. I haven't fired any really heavy loads in it yet, not really that time of year, but the stock handles great and I look forward to putting some slugs downrange soon."
4.0 5
"This stock reduced the recoil of my Remington 870 to almost nothing. I can shoot a 100 rounds at the skeet range with no ill affects. Ive shot buckshot, and also with negligible recoil. My ONLY complaint is that where the stock meets the grip \"LOOKS\" a little bizarre. I would have made it connect the the grip more smoothly. Installation was easier than I expected too."
4.0 5
"I'm more comfortable with pistol grips. This stock provides the comfort and feel of my issued M16. The recoil reduction is noticeable but so is the cheek slap. A little oil is needed in the begining for a smooth collapse. You can't beat the price for this stock (80 compared to 130) and it is just as cheap as the non-reduction stock."
5.0 5
"I was \"re-making\" my son's 870 into a tactical shotgun and decided to replace the wood stock with this. It doubted the recoil reduction claims but I have used LimbSaver recoil pads and they work darn good.There is no question that this stock substantially reduces recoil. Is it 75%, 90%, 50$? I don't know but I do know that it makes practice with the 870 (using buckshot) fun now and I don't have a bruised shoulder."